Monday, August 1, 2016

The Incredibly Shrinking Man

This man who weighed 700lbs sounds like he had an eating disorder if he was eating 8 quesedillas. I have noticed the fat people who lose the most weight successfully are ones who can back away from eating disorders and eat like normal people and lose weight. I found his activities he started doing very interesting. I believe my PT exercises saved my life though in my case they did not take much weight off. I know I had to make sure to increase my exercise lately and do more walking. My heart and lungs strengthened though I still deal with the housebound garbage.

 One thing I am trying to plan for is to increase my activity, and looking for free classes to take and things to do DURING THE DAY when I have more energy now that the Dial A Ride is available to me. It has driven me a bit crazy, that I am housebound so much this summer. I wanted to be over at the gyms by now and definitely will go to them as soon as I can. One thing I noticed that changed things for this man was others giving him the gift of gym membership.  I wish there was charities and people to help fat people join gyms. If they really cared about fat people there would be some community and other helps for this. I did find out the Y has a financial aide program but still have to do my comparisons to choose.

This is a goal I do not want to give up in my case. I need some more opportunity for movement. My lungs always have been a barrier to me, a severe one, but whatever I can do, needs to be done.

 I do fear gaining weight when housebound even trying to do exercises in here with stretchy band. Yesterday I could take my short walk but today I can't. It is not easy. It will be the hallway walk.  Lately I am telling myself I have to start getting up far earlier in the morning and adjust the schedule somehow where I am up by 7am. The only thing is maybe I can get away with a short walk without wrapping because the hour of wrapping after a shower, delays things. It takes me TWO HOURS to get showered, wrapped, dressed and lungs nebulized and by the time I am up and moving around it's hot out.

 For me fatigue is such a serious battle. I have worried about that small weight gain and plan to talk to doctor. It is constant vigilance NOT TO GAIN or if there is small gain, roll it back, and analyze if it was water weight or fat weight. My sugars have been good this week, I have eaten a lot of cucumbers and zuchini and they have run in the 110s.

Today I went out to help husband look at the car, and could barely breathe so my time outside was limited. It was over the cut-off temperature. When he walks from the kitchen to the living room, I do that though my hallway is from the living room to the bedroom, and I do it until I am short of breathe. That is for really housebound days. It was kind of funny to find out someone else does this. I never have met anyone else who has. This tells me my idea to do this long ago is a good one.

 I know that the times in life when I got thinner, and I have dipped down to 450 or almost there a few times, is when I was more happy and active. 700lbs is when you do start dying acutely, as I have said many times. Many people do not back away from this. He has to realize he has joined a rare set of people to be 700lbs and back away from it.

I have read online he has gained 90lbs back. With obesity it is a life long battle. I hope he does not give up. I haven't given up even though I am so messed up and now old. I dialed up the years 15 more then I thought I was going to get, so why not try for what I can too?


  1. Gyms themselves should offer at least a discount to the obese or disabled.Maybe you could suggest it to the united way or some charity group. They often fund things similar to that. Charity groups.I don't know about the united way. Maybe?

    1. I'm going to talk to the medically fragile gym, maybe even get a different kind of fee set. Me paying for months I am completely housebound like Jan, would be burning money. At least Y you can apply for financial aide. I will look into it. I think it would be a good suggestion too. I have to work on getting some eye glasses too.