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More on Fat Fashion and Places to Get Supersized Clothes

I have realized I hate a lot of what they are trying to sell me for fat clothes. I don't want to wear skulls emblazoned on my jacket and I thought the swing revival died in the 90s. Save me from the tunic and leggings! Get rid of those baby-doll dresses that promote fat infantilization. I'd sooner shred some leggings and burn them before wearing them. Hey I weigh 500lbs I don't want to be dressed like I am 8 years old and Mom is ready to break out the Garanimals. Sometimes I find fat fashion interesting. The focus on bright colors, bows and short skirts floors me. Why do fat women want to wear clothing where to even bend over to get a tissue off the floor means full exposure. Talk about uncomfortable. I have this purple velvet dress that I relegated to only indoor wear, it goes down to my knees because everytime I bent over in the thing, it was an exercise in making sure my butt faced the wall or something, because I didn't want to put on a show.

I checked out acouple fat fashion websites. see here and here. Everyone is young and under 28 years old or so. Most of the clothes are NOT my style. There isn't one outfit in this display I would be comfortable in. I know those plump size 18 women can take things a bit further, but where is the comfort? I think clothes should be comfortable and move with you. Why is everything short, small and so so tight? Why do they always have that size 32 cut off that basically cuts everyone off who crosses from the midsized point to the supersized point? One Note to overweight people, you look better if your clothes fit, and actually even on the bigger side of things! Thin people may look ok in tighter clothes and I think they are nuts too to sacrifice that much comfort for "fashion" but for fat people it is even more uncomfortable.

As I have written before I would be naked if it wasn't for this company. I buy the long dresses. I am very glad I can get clothes that fit and do not shame me and I can have some dignity in. I pray they never go out of business. I need to order acouple dresses soon again. I own this dress, it's one of my latest, size 8x and it's one of my favorites in my wardrobe.

Plus woman
, I have ordered from before, but they are somewhat expensive, and I do find the sanctuarie dresses more flattering to my particular body shape. However I will say this, I still own a red dress from them that is about 12 years old and it has held it's own and except for a small pocket rip is still going. Which reminds me I need to get that dress repaired.

Making it Big
has good clothes, very good clothes, some of the dresses I wore back in the 1990s from this place I still remember fondly including a purple cotton dress, but they were very expensive, and for someone as poor as me, that was a struggle. They dropped their sizes down, not sure why, which was kind of disappointing. Now everything only goes up to an 82 inch hip.

I love Peggy Lutz too, as I have written about a dress I had from them once. I had another blue dress that I wore at my largest size that was a great dress as well. However they are VERY EXPENSIVE. If I won the Lotto, I probably would go over and buy the place out but for now am too broke but the clothes are designed well. Larger people can order clothes past the already marked sizes, their sizes go up to 78 inch hips but I ordered a dress at my largest size when my hips were in the low 100s.

I ordered clothing off ebay for years, while very poor, but now I can't find any supersized clothing over there anymore outside of the goth/renaissance stuff that looks more for Halloween rather then any day wear. Can someone tell me what happened over there? Why is there no more plus sized clothing for supersized people on ebay?

One thing about being the size I am and was, you can't just go get cheap clothes from thrift or Wal-mart, I had to pony up the cash, or go naked. I tried sewing but was very very bad at it. I envy those who can just go get an outfit at thrift. Clothing comes very dear to those of us in the very high sizes.

Well those are my favorite places to get clothes and my other thoughts on fat fashion, no more leggings! Please!

Study: Hate Your Mom? You Must Be Fat!

"Hating your mother means you're twice as likely to grow up fat"

Children who have a poor emotional relationship with their mother are more than twice as likely to become obese, research claims.

A study found toddlers who struggle with their mothers are at higher risk of being grossly overweight by the time they are 15.

Those who had the worst emotional relationship were almost two-and-half times more likely to be obese at 15 than those with a strong bond.

Having a bad emotional relationship with your mother from an early age doubles your chance of obesity in adolescence

Meanwhile, only 13 per cent who had close bonds in their formative years became obese.

U.S. researchers studied nearly 1,000 toddlers and their mothers at play then rated how strong the bond was between mother and child.

The participants were then assessed for obesity at 15.

The prevalence of obesity in adolescence was 26.1 per cent among children with the poorest early maternal-child relationships according to the research, which will appear in the online Journal of Paediatrics next month.

