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The Descent into Totalitarianism?

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Remember when I posted this article?

The Social Engineering of Covid19

Why does it seem some of the worse things I imagined are coming true? 

 Some people are noticing that a technocratic cage is being built for us all.

"But more and more people are latching on to the fact that something is not quite right in all this, that we have been “played” for some hidden purpose.

While they might still disagree over the exact origins or severity of Covid, they are coming together in the realisation that it has been used as an excuse to usher in a new type of society – the New Normal that the authorities have been going on about since the very start.

What kind of world is it that they want to force us into?

Some significant clues come from reading and analysing the words of Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland, whose annual Davos conferences have for decades been bringing together business leaders and politicians from all around the globe.

Schwab has long been promoting something called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is basically a digital society where absolutely everything, and everyone, is connected to the internet (“inclusivity”)."

I remain very worried about those who took the vaccines, and this has grown worse since I started my list of Covid links. Another friend said a family member had seizures which they never had before after getting a vaccine. Check out those links, there's a lot of worrisome trends, women's periods being changed, miscarriages, people losing hearing, blood clots--the J and J vaccine was paused recently, diabetic nightmares and other severe medical problems and deaths. Why are they wanting to force these "vaccines" on young healthy people and children who have little to no risk from Covid? I am not anti-vaccine, I'm anti-stuff that doesn't work, doesn't bring immunity and seems to be creating more problems than it's solving! They are claiming some people are so immune-compromised the Covid vaccines won't work.  They also are reporting vaccinated people are getting Covid and serious cases too. 

Another frightening thing is watching the people on line make excuses for the worse Covid vaccine outcomes, "oh your hearts beating 200 beats a minute, oh that's just for the first week"..."oh you can't feel your face or your legs, it's just your immune system working with the vaccine." I mentioned the several people who talked about how sick they got who I personally know, including one lady who was bedridden for two weeks. It was scary for me to watch formerly healthy people get so sick.

As for trust in the medical establishment while there are good doctors and medicines, any long time readers of this blog can figure out why I do not have it. Imagine it's 1998, and you have a team of doctors at a Center for Advanced Medicine who can't figure out what is wrong, make bigoted assumptions and extend your suffering for years. I've told some doctors, "No" before, one or two wanted to do experimental treatments on me before, including one who wanted to put me on a drug akin to speed to get weight off, ignoring my history of heart and anxiety problems. 

So my worry about the vaccines continues. I don't want to upset people with these anxieties but they remain. I have cried over these worries. Many accepted that I have serious problems complicating the issue. They had the right to make their own medical decisions. I know things are a gamble all over. I care about a lot of people, who I want to stay healthy.

With the encroaching totalitarianism, I made my own mistakes, I trusted the left too much, I got caught up in the Trump resisting, ignoring too many of the problems on the other side and "othering" of conservatives. I believe some conservatives are right about things going on and agree now with their questioning of some developments. While I still remain upset that endless failures here on the right led the virus to be spread to the most remote corners of the country, this doesn't mean ignoring everything they have to say. My disaffection from the left has grown. This does not mean I want to become a Republican.

 Even with my reluctance I voted for Biden.  I feel bad about using terms like Covidiot, because people on the other side, were right about the destruction of small business and economic disasters. They had a point about our disappearing freedoms and how full control has been taken over our lives.

Ignoring people's concerns even about the masks is not fair. I called some of them selfish but I still suffer myself from the masks, and get short of breath all the time in them and it makes trying to do anything depressing and aggravating. Even when I wear one for an hour-2 hours in a medical establishment, I have to slow down my walking and have had a few panicked moments. Being forced to move slow all the time when wearing them just to get enough air, I believe is harming my own health, and I know if I had to wear one for hours a day instead of just 1-2 for medical appointments or for short times to go into stores, it would cause me real problems. My chest hurts from the masks more often then not. The hotter it is outside, the worse it is. People who blow this all off, aren't being fair either. 

