Thursday, July 7, 2016

New Video From Smakintosh

They don't want to admit the truth, getting the positive attention of narcissist is everything to them. Truth is thrown away for them to get the benefits from the "family overlord" [see the second video below too. Some stay in it for the materialistic rewards. Others are fellow narcissists and others have long ago shut down their consciences to stay in the good graces of the head malignant narcissists. This is a good video by Smakintosh. He is right that enablers don't love truth. They don't care about truth, they care most about getting theirs and keeping "comfortable". The narcissists serve mammon and so do their servants. The narcissist's false truth becomes their own, they test reality even according to the narcissists. Many ACONs who were severely scapegoated like me, will find the only real path of freedom is going no contact with the whole sick system. Reality and "truth" within by family was not defined by biblical precepts or even cultural ones, but defined by the narcissists who served as the measuring rod over their lives.

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