Friday, July 15, 2016

H1-B Blues

Noticed this on Ramen Noodle Nation

H-1-B Blues

The same thing is happening here. I know tons of unemployed Americans with computer and other degrees, can't get a job to save their life, but you see all these foreigners with good jobs. I know some leftists are brainwashed to scream xenophobe but sometimes it seems to me, the powers that be are out to destroy Americans at any costs and leave them unemployed and sinking down into economic morass. Of course this helps their various agendas, using these economic pressures to take away freedom and make more profits. Some are right that the powers that be use the hatred towards immigrants, but there is a reason for the growing resentment, when millions of people see economic hope disappear and others getting all the opportunities that were once theirs. 

Some Things About Immigration I Don't Get


  1. There is a Syrian refugee family that moved out here, and there is nothing out here. lol. I don't know who they are but I imagine them living in a nice house in a nice area, drive at least one nice vehicle. I don't imagine them in a cramped apartment that many of our food bank recipients attend, and I don't imagine ever seeing them at the food bank either. OF course, I don't know who they are, and these are my imaginings. My frustration is that people who are poor are being told to move to the city to apply for work, there is not much out here. But if you ever heard their stories, you would understand how they feel. I would probably have to travel far to go to the city to go work, so I don't get this.

    1. One thing to remember too, aren't the people who escape here, the ones who originally had money in their countries? The poor are all trapped. I have noticed while there are poor Latino immigrants--in some areas there are migrant workers and others, one never see the ones coming over for H1-B non agricultural work at food pantries, I haven't from my own experiences.

      The city is more expensive so that is bad advice for the poor. In some states you leave the smaller towns or midsized 50-100,000 population towns and go to ones that hit half a million or a million your rent doubles. There's more competing for the work.

      I tried that experiment going to Chicago. I wonder if any of the immigrants realize how things are getting for Americans. Our media is so full of boot-stap tales, maybe some think the only failed American is a lazy one.

      I have met Republicans who think if you fail in America it's your own fault, but there's tons of people who went to school and worked hard. Even among people who have great health what's going to happen when all the employment is outsourced or they are hiring people from foreign countries FIRST?

      I am married to a son of immigrant so I get the piece about people leaving for a BETTER LIFE, it did not turn out well for his parents, they got 25 years of prosperity but then old age and his mother's health problems took them down to destitution. I feel sad for them they never had grandchildren--his sister never married.

      So people have spent eons emigrating to new places for a better chance, but something seems new about it now where they oppress the native born population, and hand it all to the new comers. Something doesn't make sense about that. If I was an immigrant, I would want to have life go well for all in my new culture, and would not be happy about the native born population sinking into poverty. Because if America goes third world enough among it's OWN people, this place will be no different from the worse hell hole anyone left

  2. I agree. If we controlled immigration more wouldn't we have more money for everyone here to have better healthcare. There is something very sick about this whole situation.We have people who have worked their whole lives here and now are living in tent cities. I hate when people step over there own. Plus these same people claim to care about black people , but I don't think it is making their lives better either.

    1. I agree if America was doing well, sure let immigrants in and they DO enrich our country in many ways but there's a problem when Americans don't have jobs, are sinking into poverty and have nothing and no hope and all the jobs are going to immigrants. I think there is something sick about it too.

      I live in a small town, where India seems to be taking over. I LIKE the people they are FRIENDLY and NICE, I have eaten their food. I see them as ENRICHING the place but I have sick feeling in my gut, as I know IT guys who are living with their mother, married to a husband whose career outside of gig employment which he needed to "know people" to even get that and attempted creative projects has essentially been gone for 8 years and other homeless people and people like me living on the edge--especially other Generation Xers and millennials, and it's scary. I watched a rural town I loved die, to the point my old church closed down and people left, I never really recovered from that because that is where my found families and communities were. So why wouldn't I be questioning why people from other countries [well some Latinos are still poor] are here getting all the jobs, driving new cars, and wearing nice clothes? A lot of poverty is hidden. I have friends from my old town, who are still "homeless" One couple found a caretaker position to get off the streets at my suggestion. Some people have nicer families who take them in but being at home at age 40,50 plus is SAD for Generation X. I considered moving into rental room housing, my husband has turned me down flat on that one but the more I thought about it he is right, my health can't take that lifestyle, I would be hospitalized and there's few people lining up to rent a room to a couple and a woman who probably needs 150 square feet just to store medical supplies, like walkers, wheelchair, leg pumping machine, canes, hospital bed etc. So we probably will be paying rent that is near half our income for the rest of our life if I want somewhere safe to live.

      With the black people, more of them are going into deeper poverty. Many states have cut welfare or put caps on it. if you are not disabled in mine, you are cut off for life after just a few years. So the people don't have food stamps and helps before and there's less jobs for them in the inner cities. So I don't think their lives are improving either but worsening. There's a reason protests are breaking out in many inner cities and predominantly poor black areas.

  3. My gosh I never thought a refugee family was a family with money. The others are still trapped. We only took in the rich ones.

    The city does cost a lot more, but people could wait up to a year for rent geared to income housing. I stayed in some, as I never had a stable income. My mom would come over and say, "is this welfare housing?" and I should have just told her, that is what you get when your mother is an engulfing cow. Sorry, I'm venting tonight.

    I've seen many immigrants move to the housing districts, only to get discriminated against. People would yell, "Hey are you ISIS?" Or something like that. At the time it was a bin laden era, so they would yell, "Do you have secret conversations with Bin Ladin? You better not let anyone find out." Or something like that. Ok, its housing and rednecks, what can I say?

    Yes, in cities without housing you have to turn to high rent, but its high rent or jobs, there really is not much choice. I can understand your feeling about letting the native population go into squalor just to watch the immigrants prosper.

    1. Outside of some Latino refugees and even some of them had to come up with money for coyotes, most immigrants who come here were those with money to escape, for the plane ticket and to set up the new life. It is people with money coming over. If I wanted to leave America, and emigrate, I don't have any money to even get to Europe or other places in the world. I would be homeless even if I scrapped enough together for a plane ticket. LOL about saying that answer to your mother. I am sure if I lived in a HUD apart disability housing, I would get the rude comments. One part of relief for my NC is no more nasty comments about being poor or not having the "right things".

      We don't have many Muslims where I live [they are in some towns but not here]but I have talked to one guy who is, and has been discriminated against. So yeah I know that happens. Everyone stereotypes them, and there is so much differences in culture between the individual countries, some uneducated types aren't going to care. The endless "war on terror" have made for MORE refugees.

      Yes many people have to make that choice for higher rent or jobs. We left our rural town for a job for husband here though it did not turn out. So yes many get forced into that. By the way to go to a bigger place rent rose by 30 percent. It's not a huge city but if it was, it would be by 100 percent then or more. I wonder if any of the better off immigrants realize the truth about the native population going into squalor? Don't they realize that the quality of life they sought here will be gone?