I forgot about how in world history, "Divide and Conquer" works very well. Propaganda has been so perfected now beyond Goebbels and friends, they got a trap set for every demographic. Seeing all the censorship including of the vaccine side effects board I mentioned before, has been a giant red flag to me. Also when there is a topic you have been made "scared" to talk about, that means something. Your inner fears of worry are there. 

It's scary as hell where most liberals have gone.  The system supporters and bootlickers are running the show.  Because of the craziness of Trump and extreme things like Qanon and the would be insurrection, most liberals are on a quest to prove how "rational" and "scientific" they are, while forgetting that corruption can come through the back door. It's a game of "Look over there, at those nuts!" while bringing in the inexcusable. I am old enough to remember the days of Ralph Nader and more, we didn't blindly trust pharmaceutical companies or the experts. Pharmaceutical companies have done some good, I take some of their medicines everyday, but blind trust there does not keep them accountable. Remember all those lawsuits about baby powder? Do those ring a bell? True science allows questioning. This "science" is something else

Have you noticed how any one questioning the system now because of the damn Qanons is labeled a "nutter"?  Even on my blog here, I got called "stupid" by a commenter for daring to question the Covid narrative. That's what worries me, when a country now shuts down any questioning and blindly trusts in the experts and silences all dissenters, we have a problem. 

I will say this the propaganda has worked. It worries me now that any of us who question corruption in the system now are all labeled crazy. Why have liberals ignored the great money-clean outs here, the destruction of the middle class, untold millions of small businesses and far more? What about people's mental health? What about people who have gone without medical care for other conditions because of Covid? Everyone's lives got shut down, now into the second year, with no signs of it being let up, and this is deemed acceptable? Why? While a few outliners, I linked to, on my Covid links list question the descent into totalitarianism, most of the left has signed up. 

Life for someone who is upper middle class, who has a vast family, huge home, plenty of work out and hobby space, good job that provides benefits, decent income, yard with private space, thousands of dollars of expendable income for advanced technology, ability to visit various state parks/vacations, close local social relationships with friendly relatives and local friends, are not going to be living this pandemic the same way as everyone else.  True suffering and isolation will be there for the single person who lives in a city where they know very few people, or someone like myself who is high risk and lives in a small apartment with no private outdoor space. 

 However I have a husband, what about the elderly and other people who live alone and have seen all human contact shut off from them? It seems no one cares about them.  Everything's about Covid. People have forgotten other diseases and problems like cancer and other medical and mental health problems exist. 

The lockdowns have helped with a great money clean-out, destruction of the middle class and closing of businesses, authoritarianism, and far more. I am noticing no one cares about people's mental health either or that our lives were simply shut down. No one cares that businesses and jobs are never coming back. 

With Covid, I have some major questions.

1. What happened to regular flus and colds and why don't people get them anymore?

2. How accurate are PCR tests? The inventor of the tests questioned their use for viruses.

3. Why are they ignoring and censoring the side effects from the vaccines? Why are entire boards being taken down--I have seen this with my own eyes? Why are endless individuals being silenced even in just talking to others who have had bad side effects? Why are everyday people talking about the extreme effects of these vaccines being silenced? I can provide more links here than the ones I have provided already. Remember I hang out on health boards. 

4. Why aren't people demanding vaccines that work, and bring total immunity and are traditional in nature?  What good is a vaccine if you still have to isolate and remain masked up? Why did they go with experimental mRNA that needs boosters, does not make anyone immune and subverts the human immune system? Why did they focus on vaccines that mean one becomes dependent? Who decided that experimenting on millions of people was "worth it" for a virus that had a survival rate in the 90s for most people? Yes Covid can be serious and has killed people, but what if something goes wrong with the experiments on millions?

5. Why did the animal tests for early mRNA go so wrong? Why didn't they explain what they changed to make them safe since then? I did go ask on the virologist board how they fixed the "immunological" problems in the animal tests, I never got an email back, one guy attempted to answer me on comments but never really gave much of a response.

6. Why are people accepting illness as a price of a vaccine which is equal in severity to the amount of illness they would get from most cases of Covid?

