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Man Stands Up For Fat Women!

I was happy to see this....glad someone had courage to say something. If you see fat people or anyone else being insulted or bullied stand up for them!

"Fashion stylist Phillip Bloch came to the defense of two apparently overweight guests at the Standard hotel in Manhattan recently. Bloch was riding in an elevator with one of the members of the Village People — as you do — and when the doors opened, a stranger who was also in the lift with announced loudly to the waiting crowd, "No fat people allowed in the elevator! Only people who threw up their dinner can fit." While the Village Person laughed nervously, Bloch turned to the stranger and insisted that he apologize to the women he'd just insulted. The elevator operator concurred, and the man apologized. Given fashion's issues with body image — which are legion — this practically qualifies Bloch for Humanitarian of the Year"

I was defended MAJORLY once. I don't put up with any verbal abuse, but once, even when I was not present, people even walked out of the room, to hear me being insulted and made fun of, that was nice to hear about, and those folks earned my life long loyalty!

The False Idea That We Totally Control Our Bodies

I believe one lie they tell everyone is they can control their bodies and if they do A, B, and C, they will have a perfectly thin body.

One thing that happened in America, is all these false teachings, that if you can believe it you can achieve it and nothing stands in your way. I referred to some of this in the Brightsided article.

In this life, suffering and death are realities, those of more old school beliefs, shake our heads at even modern thinking about life, as if every bad thing can be conquered, I am old enough, and have seen enough even suffering of others, where dementia and scary very bad health problems were end results for many. In other words, when you hit your mid 40s, you do start losing people. It's a fact of life, and one I've had to face, losing my in-laws at a rather young age--just barely having hit AARP status, and acouple other friends in that age range.

I see this in the fat hatred land, how they condemn fat people "for not getting a handle on themselves". More and more I have examined myself, what do you do to stay alive? Do you do what is "right"? Well as I have said due to other health problems, my diet is far more rigid then many people due to necessity. This doesn't mean I sit around eating gruel, but I haven't been able to eat pizza, icecream, fried chicken in some time. They present all these ex-fat people who give out this constant message, "you can do it too!". I subscribe to old school beliefs about obesity, one of which is LOWER metabolisms is a reality, and there is a certain line where food nutrient requirements get too low and one cannot bear to live life always hungry. In other words, some fat people will never be thin people unless there is great suffering or let's say being locked up in a camp and starved which sometimes I worry they will get to one day as they pound the obesity epidemic drum which yes people are getting fatter but none of their so called answers work, why? Because they are all based on this false idea, that everyone can control their bodies.

A lot of this is fueled by a lot of false stuff out there, the "believe and you will achieve" stuff, where the realities of death, dying, and illness are shoved under the American carpet of delusion. People looking to "The Secret" brainwashed by endless advertising that denotes endless wealth, and bodily "perfection" for those who think the "right thoughts". I see this in size acceptance. All those who are not smiling, perky, and praising the wonders of fat, are to be ostracized and shunned. They too are part of the delusion matrix, same as the "diet and you will be automatically thin contingent as I have discussed before. I even saw this article today which kind of shocked me, it is a "size acceptance" article from 2010 so overly indoctrinated into the size acceptance religion, it defends one of the "want to be fattest women in the world" contestants, saying well "She enjoys her body".

In a society, where absolute control of one's body, is presented, even in size acceptance, they think you can control everything, I suppose where even Donna Simpson can suspend and control time and space, to avoid an early death.

Antibiotic Use May Be Bad for Body's Good Bacteria Equaling Weight Gain and Agricultural Abuses!

"Antibiotic Use May Be Bad for Body's Good Bacteria"

(WebMD) Antibiotic overuse doesn't just lead to drug-resistant superbugs, it may also permanently wipe out the body's good bacteria.

Good bacteria in the gut help people in many ways, including helping make vitamins and boosting immunity. Some researchers think that killing them off with antibiotics may be contributing to rises in chronic health conditions such as obesity, asthma, and cancer.

Antibiotics have saved my life, so I can't totally diss them myself but this is an interesting theory. I was on tons of antibiotics for chronic bronchitis related to severe asthma in my early 20s.

Farmers, for example, discovered decades ago that animals fed small amounts of antibiotics, below the doses used to treat infections, gain more weight.

"That works so well that it accounts for more than half of antibiotic use in the United States," Blaser says. "Since it works in chicken, turkeys, cows, and sheep, I presumed it would work in mice, and it does."

Antibiotics, he thinks, may also be contributing to obesity in humans, though Blaser says no one yet understands how.

Beyond obesity, he says studies have shown that a child's risk for inflammatory bowel disease increases with the number of courses of antibiotics taken

I need to look into this, are they feeding our animals antibiotics to get them to gain weight faster?

