Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fast Food, Fat Profits and Obesity

 They should ask how so many thin people can eat that stuff and stay thin? I really wish I could sneak a camera into a grocery store and take pictures of what I see people buying.

If I ate McDonalds for every meal like that one guy, I'd be dead. I haven't eaten fast food in years. I believe it is something more insidious then everyone just starting to supposedly "pig out". People I know who even avoid fast food are staying fat. Many fat people I know do not touch any sugar-filled drinks. In my experience everyone over 300lbs is afraid of drinking a regular Coke. However I am sure this stuff is not doing anyone's health any favors.

With the schools, they buy processed food and the guy who says "It's all about the money". The profit motive in my opinion is ruining the health and the food.  One lady states: "The Economic Factors of our food structure are working completely against our public health". Hey when profit comes above everything else, they aren't putting health first.

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