Thursday, August 18, 2016

Obesity Reprogramming

Obesity Reprogrammng


responding to FiveHundredPoundPeep • 15 hours ago
It doesn't make sense to say almost 50 percent of a population became lazy couch potatoes on purpose.

"No, but it feels good. Is it fat people saying this? No. It's normal sized people WHO ARE SCARED SHITLESS OF BECOMING FAT. So we, the fat people, become Other. They cast our Otherness as a moral deficiency which their virtue makes them immune to, or at least that's the tune they whistle in the dark. You can see this in the omnipresent moralizing tone in articles like this or the Livestrong article linked in the article. And Livestrong makes their money on...? People being scared of becoming fat. Fat is a disease they think they can catch from us, and the diet and health industries are predicated on that fear.
Faux food is no joke, The amount of sugar they add into the low and medium quality foods in order to make the food more appealing and addictive is insane. I think it's that addiction that largely drives the problem we are seeing today. The difference between this addiction and other chemical dependencies is you can't "just say no" to food. Starvation makes our bodies respond with an even lower metabolic level in hopes of outlasting the famine. So it's a tough problem. We have to lower caloric intake and almost eliminate sugars without tripping any metabolic alarms that put our bodies into panic mode. It's really no wonder that doctors have pretty much given up telling people to lose weight, and instead tell them to get as much exercise as they can. That at least has overall health benefits that are both physical and psychological. It's the failsafe approach."

I had this discussion on this online article, some of you may find interesting...

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