Thursday, December 4, 2014

Diet: The Disease of a Generation

We are all getting sick from "food that isn't food". I agree with this guy on that.

 I believe if one can exercise and try some of these things go for it. Get as fit as you can. Don't let the modern life of bad food kill you off faster then it should.

My body isn't operating normally like his but I force myself to take walks and do other things. Sometimes I think my health would improve if I could get something better done about my fatigue. It is not normal to feel like you could fall asleep every minute of the day and I wonder how much of this has to do with me needing 500 mcg of Synthroid a day. It has worsened too.  They tell me my thyroid levels have returned to normal on it. My sleep apnea is okay, I do oxygen tests on the CPAP all the time which are good but there is something strange to me about needing that much Synthroid. Lately I am always sleepy. I can sleep easily 10-11 hours a night just getting up for the bathroom. I am not low on oxygen, my visit at home doctors check that with a finger meter. What is doing this? I feel like I am moving under water. I need this gone so I do not gain weight. My energy levels have always been low. Speed is not an option as I do not want to see the inside of a jail house, or have my heart explode, but this fatigue has me worried. They gave me a vitamin B shot too. Maybe it's winter, who knows. Depression? We have been low on money. I have been lamenting to husband that we are so overdue for a vacation and fun it's not funny. Where is my energy?

I have my own beliefs that many are tired from the pace of this modern world and it's expectations. The stress is bringing down our health too. I am not adverse to nutritionists and exercise mavens which may surprise some, unlike some size acceptance folks, I do not see them all as the enemy. 

I just hope folks like him realize some of us don't have as much to work with and tried our best to stay alive.  I think of a better life with great food, a body feeling the exuberance of exercise, but just getting out of bed feels like a project to me. I am trying my best.  

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