What do they expect to happen to us since we eat those animals?

"More than 90% of U.S. pig farms, for example, feed the animals antibiotics for such non-treatment reasons as promotion of weight gain"

More on the use of antibiotics on animals for weight gain...

This has been outlawed elsewhere. Even knowing what I know about how superbugs are outdistancing the antibiotics, this disgusts me to no end!!!

As I have talked about on this blog many times, they are doing very very bad things to our food.

Got Some New Dresses

I know I stress the theme of fat ladies getting themselves some flattering clothes. A good friend of mine bought me two dresses, and I was very thankful and I told her my favorite clothes website to order them off of. Thanks very much to that dear friend! Another friend got me a very pretty blue purse as well, which will go with both these dresses for my birthday. And then I have this other friend who always thinks of me all the time as well as well as many others. I do have many sweet friends. :)

The clothes website was Sanctuarie....

One dress was cut in princess style for pear shapes, and that is a very flattering dress.

Embarrassing Moments

Thankfully I still live in a town small enough, where people have basic decency and kindness and come to my rescue. So thanks to the man who helped husband yesterday pull me up after I made the mistake of sitting down on a chair with metal legs, that was sitting on some grass for an outdoor concert [these chairs had been set out for everyone]. The chair squished into the ground, and there I was legs flaying, almost falling off, and was only one foot if that off the ground. My far stronger and big husband took one arm but thankfully got the help, of another man to help me stand up and take me and my chair, and place chair on the sidewalk. I know being bloated that getting up was even harder.

For people my size ending up on the ground is very scary stuff, there is no more helpless feeling then trying to get up, and know you cannot, I have very fat friends who have been helplessly imprisoned on the floors of their homes, one for 2 days, before a relative found her. In her case, she was not able to get or crawl to a phone. I have fallen down on the ground before, once in a puddle a few years ago, on one there, my husband had to haul me up, and I had the strength to somehow get up and another time, while husband was away on business, fell down in the kitchen and had to crawl to the bedroom, to use the bed to get up, that was very scary.

I would not want to ever live alone, I do see "I have fallen and I can't get up!" scenarios applying to me. I know years ago kids used to laugh at that commercial, but I don't laugh, I know it's reality.

Years and years ago, I probably would have cried and gone running from the venue, in sheer embarrassment and humiliation, but I guess at this conjecture and age, I have enough happen and figure well all these people do not seem to be mean about it, if anything, they probably think "that woman is getting out and at least trying to live her life". One thing fat people can't sit around blaming themselves for every little thing that happens. So I let it go and enjoyed the rest of the music show being held by past church friends.

The Big Bloat-A-Thon

[the above picture is not my legs, I'm a fatter person but the same difference applies between the "thin" leg and bigger leg...]

I am diagnosed with lymphedema, it makes one leg bigger then the other, it is about twice the size of the other leg. This happened right as I gained weight. I also have it in my stomach. Add to this congestive heart failure--many people do not realize fat people in the ultra weight categories, can get acouple hundred of pounds of fluid on them, it builds up making you "fatter". They always think the fat guy who weighs a 1000lbs being put in the hospital and losing a few hundred in a month, lost it since the hospital was restricting his food, no in most cases, its fluid removal. My 350lb father once had 100lbs of fluid removed and this one friend of mine now deceased, went to the hospital weighing 500lbs and came out weighing right under 400lbs. They can't give everyone a Lasix IV, its risky so you have to be in short of breathe, acute heart failure, but sometimes, when I have days when the fluids get out of control, I get tempted to just get self hospitalized. Instead I usually take to my bed, to get the water off, ingesting glasses of lemon water, an extra Lasix and it works, but it can be very difficult.

If someone was to ask me, what is your worse, most painful disability, I would say it is the lymphedema, and whatever heart problems are putting so much pressure on my body. This requires me to lay down 4-5 hours a day during a waking day so fluids decrease. I know what its like to lay down in bed, and get up to pee, pee, pee. Sorry if this is getting too graphic, but that is the way this works. There is part of me that sometimes wonders if I really weigh something like 380 in fat, and when heart went bad from all the cardiomyopathy, [in my case caused by the untreated hypothyroidism] if this is when all the fluid came on. For those who want to hound the "lazy" fat people, one problem I face, is the more activity I do, and life did include a few short walks, going out, and doing a lot more things in the last couple weeks, is the more I bloat up.

I know I talk about some nitty gritty stuff on this blog. I do get over a few thousand hits on this blog per month, so I know someone is reading. I figure why not tell people how life is really like for the super-supersized, why sugar coat it? By the way, I started bloating when I hit the 380lb mark, just so people know. That is actually where my weight gain, massively accelerated....