I wonder how much of this has to do with cortisol levels, certainly if a child has less of a bond with their mother, they are going to be far higher. I have talked about how I think low-level unrelenting stress has jacked up everyone's cortisol levels, so why not in kids who fail to have a bond with their mother? Then there is the implicit fat hatred, I have seen myself mothers who far perfer their thin children opposed to the one who is fat by a young age. Are the bonds of motherhood even affected by societies hatred of that fat in some cases? I guess it depends on the mother and her values, but still remember the day, I saw a mother at a table at a restaurant cooing to a thin daughter and then yelling at a fat daughter, that she was a pig to want a sandwich to go with her bowl of thin soup. One thing that can be hurtful is watching how the thin children are treated in comparison to the fat ones, even via their care-givers.

"Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals"

What is scary is this GMO corn is appearing in so many foods and it's hard to avoid.

Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked to Organ Failure, Study Reveals"

In a study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences, analyzing the effects of genetically modified foods on mammalian health, researchers found that agricultural giant Monsanto's GM corn is linked to organ damage in rats.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Can Antibiotics Make you Fat?

"Can Antibiotics Make You Fat"?
This is kind of a shocking article. Remember when I talked about how they were fattening up livestock by the rampant use of antibiotics, sure there is something here...
New research suggests that taking medicine for ear infections might be related to a reckless appetite

Antibiotics have done wonders for extending human life by killing off deadly pathogens. But they target "a particular disease the way a nuclear bomb targets a criminal, causing much collateral damage," says Karen Kaplan in the Los Angeles Times. Incidental victims include a whole host of microbes that actually help us, and "our friendly flora never fully recover," argues New York University microbiologist Martin Blaser in the journal Nature. The unintended targets of antibiotics might also include our waistlines, according to new theories linking the drugs to a sharp rise in obesity. Here's what you need to know:

How do antibiotics hurt us?

Bacteria have lived in and on us as long as there have been humans, creating a symbiotic relationship. But that's changed over the past 80 years, Blaser says, because the development of antibiotics started disrupting the population of mostly beneficial bacteria that help us digest our food, metabolize vitamins and nutrients, and even fight off invading organisms. "Antibiotics kill the bacteria we do want, as well as those we don't," he notes.
And there's evidence of this?

Blaser points to Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium he's worked with for 26 years. Discovered in 1982, H. pylori "has been the dominant ancient organism of the human stomach since time immemorial," he tells The Scientist. Now it's disappearing. In the early 1900s, it thrived in the guts of all people; today, fewer than 6 percent of American, Swedish, and German kids have any trace of H. pylori. A likely cause, says Blaser, is antibiotics: A single course of amoxicillin or other antibiotics used to clear up, say, an ear infection, also wipes out H. pylori up to 50 percent of the time.
Is losing a little bacteria really so bad?

In the case of H. pylori, it appears to be a mixed blessing: The bacterium promotes gastric cancer and ulcers, which have gotten rarer along with the microbe. But Blaser's lab has also shown that kids lacking H. pylori are more prone to asthma, hay fever, and skin allergies. "And H. pylori is just one bacterium!" says Karen Kaplan in the L.A. Times.
Wait, what does this have to do with obesity?

H. pylori also affects the behavior of two stomach-producing hormones that control hunger — ghrelin, which tells the brain you're hungry, and leptin, which tells it you're full. If those hormones are thrown out of balance, your appetite probably is, too. Blaser says the rise in antibiotic use tracks with sharp increases in obesity. (Half of U.S. adults will be obese by 2030, according to a new study published in the journal The Lancet.) That's not proof the two trends are related, he concedes, but it's a fertile path for exploration.

NOW Read this article

"Most Antibiotics Fed To Healthy Livestock" and focus on THE  SENTENCE IN YELLOW..
Well if it fattens the animals up, why not us?

That said antibiotics have saved my life multiple amounts of times, before my weight gain I was on them constantly for chronic bronchitis [sometimes from constant illness I would get] and breathing problems.

Fat Hate In the Art World

Warning images may be disturbing:

John Issacs "I can't help the way I feel" 2003

wax, resin, polystyrene, steel

86 1/2 x 59 x 70 inches

220 x 150 x 170 cm

Wellcome Trust Collection , London

Name unknown... {I did search but figured out it was a sculpture in a EU art museum]

I always suspected the worse fat haters saw me as a hunk of meat, and not much more. I believe in our society today, as focus on the body and temporal outdistances focus on the soul, this is part of the increasing evil in the world, but one can see this in the art world too. I refuse to go be a "hunk of meat" for anyone.

One thing, I majored in art education in college, so art was part of my life for a long time and this included a stint as an art teacher and even work in art therapy, in my pre-disability days. I was a good art teacher, one student even won a national award,  and used to make lesson plans up not even needing books, remembering to incorporate the core basics of what I wanted to teach. Good art can teach people many other skills, being able to visualize ideas, creativity and planning. If my health held out, I probably would still be an art teacher today, teaching in some high school. Even my career transitions [paralegal/residential counselor] was more about health needs then anything else and the price of failing medical clearances for the school districts due to my severe breathing issues and asthma by an early age. You can't tell a high school principal there will be no ceramics, because the clay dust makes me wheeze.

