Friday, August 26, 2016

Fat is Normal Now?

Back in the old days, even in the 1970s did you have to become a bodybuilder and work out for hours a day not to be fat?  Tnation is a bodybuilding and strength building exercise company. Think about that one...and think again about what I am saying about obesity all these years. People didn't wake up and think "I want to be fat" and decided all to become "lazy overeating bums".


  1. I think the jury is back in from deciding most people's body shape and size are determined more by genes than how many stomach crunches a person does each day.

    1. Agree. Exercise doesn't affect all people the same way anyhow. There's epigenetics, but then one is looking at a whole uncontrolled "change" to the population that is obviously NOT being self-directed.