I can gain and lose, at least 50lbs within days. Weight Watchers, when I used to get weighed there, would express shock over 20-30lb dips and increases within the week. Anyhow, I do not know if it was too many olives, or eating acouple dill pickles--I seem to have this bad salt craving that never goes away, or just being able to get out more beacuse the weather has been cooler and I've been a prisoner busting out of housebound cage, but I managed to push myself into a big bloat a thon yesterday being forced to take to my bed, after visiting a music show, one can literally see the fluids grow. I know that my waist can differ from as much as 7 inches alone from water. Yes I am serious. The stomach in my case where it hangs and the left leg have lymphedema. My body is not normal, I still wish I could be truly studied rather then just maintained, and doctors could figure out why my head and feet are so much larger then normal people's, or why my arms and legs are so much thinner then the middle of the body--well at least in the case of ONE of my legs or why I have gone deaf, or why I am turning more brown--all over. My thin 'good" leg could be attached to a woman of only 250lbs or so, and no one would be the wiser.

I went from 6-7 leg infections a year, to one so far this year, so there is some improvement that way, but lymphedema is a scary thing. I did almost lose my life once, circa 2001, trying to do too much, where both the stomach and leg got infected. I had a 105.5 fever, got blood poisoning and nearly died, so this stuff is nothing to mess with. My leg has put me in the hospital for weeks at a time, though oddly, the last 5-6 years or so, I've managed to say out, and learned my lesson about keeping antibiotics on me at all times, and resting enough.

What is bad about lymphedema, is of course obesity makes it worse, but then how do you lose weight when everytime you "do" more and get more 'active", you start bloating like a balloon? It's not an easy thing to cope with. If anyone else reads this has lymphedema, please share....

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Woman Wants The WORLD'S FATTEST WOMAN title.

Susanne Eman's bid to be the World's Fattest Woman

Why don't they just put a sign on their chests, "We are here to make fat people look bad and help make things worse for you"?

The video is in Spanish, but you'll get the general idea, there you can see more pictures...

I wish I could talk to couple of these women. I've been at near 700lbs. Walking almost stopped for me. I am still hugely fat around 500, but if I hadn't lost down from that amount I would have been dead. Walking stops at around the 650lbs marks, hygiene becomes very hard, then you end up in the nursing home being put up on a hoist, and being in bed night and day. My doctors are in shock I have lasted this long, I bought 12 more years of life from that 160lbs I got off even if I remained in the supersizes.

I am not trying to be down on people who end up supersized. It happened to me, as I talk about in the intro article to this blog, the 400 lb gain in 28 months that I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy. I know I stress my theme of almost having died, and having to fight and basically scream to be heard, to get my health problems dealt with to bring me back from the brink of death.

Even if she is doing this to gain fame, get in the paper, earn money, etc, it is a selling out to the fat hating world, basically saying all fat people are gluttons who have chosen their fate via bad behavior and choices, it makes things worse for very fat people as women like this sign up to be poster children for every negative stereotype the worse fat hater could come up with. It makes a mockery of those who really may have serious eating disorders who have led to their obesity and it also silences the voices of others, who face obesity linked illnesses. If she is really doing this, and it's not just a PR stunt, she needs serious help just like an anorexic would get from the opposite end in a hospital somewhere. It makes me even angrier that she is not thinking of her children at all.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Staying Alive Shouldn't Take so Much Work, But Herbs, Vitamins and Organic Food Helps!

I study a lot of herbal medicine. It has helped keep me alive, in my teens, I conquered even a skin problem using comfrey compresses and grew a comfrey plant behind my parents house. I am using B-vitamin drops and due to recurring thrush, from using ADVAIR--[an inhaler for lungs], I know I am going to have to swish some colloidal silver in my mouth, I have never ingested colloidal silver--there can be the side affect of turning blue LOL, but have used it on skin ulcers with great success. However if the day ever came where the antibiotics failed for my leg, I would take some internally. There are books, where you can grow your own herbs, even in your apt, and just got one from the library and very pleased to have it. Our food is being adulterated. Right now, an overhaul of the lifestyle seems in order, but some of us try our best with what resources we have.

One thing I did discover, and this is going to sound really odd, is that I am allergic to MSG, or something that occurs more in processed food, and food eaten at cheaper restaurants. I made the HUGE mistake of eating some less then spicy chili, at a local restaurant and spent 4 days barfing and unable to eat but the bare minimum. When one is diabetic and has gone without food for 18 hours where water doesn't even stay down, things get scary. This used to happen all the time, now maybe once every three-four weeks, due to a slip up of some kind. Eating at a fast food restaurant means I will get very doesn't matter what it is.

