Thursday, July 7, 2016

Watching the Boats go by

This picture was taken by me the other day, I was watching the boats go by which is a summer activity I will indulge in from time to time.  I'm not one to actually GO on the boat but don't mind watching them. I dream of a trip of some sort.  Maybe I should save money and Grey Hound it somewhere but the body and it's needs definitely are in the way.  I have recently felt restless. This one friend was driving north and I would have asked her to go with but I know me being in a car for 6 hours probably would mean the hospital because of my legs and I have 20 dollars on me, so that's not going to buy too many meals.  Years ago I used to love day trips, and I know I miss them. Our car is too old to really take any but the money to go on them isn't there. At least "at home" there is some stuff to look at. I have two new art shows to go look at this weekend. One is a regional art show.  It's supposed to be cooler and I do make plans for going out. I'm adding the last panels to the comic too. When the comic is done, I need to return to doing some painting again.


  1. I grew up around boats. It was one of the good things about my childhood. It is the best feeling being on the ocean with the wind in your face and lots of blue sky all around. Well, back when we had blue sky.
    I missed sailing and the ocean for a long time. It is nice just to watch the boats gliding gracefully, from a distance. Hope you can keep enjoying that part!

    1. Thanks. I've only been on a boat around three times but watching them from the distance is good too. :)