Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Weight Watchers: My Butt

What an awful ad. Well we are in the society that makes everything about the body and it's parts. Notice while a few women are curvier in this ad, they are all thin or normal-weighted? They don't actually use one fat woman. Of course the people they want to sell diets too they all want them "butt-focused" so they will run to go on a diet for having too big of a butt!

"Every butt has a story. It's with you wherever you go and with every decision you make, whether you're walking down the street or heading to an evening party. Weight Watchers provides a plan for the body and a support system for the brain"

This shows the shallowness of our society.


  1. Weight Watchers is selling GMO food so it could screw up dieters` organs and internal system. I noticed that every January, weight loss and exercise machine companies sell their products in TV commercials. Then some people got sick over the time. They use genetically thin models or actresses instead of those who really lost weight. Ugh. I hate these types of ads.

  2. I noticed when I went to Weight Watchers they wanted to sell us all this sweet crap. 90% of the food was sweets like cookies, cakes and chocolates. I know from my own insulin resistance issues, that sugar causes more problems in trying to reduce caloric intake and increases hunger, which makes this more messed up, otherwise why not sell something like veggie soup? I suppose they could say "Oh we sell frozen meals of entrees, but that is what was sold at the meetings. I could not eat any of their foods, too many things I was allergic too, MSG and I am sure GMOs too. Yes they use thin actresses and actors, no one who probably has had to diet outside of some working out perhaps.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if most women are gobsmacked by some cognitive dissonance disorder. How do we reconcile this with Kim Kardashian, butt implants, and the whole rap booty fixation? You can't make this stuff up & at some point you just have to laugh at it all.

    1. Yeah it makes you wonder. They celebrate BIG BUTTS in some circles but then Weight Watchers is supposed to make your loathsome fat butt SMALLER. I think it is creepy how body parts are all focused on. Objectification of women is worsening to the EXTREME so now it's not just a sexy body being looked at but individual parts.

  4. A homily on the human buttock. Cute!

    Here's something I found on a PBS website promoting the program, "Ancient Greece: Naked Perfection"

    Ancient Greeks were preoccupied with philosophy and mathematics, but there was something in their culture that was the equivalent of Egypt's obsession with order and precision. The Greeks were fixated with the human body, and to them the perfect body was an athletic body. THEY BELIEVED THEIR GODS TOOK HUMAN FORM, and in order to worship their gods properly, they filled their temples with life-size, life-like images of them.

  5. LOL a butt homily

    Hmm like Greece all over again. One thing about the Greek's ever seen any of those vases, your history teacher had to ban pictures of from the classroom.

    While they came up with some philosophy, math and early science, they were a pretty degenerate culture. Kind of like this one.

    The body parts are taking precedent over hearts, mind and souls. Even a disgusting ad like this focused on women's butts, goes against everything that is decent and is ill conceived.

  6. This entire culture we find ourselves in is disgusting. A culture that worships ass. We don't belong here Peep.....

  7. I am disgusted by the culture to the complete utter core of my being. It is growing worse year by year. You basically said it, it is a culture that worships ass. Literally. I agree we do not belong here. All Christians know the world is not their home.