Some thing people would be crying to have to eat at my house, there is no dairy in here, pizza is a foregone conclusion, and being allergic to eggs, potatoes and fish means none of those foods are in here either. Add to that, having to stay from all high fat foods-- so I am not barfing my guts out means a pretty rigid diet, but I do like to make tasty vegetable soups. This means having to cook everything from scratch though I can get the occasional Japanese noodles that are pre-made and a certain brand of vegetarian stir fry sauce with no MSG or fish sauce added to it.

The doctors say severe IBS, I made the decision to forgo a colonoscopy for now. Other possibilities are Crohn's or maybe even gall bladder disease but all the the pain is far lower down. In my case because of other health problems, any surgery has a very high death risk, this means I have to do what I can, to maintain my life. In other words, I have to weight the risks and do my best. I did have a blood occult test to make sure I was NOT bleeding inside and that was negative. What is odd is I can go from normal for even couple weeks, to full blown feeling like I am going to die. The fatigue is bad when the bowel stuff hits too. For years I have had serious food allergies, that have gone way beyond that of normal people and even tried a celiac gluten free diet for an entire year to see if that would help my problems and it did not. If any of my readers have suffered anything like this, please share.

One thing I am doing is switch more to organic food. I can't eat processed so this has been a natural outcome. All I can tell you is that it tastes FAR FAR SUPERIOR, I do not know why, but it does. Eating spaghetti sauce I have had reactions, but a can of organic tomato sauce is far better. The organic chicken has such superior taste, I ate some chicken burgers last night I made with ground organic chicken, I can't even explain how much better they are. This stuff costs money but wanting to stay alive is a great motivator.

I wish I could afford a 100% organic diet, but food allergies and more are pushing me into a different way of life via necessity. It takes work to eat this way, I have to plan every meal carefully, eating out for me is dangerous so often prepackage sandwiches and fruits for any trip where a meal would be required.

This is a very interesting article that deals with that issue, the affordability and availability of fresh and good food. I have realized where I live most of the restaurants except the most expensive ones, and one good Chinese one, where they use no MSG, that the quality of the food is negotiable. One thing I have noticed is acquiring good food, especially in the ready-made markets is near impossible. Some towns are more fortunate and have health food stores and better resources. We do have some good fruit and veggie markets which is a blessing.

Whole Paycheck and Organic Food Deserts: The Challenge

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I think this movie, explains how we have gotten to where we are. I believe a lot of the obesity epidemic is tied to immense changes that have happened to our food. All the GMOs, it is NOT good for you, not at all. The food has changed into an adulterted chemical mess and people have changed. They are right about how the multi-national corporations who control so much of the food. I have talked to farmers in my pervious rural community, one told me something very interesting how farmers know due to depleted soil, the nutritional components in even grown unadulterated vegetables has been dropping like a rock.

When I talk about there being some serious issues being slid underground by the fat haters vs. the fat delusionists fight, I meant it. Even exploring the reality of what is happening to the food in this country, will open one's eyes.

You can watch Food Inc Here in different parts...

Go to the right to see part 2, 3 and so on.....

Is Your Shampoo Making You Fat?:Chemical Calories EQUALS Endocrine Disrupters

"Is Your Shampoo Making You Fat"?

Years ago I found an study that connected PCP poison to fatter young people. We are living in a toxic stew and I believe it IS impacting the population and affecting metabolism and how the body is operating. The article also describes the reality of endocrine disrupters, which essentially the chemicals in the shampoos and plastic would serve as but this is a very interesting study...

Emerging evidence suggests that a more sinister reason than food and activity could be contributing to weight problems and that so-called ‘chemical calories’ lurking in everyday beauty products such as shampoo, body lotions and soap could be to blame.

Doctors at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York claim that phthalates, chemical ingredients in 70 per cent of cosmetics as well as many household cleaning products, have been shown to throw the body’s natural weight control system, a delicate balance of hormones, off kilter.
They suggest that exposure to phthalates through daily use may be linked to childhood obesity and weight problems in adults.
In their long-term study on girls living in the inner city area of East Harlem, the Mount Sinai team measured exposure to phthalates by analysing the children’s urine.
‘The heaviest girls have the highest levels of phthalates in their urine,’ says Professor Philip Landrigan, a paediatrician and the study author. ‘It goes up as the children get heavier, but it’s most evident in the heaviest kids.’
Phthalates have been widely used as gelling agents in cosmetics, cleaning products and to make plastic bottles for more than half a century, but it has only just come to light that there may be possible health risks.


