Sunday, July 24, 2016

The End

This one made me laugh. I was out with husband, and I had forgotten my camera. I forget what we were going to go do. I said something like, "Do we have to take pictures to prove we did something, and that we lived life?" It's almost like that. I don't own a camera phone in my case, this is a 2000 era digital era camera someone gave me. The better Nikkon digital camera gave up the ghost the other day, probably got tired from so much picture taking.


  1. Even people at social justice rallies people are taking selfies now.
    My narc mother always had to take pictures. I really believe it was because there was't much substance to any time we had with her.
    I don't own a camera anymore. But if I had the money I would like one. But to take pictures of nature mostly.I hate when people have to take pictures of everything..It seems like it should be just for special events.Or as art. Not every little thing we do.
    Funny though, I think even regular people think were near the end of something!

  2. Yeah it's everywhere. Look at me I'm protesting, though I am guilty of taking some pictures at anti-war protest they aren't selfies. My good camera died and there's too many things in front of it, the starter or something on car needs fixed, I have no compression supplies, barely, the last piece of tubigrip is hanging by a thread, so yeah that is getting pushed way back and you know I like taking pictures, I think it's better as art or special events. The photos now are fleeting if you think about it too, no more paper copies like we used have. Sure regular people and non-Christians tell me they think the end of the world is approaching. You will secular people speak of the 4th turning or even some about peak oil. Only the most blind are denying the overt societal decay.