Friday, August 19, 2016

Comic Technological Pursuits

I've read FunHome before, honestly the story about the cold homosexual in the closet father, and her mother in a different graphic novel, I believe will resonate with ACONs no matter your views on the lifestyles presented. That said, I wish I had learned these computer techniques before doing my present comic. My main reason for posting this is to show how she did her comic on the technological end. The video is from 2009, so I'm sure some of that has changed since then.

 I think how much better it would be. I have a "Bamboo" board which was a present from a friend. While I have tried some graphic's a quick drawing from an online free drawing service called "Pencil Madness". I seem more unsteady on computer art then regular. I haven't been able to achieve a real tight grasp of computer art. Maybe it is something that takes more practice, I'm not sure. 

I really need some who knows something about graphic art to tell me if it is possible to transpose a hand draw comic on bristol board and being able to tighten it up on a computer. Could I get it scanned, put it in a computer and then erase and change parts? What program would do this?

 I was even thinking if I could change the bubbles to typed and drawn more firm, it would tighten up the entire comic by quite a bit. The lettering gets weaker in some places. My comic is really old school, not crisp and polished, but I have wondered if there is any way I could transition it to a more polished media. I don't even know what computer program people use to do comics on. When I was in art school, they were breaking out the flat paint and letrasets, yes I am that old, the computer lab didn't come in until far later.

I did get the basic steps of the comic done. There's a 140 panels, but it needs so much more. I don't know what I am going to do with it. If I could learn computer art it would help my life. I am trying to work on my bamboo [a gift from a friend] more lately to transition to clean up on a computer and wondering if I can afford to get it scanned. At the very least, it will become a pin money zine or a gift to friends. I have to test how the story pans out and make adjustments. It's based on life here. If you have read this blog long enough you can imagine my comic, the main thrust of the story is my 400lb weight gain paired with the narcissistic family. Drawing some of the comic was a weird emotional journey.

The art is really good in places but I can see some panels where probably health made me waver on the quality and there is some reworkings to be done. I need to buy more bristol board and ink. It's almost coming out of my ears.

 Some friends will get to read it for free once I can afford to get it copied, to tell me how it comes across. Like test marketing. I don't want to pass out 2-3 zines where people are saying "What is this?" I even wonder if writing should be included with it.

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  1. Why not intersperse adaptations of columns from your blog with the drawings and call it a graphic memoir? You could keep the keep the same title/subtitle as your blog, and highlight the following you already have to publishers. Just polish and scan the artwork you've done--don't worry about computer graphics for now. You unique stance on the "obesity epidemic," how "health at any size" discounts the real harm the movement ignores, and the human side of morbid obesity is important. As a society, we're not winning the war against obesity--the opposite is true--and there's far more to it than doctor's sending people home with instructions to eat less and move more. Your family and health situations give context--and everyone has their own story behind the story. You make many people feel less alone by coming forward with what you've gone through and go through. Best of luck with the comic!