Another substance, Bisphenol-A (BPA), also present in containers and bottles, has also been found to provide ‘chemical calories’.
It’s the fact they are absorbed into the body that causes most concern. Billed as ‘endocrine disruptors’, they are known to affect the glands and hormones that regulate numerous bodily functions.
Studies on animals have shown consistently that the chemicals depress testosterone levels, known to be a risk factor for weight gain. They have also been found to mimic the effects of oestrogen, which have been linked to weight gain and early puberty.
Further research on humans linked phthalates with poor semen quality in men and with subtle alterations in the reproductive organs of male babies. And now come the latest revelations that they may also influence weight.
In numerous studies, mice exposed to such ‘endocrine disruptors’ became obese. But could the same effect occur in people?
Zoe Harcombe, nutritionist and author of the Obesity Epidemic, says that even the slightest disruption to hormone levels ‘is very bad news’ for someone trying to lose weight.
‘In men, phthalates and other chemicals have an anti-testosterone capacity that has been linked to obesity,’ she says. ‘In women they mess up our basic genetic hormone balance so that you get disruptions similar to those that might occur during the menopause or at puberty.’

Why Diets Don't Work: Starved Brain Cells Eat Themselves, Study Finds

Why Diets Don't Work: Starved Brain Cells Eat Themselves, Study Finds

This seems very interesting, well I always thought obesity is definitely with brain function and not the overly focused on stomach, but of course the entire system is more complex.

A report in the August issue of the Cell Press journal Cell Metabolism might help to explain why it's so frustratingly difficult to stick to a diet. When we don't eat, hunger-inducing neurons in the brain start eating bits of themselves. That act of self-cannibalism turns up a hunger signal to prompt eating.

"A pathway that is really important for every cell to turn over components in a kind of housekeeping process is also required to regulate appetite," said Rajat Singh of Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The cellular process uncovered in neurons of the brain's hypothalamus is known as autophagy (literally self-eating.) Singh says the new findings in mice suggest that treatments aimed at blocking autophagy may prove useful as hunger-fighting weapons in the war against obesity.

Part II: Me and The Size Acceptance Ideologues

Years ago on a few message boards regarding size acceptance, I used to get in trouble there too.

It was pretty much the same thing. Hey this is my website at least and can speak my mind without being censored though they'll wipe every comment quicker then any 1984 civil servant rewriting history for Big Brother.

You know one thing that isn't easy in this world is holding your ground when the group, tells you how very wrong you are and lacking in every positive attribute they can think of. All I know is to go their way, I am supposed to suspend reality itself and live in some sort of fantasty world. I probably have stepped on a few toes, with the two sides against the middle argument, the whole LOVE YOUR FAT side, actually helping the FAT HATER side OUT. Even one poster posted some stuff where she kind of lost me, she had good thoughts to share too.... I do not buy the premise that I have to prove how self-loving I am or not to have others give me worth, my worth comes from God, which I know even naming God, may give some of the hyper-liberals of size acceptance a few shudders, but there it remains. In other words, how come, when you try to get people to "think" deeper about this stuff, they always want to slap you with the "you have too low self esteem" 2 x 4? I guess because it works on a lot of people.

I *think* this could be about me. Maybe it isn't and hopefully I'm wrong. I like the blogger, she has interesting thoughts on freedom I find enjoyable. I'm a bit confused on this stuff, what is "healthy weight mysticism"? Some of the weird terms throw me off. Am I crazy to deem 700lbs-500lbs as being "unhealthy"? Stop the world from spinning I want to get off!

A fat person, or former fat person, buying into the ‘healthy weight’ mysticism is not ground-breaking.

In fact? It’s downright mainstream.

A fat person, or former fat person, blaming themselves for how our culture (mis)treats fat people and (mis)characterizes the fat experience is not ground-breaking. We are (mis)fits, after all, in that we are outliers, living in a world built for those who are smaller than we are. Self-blame for nonconformity is such a normal social response that it hasn’t seen a ground-breaking since Genesis.

What does she mean by self-blame? Didn't she read the rest of the blog, when I have shared how I got to be where I am at? And what does she mean by "mischaracterize the fat experience"? Does she even understand or even guess at what life at the higher weights could be? I guess if you do not follow the party line, you are automatically self-hating. How strange, well they know how to manipulate arguments don't they. If anything wanting to stay alive and desiring that MORE IS DONE for FAT PEOPLE beyond the FAILED pathways, I think shows more self-love and love for others then anything else.

As for non-conformity, who is the conformist, the one who stands with the crowd or the one who takes the heat, making a solitary stand? Let's not forget the diet mongers, weight loss surgery types and "thin to win" people aren't giving me any high fives either. According to these types, you'd think I had signed a Weight Watchers contract or something.