7. Why do we seem to be on a time line that is going to make Children of Men and Handmaid's Tale a reality? 

8. Why does it seem like they are going to make us live like this forever? Where our lives will be digital prisons hooked to the internet like the Matrix where we will no longer be able to see people in person?
After all if the "vaccines" fail to quell the spread and don't provide immunity, are we going to be imprisoned like this forever?

8. Are you noticing yet this pandemic doesn't seem to be ending? It's been a year and a half.

9. Why was a real short term lock down never attempted? It's something I've thought about. Other nations managed it. 

10. Have you ever heard of a virus that is so versatile that brings every symptom you have ever heard of in one's body? From blood clots, to brain fogs with a different variant every other minute? 

11. Have you ever heard of a virus that supposedly spreads through the asymptomatic? How come they never figured out whose permanently asymptomatic and why? That's kind of strange to me. 

11. Have you ever heard of a virus that supposedly does not allow for long term or forever immunity to be built up against it after having it? I thought one you have a certain type of cold you can't get it again. What's with that? They never explained it. Even there one can find endless contradictions.

12. Have you heard of the Great Reset? Before you start up about "the crazy conspiracy theorists", well they called the people conspiracy theorists who said there would be things like vaccine passports years ago.

13. Have you noticed how radically all our lives have been changed in a year and half's time?

14. Why should Fauci and other's be trusted? Do you know of any of Fauci's record?

15.  Isn't there a point we should return to living our lives despite the dangers? I say this even as a person who is very high risk and knows what it is like to almost suffocate from lungs gone rogue. Do you want to live in a world that is masked up and closed down forever? Covid very well could be endemic now. 

16.  Why hasn't the virus burned out? It was odd that some scientists said it was, and then we heard about "Variants". Even the Spanish Flu lasted only a couple years. I think Covid is endemic now which seems to be a nightmare of other failures. 

17.  What is the end game with the plans here? The war on Covid reminds me of the war on terror and the war on drugs, never meant to end.  Is this why they gave us vaccines that don't really work and have more risks then true help? An Orwellian nightmare using fear, and distress for control. Real remedies are ignored but the focus on an invisible enemy is there too. The virus continually mutates, a wily villain that is always a step ahead of us all. Meanwhile say goodbye to having a life or even being able to have a real conversation with a human being in person again outside of who lives in your own household. Say goodbye to more freedoms we held dear. 

Monday, April 5, 2021

Covid19 Related Links

Become an informed citizen. Here's my collection of Covid links, read and study for yourself. Check back on this list sometimes, I am adding new links and updates as I find new information and articles.

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Search Results from the VAERS Database (

Moderna boss: mRNA jabs are "rewriting the Genetic Code" we call it "information therapy" (Ted 2017) - YouTube

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Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns | by Doctors for Covid Ethics | Mar, 2021 | Medium

Antibody-dependent enhancement and SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapies | Nature Microbiology

Don't miss this one. I even screen shot it in case it disappears. "MODERNA HITS SAFETY PROBLEMS" is part of the title and yes this refers to mRNA technology. [ 2017 ]

Moderna hits safety problems in bold bid to reinvent medicine (

What are they trying to do to us? | winter oak

Reading scientific studies is interesting, I did advanced searches to see what the proposed problems were with a date range from 2007-2018, preCovid. 

SARS vaccine linked to liver damage in ferret study | CIDRAP (

Evaluation of the mRNA-1273 Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 in Nonhuman Primates (

mRNA vaccines — a new era in vaccinology (

"Potential safety concerns that are likely to be evaluated in future preclinical and clinical studies include local and systemic inflammation, the biodistribution and persistence of expressed immunogen, stimulation of auto-reactive antibodies and potential toxic effects of any non-native nucleotides and delivery system components. A possible concern could be that some mRNA-based vaccine platforms54,166induce potent type I interferon responses, which have been associated not only with inflammation but also potentially with autoimmunity167,168. Thus, identification of individuals at an increased risk of autoimmune reactions before mRNA vaccination may allow reasonable precautions to be taken"

mRNA vaccines go into humans | VIROLOGY RESEARCH SERVICES

"The third is its high immunogenicity, which while potentially advantageous in vaccine settings, can be problematic if we don’t know how to control it. Accustomed to RNA virus invasions, cells have evolved an arsenal of sensors to detect different flavours of mRNA that don’t quite look like cellular. "

Immunization with SARS Coronavirus Vaccines Leads to Pulmonary Immunopathology on Challenge with the SARS Virus (

White Paper on Experimental Vaccines for Covid-19* (

What will the vaccine manufactured spike proteins do?

