Sunday, July 24, 2016

Old Pals?

Old Friends: Bill and Donald


  1. Like a typical narc. Sides with who ever is not out of the room.

  2. He looks to short in the picture and they look pasted on.Just an observation.

    1. Yes photoshop is always possible. Hard to even know if what we see in regular newsphotos is REAL.

  3. I know they had been friends in the 1990s and in the 2000s. I am unsure if they are friends now. There is one thing I want to tell you. I think Chelsea is an ACON because her parents are making unpopular and unloved by doing what they have been doing. It is like having my adopted narc mother in my life and being unpopular because of her.

    Well, I will not vote for a president this year and plan to apply for a refugee status if I don't get into a graduate school program next year. I am not responsible for Debbie Wasserman Schultz's decision to rigged primary election in Hillary Clinton's favor and for Bill Clinton's decision to make a deal with the Attorney General, Loretta Schwartz, to get Hillary off FBI's case. I refuse to vote for a person they want us voters to vote for. I refuse to let paid shills and workers for Hillary Clinton's election campaign to manipulate me to vote for her. As a victim of malignant narc adopted mother who shoved her agenda or values to my throat and face, I found Clinton's supporters argument for us to vote for her, in light of her rigging the election and DNC not recounting votes before the Democrat National Convention today, offensive. Yes, what they did was triggering as hell. So if Trump wins because I and millions of Bernie Sanders refuse to vote for Clinton, so be it. I am getting out of the USA. I refuse to abide by Debbie Wasserman Schultz's wishes and I refuse to take her "shove it" message.

    What really piss me off is that I have been watching videos and TV newsclips of Hillary and her friends laughing at Bernie Sanders supporters who refuse to vote for her and who are protesting that DNC recount our votes in the primary election. Because of DNC refusal to recount our votes since they learned that the election was rigged, I will watch Democrat National Convention in a subdued mood and will not vote for Clinton this November. I will vote for Democrat candidates for Senator and representatives of house, state and local leaders, and other items in the ballot. I will leave president section blank.

    Donald Trump sounded promising, however, he left out important information such as his plans for adults with disability and non-white American. Yesterday at church, my black friends begged me not to vote for Trump because they believe that he is racist against blacks and other non-white people. They also said that black people who are supporting Trump are house Negroes or Uncle Toms, not real non-narc black people who are struggling everyday. Several white people also begged me not to vote for Trump for variety of reasons. One is that they are afraid that Trump meant well, but he will run into gridlocks like Obama did and he is naive about how the politics works compared to how it works in the business world. I also noticed that mainstream media who wrote nasty things about Trump and Sanders are working for Clinton.

    1. Yes they could have been friends then but are not now. I don't know that would take research. I wonder if one is the patsy to get the other elected. I think one will take a fall, soon, maybe her with the emails or him with some kind of dirt dug up. Kerry and McCain were patsies.
      ACON because her parents are making unpopular and unloved by doing what they have been doing. It is like having my adopted narc mother in my life and being unpopular because of her.

      Chelsea is an ACON alright, she may be a GC but who knows, with one kid, I am not sure how narcissists play that one out. She has two very narcissistic power hungry parents. I think she is partial GC because she was given a high paying job and some fame. They didn't do what happened to Tiffany Sedaris.

      I probably will be leaving my ballot blank on the upper rungs, too disgusted to vote for either Agree with Trump against the globalism and the H1-B stuff but too much I disagree and I fear Republican hands on Social Security and help for the poor. I feel like we got two crazy extreme right wing Republicans running, Clinton is a Republican. The last word to describe her would be POPULIST. Sure Clinton may throw a few social agenda crumbs like rights for gays, and support those things but on the rest she does not differ from any gung-ho Republicans AT ALL.

      We all may need refugee status, I hope Canada does not build a wall for fleeing Americans. Some states have some woods I am sure people can slip through and rivers to cross if they are able. LOL Don't forget getting a passport.

      They have too many people making deals and helping them "Cheat". It's a dangerous point in a countries history when a huge number of the populace realize they are being scammed, and it's not just all those "tin-hatters" [saying this tongue in cheek] who talk about Diebold and cooked up deals with delegates and the Bildenbergers choosing whose going in months before it happens.


