Thursday, July 7, 2016

Medical Fitness Gym

When I am not housebound, I plan to go over there for a visit. My doctor said he would sign a release. I have to go and look at the equipment and hope I can use it. I did ask about weight limitations on it but they did not know. Showing up and looking around will answer a lot of my questions.

Will I be able to sit on the benches to lift weights? Will I be able to use some of the other equipment? Walking around is boring me, and I figure with more 'interesting activities" maybe I can get somewhere. I did ask if they had other people of size there, but they didn't seem to.

 I wish I could have pushed the walking further, but I hit limitations there. Then I can take the bus there, and see how it works. I hope the place isn't empty, wouldn't mind a few people to talk to but there's supposed to be trainers. I have to save for the initial fee. The physical therapists did teach me to do some exercise.

I called the local Y too, but they wanted 12 dollars just to show up for one day, that'd be 24 dollars for me and my husband. Even coming up with the money for this place may be a hurdle. I am going to check out BOTH places though when I do get out there. It is scary for someone as big as me to try and go to a gym. People will probably look at me "Like why are you here?" I will say I am trying to stay alive. I remember being midsized and going to a gym in the early 1990s and that got some major stares.

I told him how bloated I got the other day, doing a lot. He did say I could take more water pills but those are limited, he said it is a reality of my Lipo-lymphedema. I told him well when I did my Flexitouch it did cut the pain.


  1. I try to get out and walk a mile a day. Its a far cry from running track in high school. But I have clotting issues and if I don't stir things up I will get a DVT and a subsequent P/E. If it took me out quick that would be OK but knowing my luck it would just paralyze me from the neck down and I would have to hire people to carry my head around in a box and spoon feed me. And if I gave them any grief they might turn me where I can't see the TV.

    1. Glad you keep walking. I hope you don't get a clot or anything to paralyze you. Yeah they may punish you by keeping the TV away. I'd lose it to be under people's power like that. I think fear kept me walking at high weights.