Thursday, July 7, 2016

Great People I have Known

My war protesting post got me to think about some of my old friends, and two of them were named "Carol" and "Bob" who I used to go war protesting with. They were an older couple I was close friends with who are now deceased, but I think about how they stood up for their beliefs and how that was something I respected both of them for. Carol and I used to talk about politics, and one thing about her even when we didn't agree on everything it never got in the way of our friendship. We'd meet at our co-op center almost every week, the one, I and my husband used to volunteer at. I had met her at the used book store. We could hash anything out and I remember our hours of discussing anything. When I saw both together, Bob would get in on the conversation too. I have told my husband one thing I miss about our old town, is just our old friends and just the CONVERSATION, that was great. I put them in my comic the other day. Other friends show in various guises but I was just thinking about my two old friends and how much I miss them.

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