    2. I don't want to listen to shills or the rest either. I am sickened to have some narcissistic women almost become president. I realized she reminds me of my mother in some weird ways. I don't think there will ever be a Generation X president, I suppose I don't see this country lasting this long, maybe I am too much of a pessimist.

      I never heard of Super-delegates before this year, I guess they were given Super-Duper powers to cook up votes and cancel out others.

      I hope you can find a good life internationally. If I was young again, I would have moved internationally, perhaps Canada in my case.

      Maybe this will mean DNC will collapse. Both parties have had HOLD THEIR NOSE voters for decades, and people are realizing both are rotten to the core, and their votes don't count and the lobbyists are buying the votes.

      I think Trump plans to cut disability but have to research this. I think he is keeping his mouth shut about it knowing it will mean lost votes. Republicans wanted to cut it by 20 percent. A 20 percent cut would make me homeless. The Colas being cancelled out already have cut down the worth of the checks.

      Many believe Trump is against non-whites, I think there is some truth to that. Surely he seems to have racist views of every Latino, not everyone here is illegal and even most of them came via poverty or other oppressions. The law-and order talk he gave scared me where I thought he would support harder crack downs and filling the prisons even more so which I am against. [aka supporter of the police state] Remember under Hitler the trains always ran on time. Oh yes I know I am breaking the Godwin law of the Internet. Trump may be able to quell the protests in the inner cities via force of law and order, but those protests are breaking out via economic stressors. Remember even for most the welfare deadlines ran out long ago. People are probably going more hungry then ever before. None of these rotten politicians ever talk about changing the job system or REAL changes that would help everyday lives. Hate him or like him at least FDR *did* a few things to improve day to day lives now the present day jerks gave the billions to the bankers instead of to the infrastructure.

      Trump does lack political experience, and that is actually a worry. He may think he can thunder his way through everything like the business world where money talks....but that isn't how it works there, money talks but not in the way he thinks. There's more billionaires then him. The media has gotten beyond annoying, you can tell which side is paying them I guess.

  4. Please be advised not to let people to manipulate you to vote for Clinton, against your conscience, with their manipulative statement such as this:

    For those of you planning to write in a 3rd party candidate or not vote because they dislike Hillary, my Aunt Candace shared this with me. (Not sure who gets credit for it, sorry.) " I don't see it as voting for Clinton.
    I see it as voting for The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Voting Rights Act, Food Stamps, Minimum wage, Union Rights, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Roe v. Wade, Marriage Equality, the Department of Education, National and Community Services Act, union activities by federal employees, environmental research at the Department of Energy, USAID, intercity and high-speed rail grants, Community Development Fund, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Corporation for Public Broadcasting Subsidy National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, a liberal majority on the Supreme Court for the next 30 years that will overturn Citizens United, plus whatever Senator Sanders can get done with a Democratic Senate and a Democratic President.
    If Trump is elected all that is gone.
    It's not about Clinton. It's about over 80 years of the progressive movement we're in danger of losing because we're not looking at the bigger picture."

    Oh, "the bigger picture." What a manipulative message! Here's another one!
    " I know your opinion already. I'm not giving up. There is too much at stake with that Supreme Court seat up for grabs, the environment, women and minority's rights, and too many other things to mention!


    1. I refuse to be manipulated for the lesser evil vote from either side. Americans have done the hold your nose thing too long and gotten another member of the oligarchy in for their trouble. There's a reason they are always a supporter of General Clarks seven wars [search youtube]and the wars outlined in Plan for a New American Century [see book named "The Pentagon's New Map by Thomas Barnett] and the bankers and ultra rich and what serves them.

      1. Is the EPA even still alive?
      2. Clean Air and Water [don't see Clinton as a supporter]
      3. Social Security, Obama cut the COLAs, both parties are at least doing backdoor cuts.
      4. Medicare--both parties doing backdoor cuts, Medicare has been cut last 8 years.
      5.Food Stamps--almost every state has a 4-6 year cut off for Food Stamps for life--most people have passed the time of that cut off.
      6.Union Rights Both parties have destroyed unions. Unions have done no better under Obama.
      etc etc

      Whats left of the "progressive movement"? It seems all they care about anymore is a few social issues and they threw economics overboard long overboard.

      There's no difference between Hillary Clinton and your average Republican.