However I never was able to enter the art world, very easily though I have privately sold some paintings for hundreds of dollars including at a "do it yourself" art show where I sold 8 pieces. There was time when I tried to enter a painting in my college's art show, that I later sold for a very high amount , where it was rejected. I would go to that show to see what replaced my entry and would find a tall shelf, with different colors of pee [yes urine] in jars where some art school hipster actually had collected it from various people. How do you strike up that conversation? "Hi, I need some of your pee for my exhibit". LOL

This little episode would shock me and tell me what the art world had become. I often later joked, if I had burned up some baby dolls and glued them to a canvas, that I would have done far better in that particular art show. By the way that was not some punk gallery, but my collegiate alma matter having a "graduate" art show.

In the art world, from what I can tell only certain worldviews are espoused. Where does one go, if they find the facetious, ironic, hipster, "shock to make a point" art annoying. What if you crack open a copy of Juxtapoz and simply want to throw up and wonder why everything looks so evil? American Artist is more my speed. The art world is not an "open world" at all, you need connections to get in, and to be welcomed in the door. Upturned noses and wine parties with fancy finger foods, I've seen it all.

Being in a lower socio-economic group, well, the doors often have remained closed. The Art shows want $30-80 dollars a pop which you may as well light a match to once they reject your art work. Part of me thinks they just let their friends work in, and leave it at that. One friend even had international showings but still dealt with the expenses, the art world was NOT a lucrative field. I faced that of course too in the art education world where whenever the school or alternative school gets short on funds, the art teacher is the first out the door.  So years ago I parted ways. Don't get me wrong I love art, and art museum stints, but remained an "outsider".

One thing I have noticed though in the elitist art world, fat people aren't too welcomed. If you debase yourself and they decide to make you their pet, which I refused to do, sometimes some get in. I still remember the woman at one art group, who wore around a size 22 and painted endless paintings of herself being fat and NAKED in front of a mirror. She was middle aged and really not that distinctive, but every painting had every nuance of flesh, every roll, hair, pimple in full view. It seemed like narcissism run amuk. I being young and somewhat foolish about the politics of the art world, asked her, "Why do you only paint yourself and naked over and over?" She went into some diatribe about self acceptance and bodily context, blah blah, but I then said "But you're naked!"

Ever take a look at fat art, and notice how many have to get naked or dress like hookers to get a look-see? Why is everyone naked? Even Spock is out there taking naked pictures of fat women supposedly for art's sake.

Now no one is naked here, but the debasement rule is there.

I felt the same way about the Obeast Project. Fat person debases themselves, while calling it "contextual art" to supposedly prove a point and it gets museum attention. One question I have for the masses, why do fat people always have to shred every ounce of dignity to get any attention out there? Come on people, you are playing into fat hating hands. Even this painting that sold for 33 million seemed to be just about displaying a fat person as naked {I censored it a bit because I want to keep this blog at least PG} and sprawled out on a couch. She is displayed in a rather unseemly fashion. Yeah call me Victorian, repressed but come on, do you think a naked picture of a woman that could be someone's Mom looking like she passed out from a bender or the fat haters would say mountains of Ho-Hos and Doritos,  is great art?

Now back to the two art works at the top of this page, one I cropped because the lady is totally naked and someone else airbrushed the top part, that one definitely focused on the body to the demise of everything else. The art work is basically pornographic, but because it mocks someone who is fat, showing every crevice in exaggerated detail, the art museum denizens run for their checkbooks. Then you have the guy who hates fat people so much even the title, denotes the blame, as he sculpts a fat person as a hunk of flesh that has basically eaten their own head and left thinner legs with bad circulation. There he basically kicks any fat person especially of any supersize in the teeth, and does the typical status quo game blame.

Even when you take a look at the crop art world, I guess a pig on an exercise bike sums it up what is going on there.

I was once told by someone who was well meaning to turn in some art to an art show not in person because I would be discriminated against and they would not want a 500lb person showing up at the artist opening. I really wondered about that, and it made me pause. I know that goes on. But one thing I am really wondering is why is so much fat art if it happens to even be allowed based on open or willing debasement and nudity?

By the way, at the art show, I had where I sold 8 pieces, I sold them at REAL PRICES to REAL PEOPLE. Some made the three figure mark, but I didn't ask for the crazy prices you see at most art museums. There should be an "outsider art" movement aside from the snooty-ville, over-intellectualized nonsense, if I was 20 again, maybe I'd spear something like that. Lets have some art for FAT people, that doesn't insult us or make the price of being naked or degraded to show up to the party!

