Monday, July 11, 2016

Almost There Movie

We watched this movie about an outsider artist, who was this poor man in East Chicago. I think there's more people out there like this, all over the place. He isn't a perfect guy, he got arrested for taking salacious pictures of young people in the 1980s. They almost brought the movie to a close. It was interesting watching him do his art and sad how he had to live in a nasty cold wet basement. I don't get why he stayed in the basement when it seems his parents who originally owned the house were long gone.

When they got him into some decent senior and disabled housing he seemed to blossom. One of my biggest interests is "outsider" art, and I consider myself in many ways an "outsider" artist as well but the way the art world is run now, you can be an "outsider" just for not being able to afford good framing. In this man's case, I don't know how they discovered him. Some seem the art as hopelessly "naive" while others see that as it's best quality like me.

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