Thursday, April 2, 2015

They Want to Starve the Serfs

I always thought the caloric restriction and "starve yourself to live longer" meme was total nonsense. Remember they can try and sell any bunk via statistics. Most of the world starved for centuries and had reduced life spans. I always wonder if this is advanced for our dystopian future where they will ration the food and tell people "Starvation is good for you". If the grocery prices keep going up some may be running into this sooner then they thought. Here you have someone saying protein restriction works wonders but then the other side, says "Eat too many carbs, then you will die". I wish they'd make their mind up. I sometimes worry I destroyed my kidneys trying to "low-carb" it for the sake of PCOS and diabetes but come on, all we get is endless confusion. Here too we could have the enforced vegetarianism for the proles too one day sold under "health".

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