I think I am too old fashioned for the art world.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Good Article Defending Fat People

"Free to Be Fat"

"The obese were not always considered monsters. On the contrary, until recently they were often revered. Historically, in most societies, obesity implied wealth and health - expensive epicurean habits and no tuberculosis, cholera, or other wasting illnesses. Only now, when fat people outnumber the lean by two to one in many countries, has obesity become the last acceptable target of public discrimination."

"But the typical four-year-old boy does not control his diet or exercise; his nutrition and activity are usually closely supervised. He cannot nip out for a burger any more than a goldfish can. His obesity partly reflects his mother’s lifestyle when he was in utero, and his family’s lifestyle after he was born. He has had obesity thrust upon him, and with it a dysfunctional metabolism, insulin resistance, chronic illness, and a shortened life. He already has enough problems without society ganging up on him for being a fatso.

Yet researchers have found that children as young as six years old, even those who are overweight themselves, use words like “lazy”, “stupid”, “cheats”, “liars”, “sloppy”, “naughty”, “mean”, and “ugly” to describe their obese peers. Similarly, recent studies of college students show that respondents rate obese individuals as less attractive potential partners than embezzlers, cocaine users, and shoplifters.

Obese people often share society’s low opinion of them. Of one group whose members lost weight after surgery, 42 per cent claimed that they would rather go blind than regain it. Most would rather lose a leg, and all would prefer deafness, dyslexia, diabetes, severe heart disease, or acne.

Even today, some doctors partake in the ubiquitous anti-obesity discrimination that feeds such sentiments. To be sure, most recognise that obesity is a multifactor chronic disease requiring medical, societal, environmental, and political interventions. But that enlightened approach did not stop Hamish Meldrum, chairman of the British Medical Association (and one of Britain’s most outspoken physicians), from recently offering this assessment of the obese: “They are just greedy.”

Meldrum’s remark reflects a widespread view of those who are overweight. But it is not the people maligned by such calumnious statements who are the monstrous ones."

I agree.

They all act like we choose this which is sickening.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fat Hater and Foodie Wants to Design Restaurant For Fat People

"Why Fat People Should Have Their Own Special Restaurant"

and see here too. [I quote from both articles]

Joshua Ozersky, founder of New York magazine's Grub Street food blog, wrote a huge piece for the magazine Gastronomica, about how he wants to design a restaurant exclusively for fat people (via Zagat Buzz).

Ozersky says he's not trying to offend anyone, he's been "varying degrees of fat" his entire life, and his goal is to just make the dining experience better for overweight customers.

Current restaurants in our society have all been designed by "slim androgynes wearing Buddy Holly glasses," Ozersky writes in the essay, which Zagat says is basically his version of Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal.

Here's how he'd do it:

The restaurant would have overweight, friendly servers who say lines such as "Do you want some more coffee, Hon?"

The seats would resemble La-Z-Boy recliners and the temperature inside would be about 35 degrees, helping keep the slim people out and "refrigerating" the fat people to "help keep their bodies going."

There would be no mirrors and only dim lighting inside. And the bill would be paid by an EZ Pass like device so there would be no waiting after the food is consumed and the customer wanted to leave.

The menu would consist of large joints of meat, platters of fried food such as cutlets and onion rings, grilled cheese, heavy stews, variations of hamburgers and multilayer cakes.

And why this should happen? Ozersky explains:

You may be thinking, aren’t all restaurants designed for fat people? They’re not, not really. For one thing, almost all good restaurants are designed by slim androgynes wear-ing Buddy Holly glasses...The servers are slim and winsome....The cooks themselves, who in happier times were the very images of portly mirth, are now sinewy whippets, the cords of their young muscles visible beneath full-sleeve tattoos.

Looks like just another elitist foodie snob, putting down the fatter people. He looks like a clone of a certain famous mega-church preacher.

The original article, see here, is called "A Proposal for Feeding the Fat and Anxious" | Josh Ozersky" I've been around foodies before, usually they are very rich--well the official ones, and while they talk about food a lot, a lot of them seem to be extremely fat phobic, it is almost like a picture of the anorexic's clinical extreme focus on food, where one part of the pictures is that some anorexics love to cook and focus on food while not eating any of it. I know I have my 'foodie" tendencies, with all my talk of slow food and avoiding the toxic stuff, but I definitely do not live in their socio-economic class. Hey I like people of all kinds, but why do these types always have to act so elitist?

