Saturday, December 13, 2014



  1. Ohhh, that it was that easy to "slam the door" huh?! I guess I can add "beast" to the other pejoratives MN "Mother" has smeared me with-hey, what's one more?! I've been flyin' my "ungrateful lil' b****" etc. Flag with pride for decades now. It's my personal Declaration of Independence from a life time of abuse-up to the day I NC'd.
    And I actually DID slam the door in her face when she pulled an in-person ambush at my home a few years post NC after calmly telling her, "You're both un-invited and un-welcomed: LEAVE NOW!"
    Yes, it DID feel good. If that makes me a "beast," so be it: At least I'm a far Happier Beast post NC than I ever was burdened by FOG and tolerating on-going abuse ;)

  2. Yeah I rethought this one, we are more running away from the beasts then being the beasts! LOL I glad you refused her extreme hoovering methods and slammed the door. I'd rather be a beast then a lizard. :p