Sunday, December 14, 2014

My DIY art shows

The above is one of my favorite paintings.

I am kind of considered an "outsider artist". Social class can do this when you lack money for good framing and 80-100 dollar art fees, so years ago, I wanted to work outside the typical art system, which lack of money prevented me from entering. I don't think my art work was bad, just that I lacked the connections and cash. There is also another thing that influences this, I just do not fit in the art world very well. One friend told me, you seem to paint and draw in a multitude of styles. Maybe this an Aspie thing. I know artists need a certain "look" . DIY equals DO IT YOURSELF.

 One person warned me when I came in with my art work and 500lb plus body that there could be some discrimination happening there too. So my main endeavor is to work outside the system. With the comic I am working on even, it probably will be a self published pin money affair, but I am having fun with it.

Years ago I had a DIY art show in my poorer rural town. I priced the art works at a normal levels where working class people could afford them instead of that hugely expensive art world prices. I sold 8 pieces of my work. Later we would move to our more affluent town and I had a smaller DIY art show with a couple new paintings. I would sell two works from that one.

Here are some pictures from those art shows. [sorry the quality isn't the best, I had a cheap camera back then during those years]

I sold the drawing of the three women in pink and yellow, the crab painting I think I gave to a friend, those birds are hanging in my hallway right now. The painting that is green with birds, I sold or gave to someone.

In the future, I would like to have another DIY art show though my attention is more on the comic now, and try my hand at some craft shows. I would like to make a fat themed art show one day which may be kind of an odd idea. One new thing I am into of course is photography.

 This one sold at the earlier art show. Funny it was a quick sketch cartoon kind of thing when I was just playing around.
This is a multi-media college.

I do have a bunch of art work, filling up some bins, I did sell off or give away a lot of art over the years.

I still work on the graphic novel. There are 80 panels so far.. I am way too slow at this, with my body needs seeming to take over my life a lot of times but the other day I was even looking up little pigs to draw a pig farm for a panel dealing with Aunt Confused. I finished a panel about being an Aspie. There will be no other comic like this in the world. I'm doing it for fun, don't know what will come of it yet, but am enjoying it.


  1. Ok, love love the one with all the birds, third from the bottom. I love how the light is coming from behind the tree, so mysterious.

    1. Thanks Joan. I painted the tree too so one would be looking up into it. I am glad that the way I put the light in there too worked.

  2. Oh my word.Talent Talent Talent

  3. Peep! These are wonderful! I think your calling is definitely in the art world. So what if you think you don't fit in with them. You could work as an illustrator of books too. graphic novels like you are writing are a good idea too since those are very hot right now. -- Luckyotter

    1. Yes I love graphic novels too, they are one of my hobbies. I am hoping I can do something with this one. :) Thanks Lucky Otter.

  4. Truly talented you are! I hope and pray doors of opportunity open for you to share your artistic gift to a greater audience (and sell a few in the process). Don't ask me why, but I was thinking of you when I typed this up today about the holidays. I think of you a lot, and pray for you.

    1. Thanks so much Mr. Smakingtosh. Yes I hope I could sell more or have my artistic gifts even more utilized. Thanks for showing me that post, you are right, that is a commandment straight out of the bible. I am writing an article now on the holidays probably to be put up tomorrow.

  5. WOW!!! I abso-tively agree with Joan and Anon! Peep, you're very talented!
    Please listen up, OK?! My cousin is an "Outside Artist"-ahhh, VERY "Outside"-who makes no bones about the pretentiousness of the art world and basically told 'em all to "F*** Off" years ago. He also offers "Refresher Courses" in case they forgot what he thinks of them-like the big Florida Art Show that just went on, I believe ;) His work hangs in permanent collections in museums around the world. He has also been commissioned to do album covers, is very tight with some of the most down to earth, good people who are also very talented and NOT "main-stream artists" (ex: the late Lou Reed, Studs Terkel-you mentioned Chi-town), written and performed in plays, ended up in some major motion pictures and indies etc. So, not to worry about being an "Outside Artist." If a "big, ugly Irish galoot" (with a bit of a criminal history-but he quit the drink and drug years ago...he's still colorful/passionate, but loveably so!) who doesn't engage in BS or PC can get his stuff shown and purchased, so can you. And he's not exactly a beauty queen, believe me-his honest take on himself, not mine ;) He's not suffering from any delusions in any area of his life!

    If you go to Q's Blog and go down his links, he's downloaded my cousin's Blog. If you think I'm direct, my cousin, well....let's just say I'm very tactful in comparison. (Now lemme go polish that irreparably tarnished halo of mine..if I can find it..!)
    Seriously, you just don't see or feel the word "artist" in conjunction with "Peep" do you? At least that's the way it appears to me. (<If I'm wrong, please tell me, OK?) I loved the suggestion another commenter made a few Posts ago about Ebay-great idea! I absolutely would purchase some of your work, Peep.
    You need some kind of venues and we gotta figure this out someway. Another DIY art show is an excellent idea. Another possibility I've promoted up here is to have local businesses-like hotels, restaurants, small businesses etc.-use local art to decorate their stores and that's been very fruitful for the local artists. We're all poor, but we've got 3 universities/colleges here (which none of the locals can afford to attend, but they work there!) which brings in a lot of people from outside the area and their discretionary $$ to spend locally. They buy the art, bring it home to their area, other people like it and ask about it, contact the artist and start purchasing as well. Works out well for everyone and ensures their creativity reaches all over geographically.
    You've out-grown the craft shows Peep, IMO and FWIW.
    Again, my cousin also works in a variety of mediums, Peep, so please don't automatically consider that a negative at all. Maybe your DH (when he's feeling better) could kind of be your "promoter" and do the face to face stuff that's too hard on you physically?
    I apologize for going on-I'm so excited for you, Peep and I've got a million ideas crowding my head right now.

    I hope you're feeling better. You sounded terrible a few Posts ago and please, don't feel you "have to" respond right away or at all if you don't care to or aren't up to it. You're not obligated to me or anyone else here in any way. Your health is far too important to compromise because you feel you "have to". I know that's hard to over-come as Obligation was hard-wired into us from birth.
    Peep the Artist: It almost seems like your creativity has been a well-kept secret. Or somehow shameful and certainly not a "worthy endeavor." And yet another reason why I don't like your family at all.

    1. Hey TW Il respond more later. Yes I have to watch the health. I am writing on here kind of late, but thanks for all of your input. :)

  6. Another thing you could try is setting up an account on Etsy (it's basically eBay for arts and crafts). I don't know how much you can make selling your paintings this way, but I'm sure you will have interested people because they are that good. --Luckyotter