I found this stuff rude, even if he is plump himself, he doesn't seem to be any different from the usual fat haters, who put fat people down. I know he was being sarcastic at the expense of us fat people.

Even him wanting a cold temperature in the restaurant like that is just nastiness, surely every fat person is a sweating behemoth who is always hot to a guy like this. Not me. I found myself even freezing in a room that was 74 degrees last night. I had won a temperature gauge and alarm clock in one at a white elephant party. Notice what he writes here:

The restaurant should be cold, too cold for thin people. This will have the doubly benficial effect of driving thin people out, because, really, who wants to look at thin people? And of course fat people, their swollen, unhealthy bodies working hard just to pointlessly stay alive, are fiery furnaces deep within, churning and chewing away beneath troubled brows.

"Fiery furnaces deep within", is he insane? I wish. And the "pointlessly alive" comment, well we know when fat bigots go to town, they can even question our reason for existing and do so with impunity. Hey maybe that is a reason for the "troubled brows".  Also look at the menu he outlays, more bigotry there, surely the obese want to scarf down the most greasiest heaviest food according to a guy like this.

One wonders even about the class issues, shown here. He imagines the fat as all poor, lazing about in semi-broken down Lazy-Boys, wanting to eat grilled cheese sandwiches on Wonder Bread using only margarine. Oh the horrors! This isn't a guy who has gone to Whole Foods and called it Whole Paycheck. He makes sure to sprinkle 50 cent words among the paragraph to impress us underlings with his superior knowledge.

Grilled cheese prepared on the conceivable bread, thin and diaphanous to the point of abstraction, orgiastically slathered with oleomargarine, and containing nourishing, viscous, mild and rich slices of bright-orange American cheese, such as gluttons remember from the faint mists of their childhood, when a future entombed in necrotic, immobilízìng tallow still lay unimagined.

Oh and he couldn't resist this humdinger:

Speaking of sexuality, there shouldn’t be any. Dining here is a solitary and celibate experience, in which both sexes are protected from even a hint of having to socialize. 

I guess in the foodie world, only fellow thin people exist and are the only ones allowed to date. In Manhattan, if you are over a size 10, you're not welcomed! Hey I lived in a huge city, at times I wanted a decent meal, I didn't have to cook and would save up the money to get a decent lunch, dinner was out of the question financially, and I dealt with the types that didn't want the "uncool" messing up the place. Imagine a guy wanting to design restaurants for other groups to ostracize and discriminate against them, that wouldn't have made it past the editing room floor, joke or no joke.

I have some ideas for a restaurant for fat people. How about some chairs that actually are made for people who weigh over 150lbs? How about a few glasses of actual fresh water with ice? How about some food I do not have to worry about having my guts feel like they are being wrenched out of my body after eating? How about some food that does not swim in pools of grease or for your Americans out there, doesn't automatically have the de rigeur stack of potatoes next to it or a glob of oily cheese smeared across the top of it. Someone please tell the people adding cheese to steaks, that is gross beyond belief.

How about a place that serves fresh food, that doesn't come canned, frozen or to be microwaved. I'm talking to a certain chain Italian restaurant that is country wide here, I can tell you didn't cook it there in that kitchen but shipped it from a commissionary somewhere.

How about meals, where the food is affordable, and one doesn't have to take out a loan just to find and eat something decent? My days of lunch at decent restaurants have ended since the late 90s due to the burgeoning costs.  I either cook it myself, go to the coffeeshop that believes in more wholesome food or go without. How about bringing salad bars back and having salads with real vegetables on them instead of just ice berg and a few limp carrot slices and more cheese? Also some of us are tired of pizzas, subs, and hamburgers, can't you people think of anything else?

LOL as some of you can tell my own frustrations with restaurants is pretty high. I am praying some people move to town and open a health food restaurant, because I need one BAD. Where you can go eat some real food! Sometimes one can luck out with Chinese restaurants that still use real food to cook their stuff, or coffee shops that make home made bread and decent sandwiches and salads, but for some of us, restaurant food has sunk so low in quality. Should one have to be super-rich to afford a decent meal? I wonder too why no one makes real dinner food in restaurants anymore unless you have 100 bucks for every two people. I'm old enough to remember when someone could buy a decent slice of meatloaf or a steak even and some real vegetables to go on the side without emptying out the bank account to do it!

By the way some of us are tired of everything being fried too. It seems the lazy man's easy way of cooking. We do not want everything breaded and fried. Fried food too, isn't supposed to be a daily meal but a treat once in a while. Try and be more creative, something is wrong when a whole column in your menu is nothing but various fried items all cooked together in the same bumbling stew of old oil.

