Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Fridge 3 weeks ago


Bad foods? Mayonaise and lunch meat but I just can't go totally meatless. There's the chicken too. I ate all that lettuce, and bok choy and most of the lemons. The purple cabbage, there's two of them in there was cut up into salads.  The rice vinegar I ran out of too. The bag of rice is in there to save space. It's probably not a good thing I hate brown rice.  The only cheese I can eat is "Go Veggie", that can of it lasts for a time too. I eat a ton of peppers and that white thing under the lunch meat is plain Greek yogurt. I buy and eat a lot of vegetables. There are more vegetables in the bins. I love Tabasco and put it in everything, not too much just to help the flavor, that reminds me I need to get more.

The diet needs more tweaking. The cooking wears me out. Last week, I did have a food insecure week,--there was some left over turkey that got us through and the food quality goes down unless it's summer and the veggie stands are open. It drives me nuts. I don't feel as good during those weeks because surely the nutritional levels are far lower.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and I bought a bunch of produce on sale, which included peppers, tangerines, three heads of lettuce, tomatoes, mint, parsley, more parsnips, green onions and onions. I included frozen Dr. Praeger veggie patties too. These are great because there is no egg in them.  I try my best eating but there area always more changes needed. The money angle of it all frustrates me, the quality food is so hard to maintain. Today I plan to make cabbage and parsnip soup for lunch with a turkey sandwich on multi-grain bread. Sometimes I feel like a chef trying to maintain decent food in here.


  1. Looks very healthy! --Lucky otter

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    1. Oh wow three weeks! I'll be skinny! No more Lipedema. I believe, I believe! I believe....