Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Grossed Out By Something on Whitney Thore's Show

I was channel surfing the other day, I often read or do art work while watching TV so my full attention isn't always on things and Big Fat Fabulous Life came on. During the show, Whitney Thore has the pet pig her mother bought tear up a room. I can't tell if its in her parents house but I think it is because the pet pig, tore up her father's briefcase, and papers and peed on them. Anyhow during the course of this, the pig jumps on Whitney and starts humping her, like a dog humps someone's leg. That is too gross. Her parents come to the door, and she tells them pointing to the pig, "He assaulted me". Can they do a show about a fat person where there isn't total and full debasement?

There's some medical shows where they are natural and treat people with respect like the recent one on Lipedema. But I ask myself "Why would Whitney Thore even allow that one to pass the cutting room floor?" It was just so gross and disrespectful to her own self. I still think they picked a pig as her new pet to MOCK HER. Like ha ha so funny. Most of these reality shows are scripted. Even when I saw the parents on the Little People show get divorced and the Mom get a tattoo, I thought give me a break! I don't watch as many of them since I figure it is a waste of my life though I see some out of curiosity. Those Duggars are a mind controlled lot, with Jinger never getting "free" as well.  Anyhow this show grossed me out completely.

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