Sunday, July 3, 2016

Remember To Have Fun

One thing in this serious world is remembering to have fun. ACONS need to have fun. I told my husband we need to make sure we take time for some cheap fun.  Even if you have no money, there are things you can do. For the disabled having fun is important too. Sometimes when I get crabby or too serious, I think "I need to go have some fun!" There is nothing wrong with that. They always tell people when they get old, they are to cease having fun. Well forget that! What do you do for fun? The fun things I did this week which had some non-housebound days in it included:

1. Going to thrift store and looking at books.
2. Taking art pictures of boats while sitting on a river front, I will see if any turn out.
3. Watching old movie of Elvis, this movie was one of the more silly ones called Kissing Cousins but it relaxed me to watch it.
4. Reading a book called The Genius of Birds.
5. Writing out birthday cards to a friend.
6. Reading an old comic
7. Online can be fun, but I go read places like Retrospace and Cuteness Overload. Researching topics that interest me.
8. Listening to music
9. Making collages with husband--a shared art project
10. I drew panels of Budgie flying as a bird, picking broccoli in a garden and other comics.
11. I took some walks that were fun and enjoyable.
12. Talked to a Vietnam Vet neighbor out in the apartment yard and we talked about history
13. Colored in adult coloring book.
14. Watched other old movies.
15. Went to the library.


  1. I put hot dogs on to boil on Memorial day and they are perfectly done by the fourth of July. That and a NEHI red soda and I am good to go.

    1. LOL I remember Nehi Soda, we don't see it around here. I liked Orange Soda. Hope hotdogs taste good. We got some corn on the cob, that's the tradition around here. I told him I'd make hamburgers today though it's hot and we are staying inside today, and they will be indoor hamburgers. :p with salad.

  2. People always say Texas is a dry heat (it's not) but so is my oven, but I don't live in it.