Monday, December 8, 2014

BabyBoomers Don't Care if Generations Under Them Are Poor

They didn't retire for Generation X either.

Of course the economy is arranged by the global elites, I don't blame the generations for everything, they set this mess up. If our families were still cohesive units instead of broken up pieces competing with each other, life would be different too.

Millennials aren't making any money.

As I wrote before they can't afford the milk crates and apartments on the bad side of town, they are living at home even longer. How many weren't even prepared for this like me? Things are bad enough for Generation X, but even worse for the millennials. Sure some conservatives rant about a godless nation when it comes to some cultural battles, but right here, you see the destruction of wickedness and the pain it will bring.

Many Baby boomers [generalizing here] don't realize lives are being absolutely ruined. When you have no money, you can't build a family, a house or a community. My clueless narcissistic parents judged me for the lack of good paying jobs even when I worked 60-70 hours a week.

This bodes very poorly for our future in America.

I still remember an 80 year old friend telling me how a neighborhood was going to pot, in my old rural town. She told me the young people are all renters, too many of them do drugs, they don't keep their yards nice. I told her, "This is because they don't have the same money and jobs to build a decent life." Too many of the hopeless turn to drugs. The ghettos just won't be the inner cities one day.


  1. I am a sixty year Autistic boomer. There was no help of any type when I was young [not that I think the "treatment" for Autistics is better than none] I would find jobs at fast food restaurants, as a dishwasher, etc. After a few weeks, invariably the manager would call me in for "the talk," They would tell me that I was nice and sweet and worked hard BUT that I didn't seem to "get it" and didn't really 'fit in" either.
    That is when I started to do what is now referred to as a "side hustle." Several side issues actually, as I no longer had a "real" job.
    I would bake cookies and muffins and go door to door giving platefuls out for free. I would also give them each a letter explaining that I baked and sold, cookies, pies and cakes for a living, and that I also babysat, ironed, cleaned houses, wrote and typed out college papers, sewed, did yardwork, etc. I actually kept busy doing these things and made more than I would have with a minimum wage job.
    I now see many millenials taking similar tactics to get by in this economy. Plus so much more! Everything even remotely hi-tech, renting out their cars and rooms in their homes, buying and then re-selling on Craigs List, catering, dog walking, pooper scooping, you name it.
    For me, it was the ONLY way I could survive. That is true for so many millenials. Working this way benefits real people, rather than corporations. For many reasons is environmentally more responsible, and made it possible for me to support myself and my children.
    The millenials got a raw deal. I do have faith in this generation though, and I believe that ultimately they will turn this greedy culture upside down, [ how could it function if their underpaid workers are all refusing to settle for poverty wages, and are doing quite well taking care of their own and supporting others "side hustles?"]
    I am so ad this generation has been so screwed. I am so excited to see them change the world.

  2. Yeah some of us Aspies were better left alone if you think about tokens and behavior programs run like mind control to "change us". I am sorry that happened to you at jobs. I could keep some jobs but just barely but would get tons of abuse about how I wasn't a "good fit" and I lost some too. Nowadays people get fired if they are just a little bit different and that sucks. I think the rules need changed that if someone is working hard they do not lose their job, only if the company is going out of business or they are not showing up to work etc. My husband lost a job of 5 years just because the new boss "didn't like" him. That kind of thing is so wrong.

    I am glad you figured out ways to make money and it helped you. I am glad you found customers in your town too. We have had to do things like collect cans, and sell ebay before. My husband does all freelance now too and some is via the Internet. I tried a garage sale at my old town's fairground but it failed.

    Yeah you see this happening now where they are renting out rooms, and their own cars and many other things. Even some couch surfing websites. The millennials have gotten a rawer deal even with gen X. I get sick of the powers that be going on about entitlement. Talk about projection.

    I find myself hoping there will be a new movement to "drop out". Disaffected millennials will drop out of the system or find new alternative lifestyles. If people can support themselves all for the better. I hope the young work on re-finding the sense of community that the generations above them destroyed.