A fat person, or a former fat person, coveting the higher status granted by a smaller pants-size is such a foundational part of our culture that it supports a $60 billion-dollar (and growing) industry, not to mention providing employment for bored pseudo-science journos, teevee doctors, washed up celebrities, professional snarks, and any dieter in possession of a word processor.

Forget status, I just want to be able to walk a mile one day and to see my nieces and nephews grow up.

Also considering that 60 billion dollar industry, I've taken issue with them MANY TIMES on this blog. I think they profit off failure and repeat customers which is why the wheel keeps turning, but then I do not want to complicate things for some of these angry readers.

In summary: trashing a lifestyle you fear and failed at (body acceptance) while giving lipservice to some kind of bullshit concern for others under the guise of promoting venerable Healthistic ideals and body-driven moral imperatives isn’t ground-breaking.

How does one fail at size acceptance? That is an interesting premise. Where does the "fear" come in? I know some of these ladies are younger then me, being healthy, mid-sized and being able to dance the night away is a much different exsistence then life in a higher weight body. I suppose I *failed* in that I dared to disagree. Hey that's ok with me. Am I morally degraded for wanting to stay alive? LOL How about whoever else this could be meant for if not for me? How does one pass the size acceptance test, being the most jolly? Can someone fill me in on that one?

It’s the same old bull****. And the attempt to Trojan-horse fat-hate and body-shaming into HAES and FA/SA circles?

I'm getting the feeling that anyone who is over a certain body weight who wants to share their truth and reality, are not welcome in size acceptance but I sort of knew this years ago. They get very angry at anyone who threatens the core beliefs, like size acceptance is a cult, and you can't ask any questions. I should perhaps do a paper or some sort on how size acceptance is a manifestation of the human potential movement but skewed to another market. That may be of interest.

Ah, getting a few of them mad out there, is nothing new to me. Here is a secret for your fat delusionists, most fat people especially people hitting my sizes, know that size acceptance delusions aren't working for them either. We are cool with the "do not discriminate" aspects and calls for fat people to be treated like human beings, but the rest of your garbage about being happy at any weight and refusing any REAL cures and help even at the stratosphere weights is total nonsense.

I'm out there in the world, and talking to folks like myself all the time. I hope I am wrong, this was not meant for me, but you got to wonder why the anger? It's like you can't even have a two way talk whatsoever. Notice how the verbal beat down and censorship comes so quickly and so suddenly. Not one word allowed of dissent. I certainly couldn't even get a word in edgewise.

I noticed over on "The Truth is Radical" blog article, where my secondary comments got censored, Marilyn Wann and others made an appearance.

See this blog entry too...

"Thought Crime and Size Acceptance"

for context...

I found this comment very interesting...on "The Truth is Radical" article

I totally agree that fat is not a disease. It’s just … fat, and, like food, it’s neither good nor bad. It irritates me that so many people are looking for a cure. It’s like trying to find a cure for blonde hair. Completely pointless and seriously who wants everyone to be the same size anyway. How boring would that be.

To me the above rings so weird...

Has this person been near 700lbs and almost DIED?

Fat in it's extreme forms or even less extreme forms HURTS. I do not want people to be the same size, I do not think everyone should be a skinny minny but come on people it's called reality lets go look at a little bit of it. Here too the brush-offs continue.

Marilyn Wann then chimes in....[LOL wonder if she saw my link to this blog]

Marilyn Wann said,

August 1, 2011 at 7:29 pm

Brilliantly argued and supported! I also refuse to agree with any sort of weight horizon. I believe that defining anything in life based on weight is harmful, never helpful. Each one of us, living in our bodies, can seek our own best possible health and happiness in a weight-neutral manner. There are also no guarantees for any of us that we’ll be able to avoid pain or illness or injury or unhappiness. What sort of brittle, unhuman standard is it that would devalue people who experience the inevitable downsides of embodiment?

She refuses to agree with any weight horizon?

What about 800lbs and above? Yes there are people reaching those weights. I know about them from my visit at home doctors, and from own life experiences reaching out to other very overweight people. My health and happiness demands MORE answers then just go "move a little" and some vague nebulous "go eat healthy" which I already do to best of my ability, and so it does for other fat people. Of course Marilyn Wann would never consider anything regarding modern culture or what is being done to our food for even such heights of weight to become even more prevelant. I suppose her eyes would glaze over if I discussed endocrine disrupters. If I told her about the super-fat people my deceased friend knew in her nursing home--[she herself was more midized], who could not walk or had their skin break down, what would Marilyn Wann then have to say? Who is talking about anyone being devalued? Haven't I been devalued by these folks? Yes I have, by basically having my thoughts and opinions censored. Notice how they lump me in automatically with the other side. They are like political idealogues, that can't even imagine that another position beyond the other mainstream side can even exist.

