Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Cool Graphic Novel

While Stuck In a Corner, An Artist Bends Time

Last week, I read this graphic novel from the library, it is fascinating. I don't believe the world is as old as the author does, but was fascinated by the passage of time. Have you ever lived in an old house and wondered who was there before you? I have lived in some old homes before, one built in 1890 and one in 1920, when I moved away from home and rented a room in one and an apartment in another. One can wonder who will be in a place after you are. Our time on this earth is so fleeting.

Here's an early video based on the concept.


  1. I've wondered about those same things too. The video is interesting. A little confusing but it sort of mesmerizes you. -- Lucky otter

  2. Yes it is memorizing....the book is even more intense in the way it is colored and more. He seems to see a dark future though, with a flood devastating the house and has a nuclear disaster timed in 2300 and some people wearing pod costumes and increased computer technology in 2100.

    1. I don't believe the world will be around as long as this guy or in the world being as old. One weird picture he had a naked bear in the year 10,000 roaming around. He seems to think humanity will become extinct and there will only be animals and plants. I hold to the Bible on this sort of thing.