Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Cards

These were my fall theme cards. I am starting the holiday ones this week.


  1. Wow, Peep. Those are really nice and unique. Do you by chance have an Arts Council where you live? We do (here in the boonies!) and we also have a store in association with the Council that sells locally made artisan goods-from unique, hand made cards to beautiful furniture, baskets etc. that reflects the history and traditions of this remote area. I've been in some local people's houses and been just blown away by their work-which they consider no big deal. One couple are just....fantastic with their creations! I mean, absolutely beautiful as well as unique creations. He remarked to me about himself and his wife, "Yeah, we're pretty crafty .." like it was NO BIG DEAL: It wasn't HARDLY "Craft Show" caliber work!
    They had never heard of the Arts Council or knew about their store which was right on a main street. I stopped by and spoke to the Director and showed her some pictures I took of their work and asked her if she or one of the staff would call them and make an appointment to go to their home (also completely hand crafted) and take a look around-with the couple's permission, of course. A lot of the larger pieces of ex: furniture were most easily viewed at their home.
    Their work is now on permanent display at various museums, in the store of course and they are now making a really good living off commissions. They are always backed up with orders and have to explain to people it might be a year or more before they get to the particular piece or what ever it is the people order. Could be anything from quilts, hand-painted tiles, art work/paintings-just everything you could imagine they absolutely can and will make. Each of course are custom made. (And I STILL think they're underpriced for the hrs. and hrs. they put into their work!)
    Anyway, I'm thinking since the Arts Council Store here shows various artist's work (and of course, everything is for sale) maybe you'd be interested in doing something similar. Also I get catalogs from various museums in cities that sell all kinds of artistic and unique creations-including cards. I'm thinking (just as I told that couple) sometimes getting out of your local area is not only helpful, but a larger segment of people in metro areas have far more disposable income. We're poor here and the locals also see this art as no big deal-it's part of their heritage. The couple were just shocked when I got them a show in a tourist area not far from here and spoke to various store owners in that area that would take a few pieces to sell. Everything these people made sold out-and that's how they started getting commissions: Other people from the buyer's area would see it, love it and contact the couple to purchase a custom what ever it was they wanted.
    Sooo...what do ya think?

    1. Hey I'm glad you have an arts council. We have a few art shops here. That is an idea to think about. I have a church friend who does craft shows, and have thought some cards could sell at one of those. It is something to think about. I am working on comic now, but after that is done [yes I know taking me forever with the health issues] I wanted to do some paintings and photographs and attempt for another DYI art show like I had in 2006. I am kind of an outsider artist, in some ways. Our art world is kind of snooty around here It is very tourist driven. I have sold paintings on an individual basis before but would like to get in the mix again. At the bigger DYI working class people's art show, I sold something like 8 works.

      I am glad you helped that couple out, and got their work seen. I think that is definitely great thing you did for them. We have a shop via commission where if I got some decent paintings done, I would try and get them in. Some of my friends on FB are telling me I should explore photography more and seem good at it. I like that as a potential hobby.

      There are art shows I would like to enter including an area wide one. With the comic, I have something like 80 panels done. It has taken whatever art time there is up. :p I hope something can come up of it. The other day I was drawing a pig farm on one of the panels Aunt Confused's story, and having to look up little pigs to get them right.

      I do want to try and sell some handmade cards and paintings and one goal I have, [please body leave me alone so I can get more done] is I wanted to have an obesity themed avant garde DIY art show.

      Maybe I will put up pictures of my DYI art show, on here. Might as well. I had one in 2006 and small one here in 2009.

      I think I am considered somewhat of an "outsider" artist. I even considered entering the Aspie world to try and sell art work too. A friend sent this Aspie arts information to me so that is one avenue I am exploring TW.

      [hope my posts make sense today, I am really sick today, coughing brains out laying in bed with laptop] If I get really sick or have to be hospitalized, I would have husband tell my blog readers]

  2. I am planning to do my hospital holiday cards too. I don't celebrate Christmas, but am okay putting verses about birth of Jesus, snow, Happy Winter, and Happy New Years. I have to wait a few days, because I don't want to send them Typhoid Mary cards. :p

  3. Oh wanted to mention this, I LOVE the stamp arts thing. I stamped all the leaves above. That is a fun hobby and had friend buy me leaf stamps acouple years ago. I am always looking for new stamps to make cards.

  4. eBay , it's a great place to move art. Let us know if you give it a try.

  5. Thanks, I will do so. I want to try a craft show. I have so many projects I want to do. Focus what's that? LOL but I did post about my two old DIY art shows. I may post some snippets of the graphic novel soon too. I don't want to post the character etc, to preserve ideas but can post a few snippets. I think a craft fair for the cards would be interesting to see how it would work. I do use tons of IDEALS magazines in my cards. The older the better too.

  6. Hope you're feeling better, Peep. Are you sure you and DH aren't passing this "mung" back and forth? You don't sound good at all-please, get some rest and maybe contact one of your healthcare providers? Your Blog will be here when you feel better ;)