If anything what I have written would give super fat people more value, in that their very lives would be honored as real help and answers would be found or demanded beyond the fat haters and the fat delusionists.

By the way, I do not plan on shutting up. I believe the way things are going there are many people getting fatter and sicker out there too. The delusionists can live in their fantasty world while some of us deal with reality. If people want to know what has held size acceptance back, as anything but just a "fringe" enterprise, there you have it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pluggers: Why Are Most of Them Fat?

I read this comic all the time in our local newspaper.

Here is how Pluggers describes itself:

"Pluggers are the hard-working people the world depends on. They represent the 80 percent of humanity who unceremoniously keep plugging along, balancing work, play and family life. Pluggers encounter and conquer obstacles in their lives, but they always have a positive attitude and a good sense of humor. They're the people who work hard for what they get. Even if they're struggling, they are optimistic about life."

I guess by whoever draw this comic I would be personally considered a a PLUGGER, in that Pluggers seem to denote the ordinary non-heeled working class people of America who live in small towns [well I used to live in a nice small town] and who "plug" along day by day. In my case, there are no kids or grand kids or job and the Pluggers comic strip seems to be time warped back to the 50 and 60s, when a school bus driver or waitress could still afford to buy a house and the grand kids lived right down the street instead of in California. In that way the comic strip to me, anyhow seems to be a version of a world that is already gone or fast disappearing couple with a few other concerns.

Course one question regarding the Pluggers, is why are SO MANY OF THEM FAT?
One running theme for all the Pluggers is their obesity...which seems to grow worse year by year.
Male pluggers especially face obesity levels that seem to top 400lbs plus in the cartoon world. I suppose this reflects the growing obesity in America and especially for the working class folks, that the comic strip artist wants to portray. It is something that is VERY emphasized in the comic over and over....

I would say the number of fat cartoon characters as represented by the animals runs at at least 80%. What is ironic is while the Pluggers are shown taking their rest time seriously, they are also showing to be a hard working lot. The comic does have a few humorous moments and things to relate to, with people sending in suggestions, but to me it almost seems to MOCK the people who are of more humble means. I told a friend, why does that comic strip seem to be almost written by people who see normal working class people of America as dumb bumblers who are fat by choice? In fact it seems to put forth lots of fat jokes to the extreme. It definitely brings up interesting fat class issues, where poor equals fat in America.

Then I found this...

"Crude Caricatures:A Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist goes slumming"

"If you visit the cartoon's elaborate Web site -- do pluggers have elaborate Web sites? -- you learn that "Pluggers" was not created by some working class hack, but by nothing less than a committee. Reading the site's voluminous
background information, you learn that "Pluggers" was conceived in 1993 by a
group of five middle-aged men, none of whom seems to have much in common with
the proletariat they seek to depict. One is a successful entrepreneur. One is a
TV sitcom writer. Another is the "former CEO of a major American company."
MacNelly, who prepped at Phillips Academy, is the well-off, Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune, who lives in the "rolling hills" of Virginia and collects antique cars. These people are Pluggers?"

The "Pluggers are fat" theme is never ending...

Obesity and Power: The Lies That Control You

I was thinking about some more of this stuff as a continuation of the Marilyn Wann article, and the one I posted about size acceptance and how they marginalize the voices of real fat people. I would even state there is a definite classist element to size acceptance where snobbery and hyper-liberal types rule, in other words, what am I saying? It's not your average citizens who are getting fatter year by year getting a voice out there even on that side of things. Thank God for the internet as it now stands, that some of the rest of us can get a voice out there.

In other words, if you do not toe the line you are tossed to the side. Right now, in trying to get this blog out there, I have been censored from probably more then 10 size acceptance websites, "Big Fat Blog" among them. Anyone who reads this blog, can tell, that I definitely stand against fat hatred and what is being done to fat people in this world but they do not want any other truth told.

As I have written before BOTH SIDES serve each other and fat people slip through the cracks. While the public is trained like Pavlovian dogs to bow before their scales, and see obesity as a wholly hyper-personal responsibility problem, this keeps the populace dumbed down and fat people scapegoated as a whole. Why wouldn't size acceptance be dumbed down too? Perhaps there is a reason I see the endless lines of the SAME kind of people saying the SAME kind of things over and over barring those with a different voice from the door. I mean after all, would the powers that be allow true questions out there? It is a question to think about.

