Monday, July 11, 2016

I get weighed tommorow

 I get weighed tommorow, it's the kidney doctor with a decent scale. The appointment is at 9:00 am. If it wasn't so early I'd have to cancel due to heat, which kind of wrecks my nerves. Getting kidney scans is very scary because they thought I had a kidney tumor for a while, and I had a major cancer scare for about a year, and spent some months trying to figure out how to get it looked at, and I found a CT scanner in a town south of us. Pray it goes well for me.

 I plan to ask to be hospitalized if the weight has gone up. I plan to beg them.  Well they may turn me down.. Chances are insurance will say no to a woman who can wrap her own legs, and who can walk around to the degree I can.  I just want to be in the 400s. I don't think my weight has gone up, but I will see tomorrow I guess.

Yesterday I took my walk outside, it hurt, because I went to an art fair where I walked a lot for me the day before.  Six years ago I didn't even try to walk this art fair at all, it would be impossible even to see a little bit of it. I was able to see about HALF of it, maybe one year it will be full. Being able to walk a bit more makes life easier. If only I could be able to walk even better.


  1. You should ask for hospitalization even if your weight hasn't gone up, as you are in a critical state even in the 400s. You should not have to live in fear and pain. I will keep you in my prayers.

    1. I've asked before and gotten turned down. Trust me at this weight higher ones and lower ones. My blood sugars have been pretty balanced so can't use that. [117, 123 the last two days] With the Lipedema only so much can be taken off at this stage, especially after decades of no treatment [broken down lymph system, deposits, hardened tumors etc] but to lose more fat weight could only help. You are right I shouldn't have to live in fear and pain like this. Thanks.

    2. I need to push for something more then this. I have failed to lose weight so many years. One friend said, Oh you have kept off almost 200 since the peak and has this theory my body is screaming to be back there. God no! Anyhow when I see crowds of people, it makes me feel weird. Why did they get to be so normal? Why did I have to be born into this life? It is hard. I have asked God even for another rerun. [Yeah I know Christians are not supposed to believe in reincarnation but I would not mind a life in a normal body] First cool day I have to go look at the gyms. I wasn't in shape enough to even think of a gym until now with breathing and stamina issues.

  2. Good Luck! I hope you get what you want and need!