Too bad this guy hates fat people so much, he just correlated around 10 stereotypes about fat people into one very offensive article. He is fat himself, well judging from the picture which is only a facial one, at least 50lbs over I'd say. Does he feel that bad about himself to write something to get his fellow thin foodies to cheer that he is really "one of them"?

I want to write for a foodie magazine too. I find skinny snobs all drooling over food, to be kind of funny. It should be kind of amusing for me too. Why not a food movement for REAL PEOPLE and tell the snobs, to take a hike? We need that more then ever now.

Food Allergies Related to Obesity? My Food Allergies are Extreme

Recent Study Says Food Allergies Related to Obesity

The May 2009 "Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology" published a study that suggests rising childhood obesity may be promoting the increased occurrence of food allergies which rose by 18 percent from 1997-2007. Obesity was associated with a greater development of atopic disease such as eczema and psoriasis, and a whopping 59 percent increase in food sensitization. Researchers in this study noted, "The analysis of continuous Body Mass Index (BMI) with total IgE levels supports the concept that increased weight is associated with increased allergic predisposition."

 Here is my question what if the correlation is the opposite? What if the toxins and all the GMO food is setting up the body for severe inflammation actually leading to more obesity and decline in the processing of food and metabolism? In otherwords, why blame the fat person, perhaps the correlation goes the opposite way.

My food allergies are out of the box and then some. I actually have never met anyone with as severe food allergies as me in my entire life and I had them at smaller weights too. In fact learning I was allergic to potatoes [something doctors never would have figured out] ended endless panicked trips to the ER that I had in my early twenties where I was gasping for air and going into severe asthma attacks. This is knowledge that saved my life, once I figured out potatoes were the common villain. Remember while I was large, this was a time in life, I was not severely obese. My severe allergies and asthma did precipitate a lot of my downward health spiral including damage to my lungs to point of being diagnosed with chronic bronchitis in my early 20s, severe asthma now COPD, and the constant use of steroids to keep me alive. [I was diagnosed pseudo-Cushings even while OFF steroids]

I have had bodywide hives from eating a then marked GMO tomato, and my food choices are so limited some thin friends basically ask me "Well WHAT can you eat?"

It is something I have wanted a doctor to explore for years. I did have an allergist for some time, and even two years of allergy shots and while those dampened down allergies to grass pollen a teeny little bit, they didn't do much for the rest of these allergies. I attempted a gluten-free diet even for a year, to see if it would end the food intolerance problems but it changed nothing.

I am allergic as far as this writing to many non-food items [smoke, mold, fur-from childhood, feathers--I had an asthma attack using ONE feather on an art project yesterday, my doctors are getting scared for me because I am allergic to several classes of antibiotics--bodywide hives, severe asthma, and even with one. Anaphylactic shock like symptons including a foot that swelled to the size of a football. Allergies have made me go clammy, a feeling like going into shock and the bottom falling out. That is the best way I can describe it. Even good old classic Cipro turned on me after 10 years of use. You know life is getting scary when your whole body is broken out in quarter size hives and you call the doctor up and he say's "You can't be allergic to Cipro, you've taken it so many times before without a problem!" Fortunately another doctor figured out things quick.

Well here is the list of food allergies....

Potatoes--[severe allergic reaction, including intense asthma attacks]
ALL Dairy products, cheese, milk, whey, --[light wheezing, but severe digestive reactions including pain]
Eggs [used to be able to get away with minimal amounts in baked bakery products but those days seemed to have ended, severe digestive problems where the abdominal pain is extreme] If I went to the kitchen and I ate a hard boiled egg, I'd be in the ER by this evening. This means no being able to eat even veggie burgers with the teeny weeny bit of egg white in them, I learned my lesson about that.
All wine, [severe allergic reaction including intense asthma] [sulfites]
Other alcohol [rum, beer, sake] [light wheezing can range] I do not drink as a matter of course but have to be careful of foods cooked in alcohol.
Fish and Shellfish [severe allergic reaction including asthma, I could eat tuna for a time longer but now that causes immediate asthma, some hives]
Radishes [asthma, upset]
Eggplant [asthma]
Cayenne pepper [severe asthma, swelling, borderline analphylatic--took 4 Bendryls's one day noticing neck and face swell up]
Tofu [can eat small amounts but is making me increasingly ill, mostly makes thyroid swell and an overall feeling of unwellness]
Rye bread [severe constipation--this led me to explore the gluten avenue that went nowhere]
MSG-[this is a new one, this means no fast food and no lower cheap restaurant food, only place that make whole foods, this lowered extreme bowel attacks by quite a bit figuring this one out. This one is mostly digestive though have had some asthma]

Now erase all high sugar foods for sake of diabetes--that means no lattes, chocolate is being wiped away due to the more growing more severe dairy allergies, and all high fat foods, no fried chicken, pork chops, due to diabetes and illness as well.

