Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Matilda and Her Parents

Matilda is an interesting movie. I wish they had made this movie without all the "mind powers" stuff a la Carrie and Stephen King, but it probably is an inner dream of abused children everywhere to control their environments. The part where she is crying over her books resonates with me because that was me as a little kid while they yelled about all my reading and in my case told me to go clean. I was told I was "too smart" for my own good too. Her brother of course abuses her too led by the parents example. Often they didn't remember how old I was either though mine never forgot to send me to school. The movie ends with her teacher adopting her, and Matilda is very happy.


  1. I always liked that movie, very painful to watch though. I agree the mind powers was just a way to show empowerment in the child. I did not grow up like that, my mother was self-sacrificing narc, and you better believe that she gave up everything for you.

    But what was similar was the yelling and anger, and that I could never do anything right. The movie was comedic, but that lends credence to the fact that it was a joke. For some, this might be offensive, but for me it just sends this great message, that my parents were idiots.

    1. I've seen it a few times, I agree the mind powers could represent empowerment in the plot. Yes you had the engulfer, martyr type, I can see how they can be just as bad as my ignoring type, the same anger and yelling apply. I do think there was a serious message behind the joke but I think of the ending where Matilda is adopted by the teacher and "escapes", that is a happy ending very few get.