Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Adoption Petition is Being Mailed in Two Days

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See "Am I Adopted?"

My adoption petition to unseal records will be mailed in two days. I have the papers notarized and ready. I am sending the court a letter from a health professional with my Lipedema diagnosis and other medical papers. I just want answers. In this case I had to admit to the court I do not know for sure if I am adopted, but highly suspect it due to my health problems. No one in the family has Lipedema or Lymphedema. No one in the entire family is a diabetic either--even some of the more midsized ones. No one has PCOS. All these conditions have genetic components. I am sending the court a paper that has Lipedema marked as autosomal dominant. I am a severe Lipedemic, too, this is not just minor swelling. I need to even figure out if I have Dercums, there is one lipoma on my thinner leg that is hurting from time to time and seems to be growing larger. My petition is based on needing medical information.

I am currently in my forties and married. I now ask the court to allow me access to gain my records, including any identifying information on whether if my certificate was amended, details of any would-be adoption, any relevant medical data, and records of my birth family.

Sadly I was supposedly born in a non-open adoption state. I hope I finally get answers. It took me time to scrape together the fee for the unsealing petition. My husband says I should prepare myself for whatever answers I get. It shows you how pathetic my family is that I have to ask a court if I am adopted. They just lie to me. I know for sure they are hiding something big from me the way they have acted and my husband concurs. I talked to a therapist about this and she said, "Maybe someone had an affair." I know it could go either way. I could not afford a lawyer to help me with this. I had to use templates online and other websites, I may be checking some things today to make sure I got all my ducks in a row. The papers had to be notarized and I had that done.