Anyone out there want to follow my diet? It is challenging and getting to be more so everyday. I spend a lot of money on food just to get decent stuff,  and have introduced more organic food. If I ate like a normal person, I'd be toast. 

I do wonder about the theories regarding intestinal hyperpermeability, obesity and the basic lowering of our food quality and nutrition. I also believe increased GMOs in our food is making the allergies far WORSE.

Maybe some of us are the canaries in the coal-mine.

Update 2020: I was able to reintroduce eggs, and now eat eggs all the time. Dairy became possible with the miracle known as Lactaid Milk, I have to drink some with whatever dairy I am eating to digest it properly. Some cheeses are better then others, like Feta cheese. I had to stop eating beef and other rich meats to control uric acid and to stop kidney stones. Cayenne pepper I am okay with now. Tofu there is still major problems but if it is organic seem to have less problems.  Potatoes, fish and many others remain serious problems. I ate some potatoes in a soup accidently in 2018 and began immediately wheezing, thank goodness it was a small amount. I also learned I am deadly allergic to sheeps/goat cheese and milk and had to take emergency Benadryl, doing a food taste of an extremely small amount.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Are There Other Super-Sized People Out There?

I would like to correspond with other people in my weight category. I have found one blog where a lady is 400lbs but is there anyone there, who is my size who is reading this blog? There has been one other commenter too who has lost from the 400lbs range, but is there anyone else? I would be interested to know. Leave a comment if you could on this entry or send me an Email to fivehundredpoundpeep@gmail.com. Tell me if you know other websites, where they focus on supersized people or the issues of being severely overweight. I wish some others would join me in talking about what life is really like for us, and help confront the silence out there.

What Being Fat Has Cost Me

My husband tells me when I get in regretful moods, not to blame myself, "you did what you could". He was there, right after the first 50lbs of the fast weight gain, and saw how ill I got, where my hair fell out, and all the other signs and symptoms and how FAST the weight all came on. He knows my life has not been normal and knows what I eat everyday. At least one thing I have been spared is one of those spouses that goes to complain about me on "My Fat Spouse", the people who all seem delusional in their idea that anyone would choose to be fat. He is larger himself but certainly nowhere near my weight category. I suspect when we were young, given the immediacy of my weight gain, I knew even during those ages, we thought I would get "better" or more normal but at the time I was married, I told him, "I may not live long", and it's true, I married at or near my peak weight.

Lately thought I have been rather pensive and thinking over life, the last few years have been spent in a sort of middle life crisis sparked off by moving out of my old missed rural town. While I am getting involved in the community, volunteering and meeting friends as much as is possible here working around my housebound times, I never got over that feeling of feeling sort of "lost" like I do not have a niche anywhere. As I have gotten older this feeling has only gotten stronger. Where do 500lb people fit in, in today's world? You know that your body alone gives you a sustainable "outcast" status in many circles even if you have a relationship with God, community involvement, friends and activities.

I managed in my last small town to an extent with a great small close knit church and other groups I was involved in and working on it now here too, but life spent as an economic nomad, with a very spread out uninvolved family network where weight alone has made me the black sheep, this feeling seems to be growing stronger with age. I believe one of the worse things about being fat, or in these high weight categories, is there are very few who share in your pain, in other words, most normal people do not understand your day to day existence. In other words, I think my 15 years of being in the super-stratosphere weights, has taken it's toll. Who relates to my life? Most people who have been my weight are dead within a few years. I have trudged along for over 15, since my weight peaked in 1998. There are no books, no websites, so few to connect to, who has shared in this experience. I found two friends one who became very close, who did. They are both gone now, and I miss them everyday. 

One odd thing is to think back to the days, when I was an art teacher, earned my bachelors degree, and worked as a residential counselor, and think of how much I struggled from illness to even get through college and do these jobs, and before the gain, was trying to switch into the paralegal field. I know the fat cost me the career. Some could concede given that my lungs went before the weight came, that there were other factors far beyond obesity and I would agree but I think of what I could have accomplished in life without this burden of a body to carry around and it does grate on me. Thoughts about what I could have been or done in life, come forth. What could I have done for others without this burden?

