Friday, August 19, 2016

She told me the same almost 20 years ago

Marilyn Wann: "I find it helpful to blame the sad feelings on fat oppression, not on whatever I happen to weigh" and tells a miserably obese/immobile woman not to lose weight. (Bonus! Further Gold's-related whining in the comments.)

Found on Fatlogic I was on Marilyn Wann's message board near my peak weight. I believe I even still lived in Chicago when I started there. She gave me the same line as I was dying and at my highest weight. I got banned when I told her to go visit a bariactric nursing home. The CICO believers have done me no favors and neither did the likes of spoiled wealthy shill Marilyn Wann.


  1. I read all the books by fat activists like her. They have really not helped anyone as far as I can see. I wish that I hadn't bought into what they said. It just made it ok to not deal with my weight at a time in my life when maybe it would have made a difference.
    Fat is not beautiful! It's unhealthy and I see it as a curse. I quit going to weight watchers already because I got tired of the ra-ra "you can do this!" of the leader. Maybe I can...but maybe I won't be able to lose much at all if any. But I'm really careful what I eat now and try to move a lot more so that's a good thing.
    I think that " health at any size" and "fat is beautiful" is mostly a lie!


    1. I read all the books too. You couldn't pay me to read one now. They didn't help me. I didn't want to read a bunch of wealthy midsized women with great jobs telling me how great life could be fat when the reality was far different. I just took a walk, the temp dropped for a short time after rain but it was too much rain for my hearing aids, so I walked in hallways up and down acouple times instead. I am covered in a sheen of sweat just from that and will be housebound the rest of the day as the gauge goes back up Yeah being fat is just a barrel of good time laughs. Even 50lbs for thin people makes them more "uncomfortable"

      I see fat as a curse too. I want a cure. I still stand against discrimination against fat people but somehow these non complex thinkers don't get that. I consider Wann a sell out shill she has every other fascist neoliberal agenda on the list. Wonder if she gets kickbacks from diet companies? No fat people will be demanding hey why is everyone getting so fat. Why is my body huge and I had some eggs for breakfast and a turkey bologna sandwich for lunch and a banana today? There will be no answers. Health at any size is a JOKE.

    2. I get tempted to sneak back on her message board but I think its back

      Hey remember "Victoria" from 1997?

      I lost 200lbs [250lbs at one point] and bought 15 more years you dope.

      Quit spreading your lies.