Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I consider changing my name too.

Lucky Otter wrote about possibly changing her name. 

I consider it too. I don't like my real world first name which is like a 1970s cheerleader's name and doesn't seem to represent me well. No one ever called me by my name except a few friends, most called me nicknames instead and IRL I go by two different nicknames. In elementary school none of the kids thought my name fit, so called me a derivative of my family's last name.

 I have the option to change my last name to that of my husband's. I didn't when I got married, I was more liberal then but now kind of regret it. The whole world thinks I live in sin, and I get tired of explaining people that we are really legally married. When you have no children, you can appear too much like boyfriend and girlfriend or live togethers even if you have been married for 16 years.

Socially at church I go by his last name. I have to find out my adoption information before deciding what to do with my name. I may leave it alone and just use the nicknames and names I do anyway, but I have considered it too.

  How to Change Your Name

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  1. It's very liberating - shedding the sound vibrations of the past.
    The hippies were right ( but you don't have to be Star shine Moonbeam.) :-)