Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sea Snax!


I discovered these at a health food store. This is the health food store I take a 30 mile round trip sojourn to once a month during non-housebound times. When I find a food that makes me "feel better" after eating it, I stick with it and they taste good! One says spicy but it is flavored nicely so don't let that frighten you away.

Some may think eating seaweed is weird, but these crispy sheets of seaweed taste really good and are low in calories. I was used to seaweed having bought Japanese seaweed before to sprinkle on rice. I can't eat seafood but suspect some are familiar with it via sushi.

Anyhow I wanted to recommend these. My supply is gone now but hope to get some as soon as I can again.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Are Calories Themselves a MYTH?

Calories poorly grasped for maintaining weight:Obesity experts concerned about caloric literacy

I like Dr. Sharma's other writings and website, but disagree about calories.

To be honest, I have wondered to the shock of others, if calories are even "real". A few friends have chuckled saying, "Now Five Hundred Pound Peep, you may be getting out to lunch with this one!"

Some may wonder about me saying, that "Is she insane"? Yeah I know I am pondering something that is a bit different. Just thinking aloud. But what else would you expect of someone like me? Remember I've had enough strange health problems not to buy all the "accepted wisdom" as complete and utter fact. One day if technology and knowledge is allowed to expand anymore and it's not a new "dark age" and if the world hasn't ended by then, well one day, the facts will prove they got fat people wrong, very wrong.

But I always have had that thought lately, I mean given calories don't seem to mean a thing to my body, and I am told all this stuff about how they work, and I never see the evidence, tell me why I should believe the whole "calories in and calories out" myth? Why should I believe fewer calories mean weight loss?  How many fat people do I know that worry about every little bit that crosses their mouths while so many people who are thin, just eat when hungry and let the chips fall where they may, literally.

I know EXACTLY what calories are in everything. I can sit here and add up what I ate today, and yesterday. Every fat person over the age of  25 just about knows every calorie in every food. They drum it into your head. Hey I kept endless food diaries for YEARS. Do Weight Watchers enough and the other stuff, and you got the calories memorized. Toss out a food, the portion, and I bet I can hit within 50 to 100 calories where it's at. By the way for some reason everything you eat out, has far more calories.  I know what foods have more calories then others. With nutrition, given my health food interests and others, I can tell you what foods to eat for healing different diseases. This book is referred to all the time in my household.

They ignore metabolism when it comes to the CALORIES IN and CALORIES out formula, and they ignore the bodily systems that turn calories to fat so automatically and how this system is thrown off.

Hey did you know they literally figured out the calories in food, by lighting them on fire and BURNING them, I kid you not. Any hands? Even Straight Dope admits that is SIMPLICITY, but is the human body simple? NO. Also just adding up the carbohydrates, proteins and fats too seems very limited as well, given that even nutritionists admit to the existence of micro-nutrients.  Hmmm, so if you don't even know everything that exists in food yet? Maybe I distrust science, or maybe I just realize so much of it today isn't as unbiased as it claims. The other day, a food company told me GMOs were safe......hmmmmmm

Do they even understand completely how this energy is utilized? Calories are a measure of "heat", by that alone the fat process is not explained.

How come no fat people ever are studied when it comes to calories?

The math never added up for me. You do realize to be 500 lbs, they expect your caloric intake to be over 10,000 calories a day.  I couldn't afford the groceries. I mean they have so much of our society dedicated to calories in and calories out, and well, all the health magazines, shows, constant beration isn't stopping anyone from getting fat is it? Why do we believe something that does not work? By the way what is with those women's health magazines that tell everyone to lose weight and then put in endless recipes for things like h'ordeuvres dripping in olive oil and 20 dollar a pound fish?

I guess it's like the old days when people believed in spontaneous generation, accepted as fact, not questioned until later. They may light a pound of fat on fire and claim it that it equals 3500 calories and try and divide up the food into the simplest equations, but something isn't adding up. Feel free to disagree with me here, or that I am on too much of a stretch, this discussion is open.

Longer 'exposure' to US may raise immigrants' obesity risk

Longer 'exposure' to US may raise immigrants' obesity risk

This definitely points to environmental causes rather then reduced will power, and lack of discipline and all the lies the obesity profit merchants want to sell us. So what is different about Mexico for instance where a person may be normal and healthy and they move here and fatten up or their children fatten up without delay?
We just couldn't believe the fact that we found roughly a threefold increase from the one extreme… to the people on the other side," said the study's lead author Karen R. Florez, an associate social scientist at the non-profit research institute Rand Corporation, in Santa Monica, California. 
  Past research has found that immigrants to the U.S. are typically healthier in many ways than people in their ethnic groups who were born in the U.S. In February, one study found that Hispanics born abroad had a much lower risk of stroke than their counterparts who were either born or spent most of their lives in the U.S. (see Reuters Health story of March 7, 2012.) 
Florez and her fellow researchers said it's also been established that U.S.-born Mexican Americans have greater odds of being obese than their family members who originally migrated from Mexico. But the team wanted to extend that comparison to people who are still living in Mexico, in an attempt to tease apart and identify factors in the U.S. environment, or in the fact of being a migrant, that might influence obesity risk.
I sometimes wondered seriously if I moved to a country that outlawed GMOs and had a more sane culture and society, would some of the weight drop off? Not going to happen given my low socio-economic standing but it's one I've mulled over. Of course one knows, the poorer people in America have to eat the more adulterated food, thus that too affects the obesity rates.

Weight Loss Surgeon Against Size Acceptance!

The disturbing trend of fat acceptance, one doctor speaks out against it

What would he think of this blog? Since I question aspects of size acceptance and also that barbarity and sanctioned torture known as weight loss surgery? They couldn't have thought of something more painful if they tried to do to fat people to get them to lose weight.

The other day, I went to a book club, it was warm enough to be out, and I saw this one member there, who weighed around 250lbs, and who was actively employed and active, even two years ago the other time I ran into her, and she announced to us, she recently had weight loss surgery. It didn't escape my attention that to even drink a coffee, she had to mix it with a powder to get it down. I forgot the name of the powder but it was one when I did short term assisted nursing care in my 20s, one had to mix with food to thicken it, to get it down the gullets of those with digestive and swallowing problems. Life is hard enough. I found myself worrying about her right then and there.

Anyhow I tire of these weight loss surgeons who have no reality about what makes people obese and who profit off the lies and still play blame the victim and act as if the same amount of control is there for everyone. Yeah, the whole "control" thing as if people chose this. Their ignorance regarding metabolism and such is extreme and continues to worsen.

I know I made the choice never to have weight loss surgery, even having it pushed by various doctors. In my case, I do not think it would work and believe because of the breathing problems, I'd die on the table. I have digestive problems now that range from intermittent anemia, to shortage of various B vitamins and D though I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. There is a time in life, where you say well "I have suffered enough", and all the digestive stuff, where I can so easily end up in pain that leads one on the floor and puking my guts out if I mistakenly ingest any MSG, dairy or eggs or have stress, brought me enough trouble in life, just the thought of weight loss surgery to me sounds like a PTSD nightmare on the roller coaster to hell.

With this guy, I wish he'd find this blog, and come and read and learn. But so few seem to ever have independent thoughts. I guess that tens of thousands of dollars they make for each surgery speaks for itself. Ah so many who are profiting off the obesity epidemic, the mind boggles.

As I have said multiple times, the lies on both sides enable each other.