Sunday, July 3, 2016

Generation Gap Discussion of Peep and Her Friends

 The generational warfare has been used by the elites forever. Archie who is a Baby Boomer cartoon character, had his own "generation gap". Money and financial differences weren't the difference then, but changing views in society. So yeah they were doing it even then. I was thinking more about the Baby Boomer discussion.

And I decided to talk about this issue with some friends on social media not using any names. How does one avoid the anger, resentment and envy but still talk about the realities of the economic collapse on one's self and its worsening for younger people? The constant money pressures for so long, are part of this picture. I know even as I write about the some of these economic realities, approaching this issue in a more fair way is needed. If I was a poor  or other baby boomer reading Generation X me railing about the "damn baby boomers", I may be annoyed too, so I took this discussion to friends. 

Here are snippets the discussion:

 ME: I have said some negative things about baby boomers. However I know there are poor baby boomers and baby boomers innocent of wrong doing. Do any baby boomers look at younger generations and think their lives are being destroyed? I hate what is being down to millennials and what has happened to Generation X. Why don't people protest what is being done to young people? Instead they are brainwashed by tales of "entitlement" and media stories saying the younger people deserved it. Generation X paid a high enough price and now millennials are getting it worse. I am disgusted.


 ME: I knew you were a boomer who knew and admitted younger generations were being destroyed.

 FRIEND: I am that baby boomer.

 ANOTHER FRIEND: As a sociology person who finds studies on tendencies to be interesting, I am never in favor of lumping an entire generation together and shaking one's finger at an entire population. It's like the study done that indicated that there is a huge issue of narcissism in the Generation X and Millennials population...I'm sure it doesn't speak for everyone in those groups.

FRIEND: We are are sorted by many things in society. Our peer group in this example is what I understood. Mine is babyboomer by virtue of when I was born. Their's may be Gen X or what ever the lable given to their peer group.

 FRIEND: Divided by generation or separated...

 ME: Yes the powers that be can use these divisions too.

 ANOTHER FRIEND: Don't forget when looking the studies on categories....Just because the sales of ice cream and the rate on crime both go up in the same month, doesn't mean that one causes the other.

THIRD FRIEND: We'll have to agree to disagree on the generation thing, but here's a quote from the article that sums it up: "But it is worth noting that plenty of older Americans share the same struggles as their younger peers. Many older people laid off in the recession were unable to regain good jobs. There are plenty of older people with few retirement savings, with their finances drained from paying for both elderly parents and jobless children. We need to acknowledge the way our struggles are intertwined, instead of allowing the media to stoke manufactured class and generational resentment."

ME: It's true they are out there too, and losing jobs and lay offs as well. LOL very true. Gen X and rest will be blamed one day. I wonder if some of the baby boomers got wore out protesting too.

THIRD FRIEND:There's also a saying, "be the change you want to see." GX & M need to stand up and fight if they want change. Stop being brainwashed. .... Just like race baiting, it's just another tool to keep the people divided and fighting each other, so those in charge (old and young) can continue to live off us like leeches.


  1. I agree that many older workers got fired,and never got jobs again--my sister in her 60's,gave up trying to find a job,cuz she didn't want to work for minimum wage,or LESS,washing dishes,or doing housework.--or doing fast-food place work along with high school grads.--even janitorial work cannot get--she's a college grad--but people with many college degrees,end up doing minimum wage work.YES,most of we boomers got fired, and never re-hired.A lot of us never got jobs again,and got into poverty.NOW social security and Medicare are cut!!!OBAMACARE took 700 billion bucks out of Medicare!! IT SUCKS BEING OLD NOWADAYS. I HATE IT.--And i was never a rich,or well to do boomer.Neither was my sister.screw the bloody fed. govt.

    1. Yes too many older workers got fired, some of this started back in the 1990s and it's crazy isn't it. I do see older people as Walmart greeters and cashiers, don't know how they do it one needs ood health for that. And they want to raise the social security age too, to 67 and 70 and no one will even hire the 40s and 50 year olds so isn't that insane? Yes the cutting of social security and Medicare has impacted my life directly. Yeah getting old sucks too.

  2. you should tell Black people to stop telling everyone white,"you are racist,yer racist!!"--just cuz WE WHITES are now the minority!!--and we don't want all this violence and cop-shooting from blacks.THAT IS NOT EXCUSABLE BY--"THE COP WAS RACIST, SO I KILLED HIM."

    1. Some of the cops shoot first and are crazy, but yeah even if one is afraid of the cops for good reason, it is better for SAFTEY"S sake to be polite and say yes officer and then fight it in court later. Of course ones doing crimes and violence, they are buying their own trouble. I know blacks have a reason in the inner city to be afraid of police, I'm afraid of them myself just from being poor, because the court juggernaut would eat me up but some of them are getting "driving while black" and "existing while black problems". I think it is wrong that whites are all told they are racist and it's ruining race relations. It is building resentment. There's poor whites being crushed too, quite telling us we are priviledge. We are not. They got the ghettos FIRST, but they are crushing us NOW.



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