Thursday, December 4, 2014

Donna Simpson: A Video Update

This is a video update on Donna Simpson's life, she has moved on away from the feedee/feeder fetish world and it's videos and has moved on with her children. Her daughter and son do not look like they have inherited any obesity and probably take after their father. Her daughter is very pretty. I found this video interesting because it does discuss her involvement with the sordid online feedee/feeder world. Yes the perverts paid good money to watch her eat.

 As I have written before, I met people who were part of this world in NAAFA. Many super-sized women they do reach out to bring into the sickening, exploitive pornography world for the fat admirers [so called FAs].  Donna has left this world behind and is considering her health.

I remember one woman in NAAFA who was even doing "videos", who outweighed me. I was approached, was horrified and said, "No way"!. I would sooner die dead in the street then ever prostitute myself but many vulnerable fat women are lured into this world and saw it in NAAFA. It sickened me and is the main reason I parted ways from the size acceptance groups I was involved in and fled them all. Being very fat many extremely overweight women cannot work and disability is very little money. The cash is one carrot on the stick bringing many of these women into the wicked sex industry. I hope and pray she finds a healthier and more moral life.

Donna Simpson Renounces Her Quest to be the World's Fattest Woman

Woman Wants to be The World's Largest Woman


  1. Donna and Phillipe are back together and they are now married. She seems very happy, especially since they have a child together that missed her dad. Donna has had a lot of health problems in the past that most likely are intensified because of her weight. Maybe now that she has some support, she can live a healthier lifestyle. If Phillipe truly loves her, he will encourage and help her to achieve a healthier way of living.

    1. I didn't know they were back together. I came across the above video on YouTube whilst watching others made by the VICE team. She seemed saddened that Phillipe hadn't divorced his wife but I hope that if they are now married that he doesn't take a mistress again. I'd love her to become more mobile. I think she will be happier.

  2. I hope she is ok can't find any updates?