Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Word From Mr. Peep

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My husband told me he wanted to write a message to me on my blog in celebration of our upcoming anniversary, and the other day he got it done. I thought it was very sweet. 

A Message From Mr. Peep

Greetings, one and all, this is Peep's husband, who drops in whenever his schedule allows. Now I return to air a topic that's been on my mind for quite awhile, so it only seems fitting to follow through – and, while I'm addressing my comments to Peep, you're all welcome to join in, as always.

As many of you know, it's no secret that we've seen our ups and downs financially, of which Peep has mentioned some of the details. I share Peep's disappointment at seeing our bank account shudder in response to all the pressures inflicted on it – especially when she only has to look around and see people who haven't experienced those kinds of situations.

However, it's easy to forget – amid our own misfortunes, whatever shape they happen to take – what we do right. Whether we realize it or not, we touch the lives of others. Sometimes, though, we see the ripple effect until a long time after the fact, which causes us to dismiss our own efforts – unfairly so, in my opinion.

In our case, Peep, I see someone who has made a real difference – one that goes far beyond the confines of the “Nest” that we've shared for just over 20 years now. That started even before you met me, when you still worked as an art teacher. That role gave you the chance to change young offenders' lives – however corny that phrase might sound – and expose them to more positive ideas (self-expression), instead of a downward spiral into a life of crime. 

You have mentioned bumping into students who thanked you for your efforts, and while you didn't have many encounters, I don't think they were the only ones who felt that way. Having seen your occasional classes and/or activities in recent years, I've gotten a glimpse of the art teacher that you committed to becoming. I've no doubt that you would have enjoyed a great career in the field, had your body not gotten the better of you.

You made a difference during our mutual involvement in causes – which continues today, though not necessarily at the same pace as before. At a time when the majority seemed content to “go with the flow,” particularly on the Iraq War, you were willing to take a different stand, and made some long-lasting friendships that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

The chance to connect with people who share similar thoughts and feelings is an important part of “life's rich pageant,” as they call it – and I have seen you do this, over and over again, sometimes with people who are a little bit older, and sometimes, a little bit younger. I also share your sadness at seeing some of those friends pass on – but when they did, at least they knew how much you cared about them, which is one small comfort that you can take. 

You made a difference in their lives, and – in turn – helped make an impression on the wider world around you. The same might be said of your online conversations and advice that I've seen you dish out, time and time again, to people when they needed it. Whether they followed it thoroughly or accepted it unconditionally is an entirely different matter, but – then and now – it's always been a constant of your nature, to “pay it forward” by helping someone who really needs it. 

Of course, your blogs are further evidence of this ability to connect with other people who aren't like yourself. During our time together, I've watched you grow from an aspiring painter and cartoonist to a gifted commentator, thinker and writer – one with an ever-growing, passionate and committed fan base. That's no small feat, especially when you consider how many folks dream of reaching this step – yet, through their own apathy and inertia, assure themselves of never getting there. 

In that sense, while the royalties haven't arrived at your doorstep yet, you're already way ahead of most would-be writers – just as you're way ahead of most people in your consistent readiness to “pay it forward” via the advice and comfort that you give to others on a regular basis. Again, this is hardly a small point in a culture that prizes itself on precisely the opposite impulse – “pay it backward,” by kicking people down as you grub your way up the social ladder of success and prestige.

Of course, what these people don't know – and will probably find out, when it's way too late to do anything else – is that ladder can also turn into a slippery slope, one that leads you to a deep, dark place where you no longer remember what you believe anymore, because you've already sold so many pieces it to the highest bidder (and, well, the lowest bidder, too – as all those factories humming overseas can attest). In that sense, I'm glad to see that you never went down that road. Through your religious commitments, I have no doubt that – at some point – you'll have a chance to stops from making those same kinds of mistakes.

How we fare at the box office remains to be seen, but – having seen all of the above situations, I have no doubt that you've cast a wider ripple than you may imagine. As I've said, the results aren't always apparent right away – and their impact often makes itself felt in ways that we didn't anticipate – but you have affected a great many people, and I look forward to seeing how affect a great many more. And that's why, on the eve of Anniversary #17 (marriage-wise), or #21 (relationship-wise), I'm proud to call myself Mr. Peep, and share this Nest beside you – here's to another 20 years!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! (glasses clink) What a beautiful statement, Mr. Peep, to a beautiful person, the woman you love. Thank you for sharing your Peep with us; I can't explain how Peep has changed my life. Thank you, Peep, for sharing your Mr. Peep with us as you celebrate your anniversary. What a wonderful couple you two are. Blessings to you, as you begin a new year together. -- Lora

  2. Woot! Standing ovation for Mr. and Mrs. Peep! Congratulations!

    "...of all of these, the greatest gift is love..."
    And love never ends.

    1. Yeah!!!!!! Woot Woot, love is great. Thanks TC. :)

  3. Awesome. 20 years. I believe at the end of the day that is what we all want. To be loved and cherished. And beautiful sentiment. It's lovely. Ok, I have to go and cry now. :) Happy anniversary.

    1. Yes we all need love, it is sweet. My husband's love has kept me going and I am happy to have love in this life. Tears of happiness :) Thanks Joan

  4. Well Mrs. Peep he sounds like a keeper

  5. Happy 20th Anniversary, Mr and Mrs Peep, and have a great life for many more years! Keep up the good work on your marriage and enjoy your life with each other as days come! <3