Tuesday, July 26, 2016

My Legs Won't Stop Growing

"The East Orange resident is beginning to see signs of improvement after undergoing the first sessions in a series of grueling liposuction treatments to help reduce the symptoms of her lipedema - a chronic disorder that causes fatty tissue to accumulate around her lower body.
Page hopes to prevent her legs from growing further before her upcoming wedding, tentatively scheduled for sometime next year.
The 36-year-old is the subject of a new documentary called "My Legs Won't Stop Growing," premiering on Monday night at 10 p.m. on TLC. Page said her disease became visible when she was about seven years old and got worse when she reached her early twenties.
Greuner plans to perform 10 to 12 surgeries on Page over the next four or so years.
Page is speaking out about her condition now to honor her mother, who passed away from complications with lipedema in September of last year.
Last year, Karen Herbst, one of the top leading specialists for lipedema in the U.S., posted on Facebook that TLC was looking for subjects for the documentary "My Legs Won't Stop Growing."

I missed this show last night and really wanted to see it. Katia has stage IV ipedema/lipolymphedema like me. In her case, her legs grew more severe.  Does anyone have a good TV guide, online is not helping me to tell me when the episode will be rerun. I have heard Katia Page speak on Lipedema, and she had good things to say and has an inspiring attitude. She is realistic in sharing what severe Lipedema can challenge a person with. Lipedema makes more then just the legs grow but other parts of the body too like the hips and lower stomach. If you enter lipo-lymphedema, this means swelling and fluids can come body-wide too.  Every stage IV lady I have met has had relatives with the condition. I feel for Katia's loss of her mother over this condition.

  My Legs Won't Stop Growing


  1. Try library to see if they have the TV guide. You never know.Ours has a room of magazines. Good luck.
    Sometimes the channel itself will have a number you can call. Or they used to.

  2. Good idea, I'll check it out. Companies should avoid frame websites, I find them impossible to use.

  3. Did you find your TV guide or the date of a rerun?
    Hope you did!Peace!

  4. I think my ex-wife has lipedema from the neck up.

    1. LOL,I think her swollen head syndrome is from something else....

  5. It's an acute attack of her holier than thou gland.