Monday, August 1, 2016

Garbe Mohammed - the Bead Man of Ghana

After college, I owned an African bead collection, that was sadly stolen. They looked like this. It seems finding beads like this is almost impossible now. I am not sure why.

 I still would like to have some of those beads back. I wore them almost every day. The embeded glass ones were very pretty.


  1. They're so beautiful! I love beads! Really sad you lost the ones you had

  2. Actually if you check ebay regularly you would probably eventually come across some. How much they can be is pure luck.
    I love beads! Sometimes I think it's because they look like candy! Yum!

    1. I've been broke but checking ebay is a good idea. I'm trying to find some cheap compression supplies on there now, not having much luck with one. I like beads a lot too.

  3. I've bid on things for a buck, where no one else bids and won.
    It's worth looking even if just for fun,and then you could get lucky and find a bid that is low and no one else bids!
    Hope you get some somehow!I hate when I miss certain things I've lost..Or in your case stolen.