Wednesday, December 24, 2014

She Owns the Family

I got a Christmas card from my mother.

I opened and read it out of my curiosity but it will be in the trash. I won't respond. I considered a sarcastic response, but then thought better of it. Don't break no contact!

Such odd things written in these cards. This one was your basic blase' Christmas card with a Santa Claus and some elves on it.  I haven't gotten into deep theological discussions with my mother regarding what I believe about Christmas.

She does see the family as a total entity which she 'owns'.


"We hope you and ****** are doing well. We pray each day that you will come back to the family"

The Family

Like I left a cult or the mob behind.


The same family that even when I had been no contact, hadn't seen me in almost 6 years and planned the annual family get-together during a time of year I was totally housebound. The same family that treated me like I was invisible in the room. What is there to go back to?

Nothing really.

It's funny really but that sentence shows her narcissistic sense of self in her being the MATRIARCH of "the family".

When Scapegoats Are Ostracized By An Entire Family

Mini-Me sent her pictures of her trophies [cough] children on a picture Christmas card.

None of the young members of the family are like me, they are all skinny and the most obedient non-rebelling teenagers on the face of the earth. It doesn't look like my luck with them will be any different.


  1. Sick, sick, sick gaslighting message! Never, ever ever come back to that woman and her sick family. (Vomiting)

    Hope you will have a great day and weekend with good people in your life!

  2. Yes it is a gaslighting message you got that right. Meant to make me think I'm the one at fault who "left" the family when the family LEFT me long ago. Thanks, I have a good day resting at home with husband.

  3. The card's message lacked boundaries. It seems to me that just like that she would trample over yours. Wanting you back into the family is not the present state of mind you are at, and she should realize that. But alas, she is a narcissist.

    1. I agree it lacked boundaries. Her cards honestly have weirded me out. How does one go back to a family that ignores you? If they wanted me to stick around maybe they shouldn't have slammed so many doors in my face. Thanks Joan.

  4. She talk like that? Really?
    Sounding like the demon possesed witch that she is, talking bout "We" probably referring to the legion of demons housed up in her. Anyway.
    Have a blessed and happy New year Peep!! Narc free!!

  5. LOL everything is couched as "WE", I don't think she has ever wrote "I" anything maybe it does represent the legion of demons within. She would say it means her and her husband though I get the feeling she is sending these cards to make a display in front of him about what a loving mother she is and what a "ungrateful" daughter I am. She can't write a true personal statement which creeps me out beyond measure. If she really wanted me back, it seems even a fake apology would be mustered up along the way but trust me she is so malignant, she never could appear "weak" or "giving in" no matter what though I know other narc parents do phony apologies. She is basically doing the "Get Back in Line" line on me.

    Yes staying Narc Free. Happy New Year to you too. :)

    1. trying to understandSeptember 17, 2016 at 11:51 PM

      hmmm...seems to me your mom misses you and like she said, wants you to contact her.

      You have a 'nc' (never heard of this before) but she's still sending you nice cards..? What am I missing here??

      I think you read WAY too much into things that simply aren't there. I don't get it. Seems like a nice thing for a mother to do, imo. Would you rather she didn't send you anything at all? Wouldn't that hurt more??

    2. You missed 99% of this blog.

      Does this sound like a "nice mother"?

      The woman doesn't miss me. She ignored me over and over before I walked.

      She is glad I am gone. The cards never said, "I am sorry" or "Lets work this out" or anything real in them. Anyhow the cards have stopped.

      My guess is you are some flying monkey doing your usual invalidation shit,

      "I think you read way too much into things that simply aren't there"

      Let me ask you are you high right now?

      Remember that aunt that just died who I wrote about? Right in front of my face in 2010, she told me she hoped she would die soon and not get medical procedures. She had guardianship over her. Some guardian as she crashed into a guardrail unable to see as one cousin later told me.

      I heard what I heard and saw what I saw.

      So please shove off.

    3. aww, no, I'm not high lol

      I'm sorry for offending you. I'm actually reading your old posts now.

      Again, I apologize for seemingly 'attacking' you. I didn't mean to do that.


  6. I wonder if Legion didn't live in my recently deceased matrinarc, er, matriarch (on wife's side). She died three days before Christmas. I could say something really, really un-christian like here......

  7. I wonder if Legion lived in her too. I do think that spiritually malignant narcissists do open themselves to demons. Some even knowingly call upon them, and are in the occult knowingly but many just via the sheer turning against God and conscience invite them in and do so early on. I am praying for your wife and you and your family. I pray your children can break away too.

  8. Trying To Understand! I imagine used car salesmen look honorable to other used car salesmen. So narcs like other narcs, but we see them as wolves in Sheep's clothing that they really are.

    1. Yes narcs love other narcs and go out of their way to defend them. They will tell us "We imagined everything" Yes they are wolves, thank you Q

  9. ok, just read about the 'joke' (horrifying!) underwear that she sent you.


    Again, I apologize. :( That is just some sick, disgustingly sad behaviour. I get it now.

    Tess (still reading - your blog is very interesting!)

  10. Hope you will read more of Peep's blogs, Tess. Peep and I did not have a loving mother who cared about us. I'm glad you finally got it so you will not tell us that our narc mother "love" us. They don't love us. Some narc mother got their children for wrong reasons such as entrapping a man into fatherhood, so they could get 18 years of financial support from our fathers or the government. I'm glad you are still reading blogs.