Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Road Less Traveled

I don't agree with Scott M. Peck on everything, but his books kept me going. One important book I wrote about was People of the Lie, I read that book at 18 and believe it saved my life. I also own A Road Less Traveled and read it at an even younger age for the very first time. When I read the line, "Life is difficult." it blew my mind. He summed up many truths about life. Accepting responsibility is a good thing but here too we have problems in life that are solvable and others that are not. Love is separateness makes sense too, treating people like only reflections of yourself is something narcissists do. Relationships must allow each person to be their own individual. "Don't expect your child to be just like you". The clingy stuff ruins relationships, where people want to enmesh with each other. "Honesty is freedom" is also a great summation of a Road Less Traveled.

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