Poorer people in America are fatter by the numbers [more adulterated food] so this can even keep the poorer of this society more down and impoverished, as they are trained to blame themselves for the state of their bodies, instead of anyone looking around and saying "Hey maybe it's the system, maybe human beings weren't designed to live this way, and eat food that is so processed to death, with every fattening and high sugar agent added to it as possible". Consider high fructose corn syrup, lately I feel like I can barely get away from the stuff even finding it in an expensive bottle of barbecue sauce to put on some baked chicken....Turns out it does make you far fatter then regular sugar:.

(CNN) -- Acolytes of "Food Rules" guru Michael Pollan and other well-meaning foodies who've made corn a scapegoat for the nation's health crises have welcomed a new study from Princeton University that suggests high-fructose corn syrup causes more significant weight gain than table sugar.

But the findings have been criticized by food science experts and industry veterans, who say the study unfairly demonizes corn syrup and implicitly absolves cane sugar of responsibility for making Americans fat.

If the food lacks nutrition, what else is going to happen? Why does unhealthy automatically mean cheaper in America when it comes to food? It seems to be almost by design. More on that later too...

Very few are following what is happening to our food supply, as many more giant corporations buy things up, where our food is becoming genetically modified--[which is proving to be more harmful and kill nutrients in our food. Even small farms are under the gun today and they are trying to outlaw herbal and other supplements via Codex Alimentrus. Why are so many invested in telling us what to eat or limiting the supply of the GOOD STUFF?

Why are all the agriculture subsidies going for the fattening stuff instead of the healthy food? Ponder that one for a bit.

In an an article called

The Obesity Conspiracy Exposed
the author lists the culprits:

1. Giant food manufacturers. The greedy corporate executives who run these publicly traded companies habitually demand that addictive obesity additives be added into foods and beverages that line our grocery store shelves. These (mostly) man-made chemicals lead to severe food addictions, causing people to eat more and more (and, subsequently, buy more and more) while unsavory food giants haul in record profits.

2. The big, bad pharmaceutical giants and the medical industry. Keep in mind that the drug companies don't make profits by helping you become slim and healthy. On the contrary, their big profits come from force feeding you and your family dozens of medications to control such weight-related conditions as high blood pressure, depression, certain cancers, high cholesterol, anxiety, heartburn, insomnia, low energy, erectile dysfunction, gout, and diabetes… just to name a few. The goal of these companies is to make you a pill-popping client for life. Even more terrifying is the fact that pharmaceutical giants virtually own doctors. They control most of the curriculum in medical schools as well as the continuing education classes doctors are required to take. Unfortunately, this means doctors are learning to push a pill or a procedure rather than getting to the root of the problem, which in many cases revolves around nutritional issues. Doctors today should keep in mind what the Greek physician and father of medicine, Hippocrates, said more than 2,000 years ago: "Let medicine be our food, and food be our medicine."

A public that is guilted over failing to have a perfect body, and given no answers to the same is more easily controlled and manipulated. The "bad fatties" which have grown to the majority of the American populace [I know I am on the extreme of the spectrum, but look up the obesity numbers, what is it 40- 60% plus now?] are told they are bad, awful people, who simply do not hold enough will-power, self-control as their thin, plastic surgery infused overlords.

Some time ago, I decided I am tired of being told I am "at fault". In my case, the insane endocrine problems cut me a minor break, with at least the decent doctor's telling me I have severe metabolic issues but so what? The world as a whole has been brainwashed to blame every fat person on the planet. All I want to know is why don't the fat haters ever ask who would ever choose to be fat in this world.

I wonder if obesity will be used in the future, as not only the informal class marker it serves as today [barrier to jobs already] but as a way to control the populace even more, if one's body doesn't measure up. Already we know about the health care bills that want to track obesity, being set up now, but what one can wonder about is how that information will be USED?

Think about this, how many now are profiting off obesity, and how many more will profit off it in the future? Consider this too, obesity has exploded in the last thirty years. Who stands to profit? When you see even obesity organizations joining with mega corporations you really got to wonder...Why is MSG and other chemicals literally being poured into the food?

While there are good people in size acceptance who join up to stand against the fat hatred, you won't see any of the size acceptance elite ask these questions, in fact some of them definitely seem to serve the interests of the powers that be too, telling the fat, just be happy to be fat, no matter what it does to you and doing everything in their power to shut up anyone who doesn't follow the party line.

Fake Sweeteners

There is no way I would ever touch Splenda or Truvia or Sweet and Low. Nutrasweet I do try to get rid of and need to stop drinking ANY Diet pop, but haven't quite managed it yet, have it down to about 2 glasses a week.

Research the health effects of this stuff, even with Truvia, there seems to be some major concerns.

Truvia Side Affects

Splenda Side Affects

I believe sugar should be limited, but its better to even deal with a little bit of the real stuff, then filling your body with even more dubious chemicals.