Severe obesity whatever it's causes, endocrine, metabolic, food addiction issues, almost does relegate one to a regressed adulthood. Now that I have hit middle age, I look around and realize, that it impacted everything, the career, the socio-economics-the times of poverty, and life itself.  My affected fertility which meant no children, the severe health problems, and more, paved a way that would be very difficult. Other adults my age that grew up in my socio-economic level,  have fully developed careers--[well those the economy hasn't managed to wipe out yet], homes, and are becoming grandparents.  Now if one made the mistake of endless comparison, only depression would be the reward. There are other things I have managed in life such as volunteering, art, poetry, marriage, good friendships. I still have plans as well in where to move forward.  There was the time when I got to work as an art teacher and others that were enjoyable. I have found my own meaning in life and because my weight gain came later at least got to live in semi-normal land until my late 20s but I know the weight narrowed down my world and has come at a major cost.

These are things they won't talk about on size acceptance websites, but I will talk about it. Many out there do not want the truth spoken. Does this mean, go starve yourself to reclaim a life? Even I know only the very few escape, sometimes the rare person usually with normal metabolism who are able to overcome a psychological based eating disorder and start eating normally sometimes make it out but the fact of the matter is, very few are escaping and the pat answers aren't doing it anymore. I even believe myself to be a rarity in having backed away from near 700lbs and managing to stay alive. While the world will judge me, I believe God knows what I went through and understands.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Donna Simpson Renounces Her Quest to be World's Fattest Woman

I posted on Donna Simpson here, in 2010

"Woman Wants to be the World's Largest Woman"

I am glad she is leaving the 'feedee" lifestyle and is focusing on getting healthy for the sake of her children. I hope for the best for her. I think it is good she realized what the price of all that weight gain was. I have talked about the implications of the "feeder" world as a fetish and how it harms the women caught up in it.

Here on her new blog, she talks about leaving it behind. Good for her. I will keep her in my prayers.

She writes:
"Now that I have sole responsibility of taking care of my children, I must drastically change my lifestyle. Most people see me as a woman who became famous for wanting to gain weight while the rest of the world was trying to slim down. This was true as I was in a relationship that was based on a fetish that exists only in a fantasy."

Here is her other blog.

Japanese Fined For Being Overweight

This is from 2008 but kind of scary they are measured by the government, I can see them bringing that here. Nanny government run amuk. One can see even in America, a new have not fat class formed next to the haves who are thinner.

The Edmonton Obesity Staging System and writing an Obesity Researcher

I wrote this doctor here

I found out about this via Big Fat Blog, home of the die hard almost normal sized fat people who are gung-ho size acceptance ideologues that deny that weight affects health.

It's weird to go watch the size activists go battle it out with this doctor, and say "Hey we are healthy!". Please, I can see that for the size 18 people but come on, this doctor is probably seeing nursing home bound people who are so overweight they have lost all normal functions on a weekly basis. The Fat Acceptance ideological delusion is not going to fly.

Well I wrote him too and wrote him that doctors need to do better and to re-assess some of his beliefs about metabolism and PCOS. PCOS was one thing that brought the weight on in my case not the other way around.

Well here is the Edmonton Obesity Staging System. See here. Double click to make it larger to read.

I mean look at the list, these doctors see the outcome of severe obesity and how it affects lives. Now I wrote him pointing out obesity is more of a symptom of other failed health processes. My blog here of course has explored the effects of MSG and other franken-food and other toxins we are all being exposed to, and other theories about weight. The Edmonton Obesity Staging System does challenge all the size acceptance delusions I have pointed out multiple times on this blog, that weight does impact health especially in its worse stages. I believe I was in stage 4 when I was at near 700lbs when I had my severe weight gain [multiple ER visits, lost the ability to walk almost, statis ulcers in the legs, failing respiratory system] but have hovered at stage 3 while in the 500s these last years, being disabled, with several co-morbs, affected mobility and breathing problems though I can still walk and am not wheelchair bound.

This list puts the reality out there as to what happens to severely fat people. Now some of the illnesses I see as causations of the obesity not results, such as PCOS, I lived that, and my reality says otherwise.

There are many other articles [I found the links on Big Fat Blog] where this is discussed.

"Should Casuality Matter in the Emonton Obesity Staging System"?

I think of course it should and wrote the doctor here, saying many problems cause the weight to begin with. They need to get to the root cause of what is causing weight to deal with it. Why I was not able to have everything solved, getting to the root cause of PCOS and endocrine disease bought me at least 15 more years.

Also see Big Fat Blog for the list of other related links. 

Dr. Sharma's website has much other interesting information. I do hope he reads what I wrote and has time to visit this website. I often have wanted correspondence with an obesity researcher. I benefited years earlier corresponding with an obesity journalist and writer.

I posted some links and told him a few opinions, guess that is all I can do. He does seem to be an honest researcher who cares about fat people and that is a good thing.

His Obesity Staging System however tells the TRUTH, that being fat over a certain limit DOES injure the health.