Friday, April 17, 2015

Going on Insulin

Insulin is now required to manage my diabetes. I was a controlled diabetic for 14 years and can still feel my feet. However my sugars got out of control. One thing about diabetes is severe infections will worsen it. My diabetes started in 2001, when I had that severe infection I almost died of. My usual 140-150s fasting blood sugars started zooming to the 180s-200s just after the infection I had this winter. I had even more controlled sugars for years before last. I took a whole months worth of blood sugars and showed it to my doctors. I was given the option of three diabetes meds, Metformin, Januvia, and another one, but figured the side effects of medications was building up, it was better to go on insulin. The pharmacist told me I am being put on a low dose.

 It will be strange to go off Metformin, I was on it for so long and even on Metformin while I was prediabetic for my PCOS and insulin resistance. I'm trying to low carb it the best I can, and eating complex carbs only, cottage cheese and vegetables. In my case, I have to be careful of fruits. It does kind of worry me that my diabetes grew worse, even as I was tweaking the diet but one thing with me, my sugars go up if I eat too little. It is a balancing act. Next week, I have to see a doctor to train me how to do this. I am not the most mechanically apt person. Maybe I will feel better on better controlled blood sugars.

I always felt shame from diabetes, you know the world pressures Type 2 diabetics as it being "our fault" but I let this go over the years knowing that my body did not work like others. No one else was diabetic in my family either. Some doctors used to marvel at me being a controlled diabetic since supposedly all super-fat people are eating entire cakes, and cartons of ice cream. I said to one, "Can't you tell something more is wrong?" One thing with diabetes stress does affect it. I hope for the sake of it, that things lighten up more. My doctor told me yesterday I am one of her most compliant patients in that I actually track and deal with my diabetes.

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  1. Your type 2 diabetes came from a different source or more than poor dieting and the lack of exercise. You could delete blamers out of your life if they insist on being hateful and blaming you for your health problems. Grrrrr

    I hope your insulin will work. (crossing my fingers)