Monday, July 18, 2016

Van Gogh Summer

This is a Van Gogh painting from 1888, painted in the summer. It does have the perfect colors to illustrate summer. Expressionistic art is great. I saw some great paintings at the art museum that were painted in an expressionistic style.


  1. I was sorry I didn't get to see a Van Gogh exhibit when it came near by this year. I was never that into Renoir until I saw his work in person at this same museum. It was amazing and I now really love Renoir!I was hoping I would get to see Starry Night!

    1. I would love to see a Van Gogh exhibit too, that sounds great. I think I saw Renoir in a museum years ago. I saw only a few "famous" pieces of American artists at the one art museum from the 30s-50s. So many artists I'd love to see. I used to go to the museums in Chicago even while barely able to walk.

  2. I used to go to museums all the time when I lived in Boston!I miss that. But I didn't know about the Elizabeth Gardener museum, which had a Vermeer. There are hardly any of those worldwide and it was stolen. So now I will never see a Vermeer! Bummer. How did I not know about that museum. I walked everywhere. I probably passed it at some point!Now I can't travel that far. There truly is no thing like seeing a painting in person.