The SARS-CoV-2 spike protein disrupts the cooperative function of human cardiac pericytes - endothelial cells through CD147 receptor-mediated signalling: a potential non-infective mechanism of COVID-19 microvascular disease | bioRxiv

(3) Dr Naomi Wolf (@naomirwolf) / Twitter

COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease (

I believe only KN95 masks work for any real SARS2:

Effectiveness of Surgical and Cotton Masks in Blocking SARS–CoV-2: A Controlled Comparison in 4 Patients | Annals of Internal Medicine (

Breakthrough Cases of COVID-19 Impact the Fully Vaccinated (

AstraZeneca's head of R&D for oncology dies at 61 (

What's causing N.B.'s mystery neurological disease? Worried residents want answers | CBC News

Make Americans Free Again | The New Normal: Citizens In Charge

Could Spike Protein in Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines Cause Blood Clots, Brain Inflammation and Heart Attacks? • Children's Health Defense

Professor Dolores Cahill: Why People Will Start DYING A Few Months After The First mRNA Vaccination (

Doctors Around The World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE! (

Horror: Nashville Nurse Gets Bells Palsy From Vaccine! – NewsWars

The stories of side effects on this board, some long term are scary. It is very heavily censored in general.

CovidVaccinated (

All the removed posts off Covid Vaccinated: there's a lot.

r/covidvaccinated (

Suspicions grow that nanoparticles in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions | Science | AAAS (

UK issues anaphylaxis warning on Pfizer vaccine after adverse reactions | Reuters

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CNN - Breaking News, Latest News and Videos

COVID19 PCR Tests Are Scientifically Meaningless | Principia Scientific Intl. (

WHO: labs should be wary of false positives from cycle thresholds - The Sentinel (

(1) Investigative journalist Harry Vox warns against coming lockdowns & 2014 - YouTube

Why are people with history of severe allergies [like me] not being warned in the United States but in other countries?

Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Should Not Be Taken by Those With Significant Allergies, U.K. Regulators Warn – PJ Media

Log In | Prezi

Pro-vacc website. I read the "other side" on most issues I examine. His lengthy comment sections are valuable, with dissenters...See quote below...

Antivaccine nonsense Archives - RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE

I worry myself about how they are censoring anyone who is asking any questions, and wrongly labeling them anti-vaxxers when these are people who took regular vaccines but question experimental ones. Here is one sample comment:

The "Disinformation Dozen" vs. public health - RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE

March 29, 2021 at 12:30 am

I’ve read here and there that a significant number of medical professionals are hesitant in getting the mRNA vaccines. I don’t know if they are concerned whether there may be cascading effects from manipulating polypeptides and glycols, but there are doctors online concerned about a antibody enhancement something or other that causes an severe autoimmune response. There is data from Europe concerning the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines which notes thousands of deaths and around a hundred thousand serious complications.

I thought there was a lot of misinformation concerning therapeutic solutions involving the prophylactic and early protection offered by Zinc ionophores such as HCQ as well as Ivermectin. A recent American Journal of Medicine reaffirmed the effectiveness of HCQ.

A recent University of Oxford study mentioned success in preventing 90% of serious complications from Covid 19/SARS2 using Asthma/COPD inhalers containing Budesonide.

Back in March of 2020, MIT published an article based on the autopsies of Covid 19/SARS2 that reported hypercoagulation in internal organs and at IV/catheter sites. They suggested a study using the clot busting tPA. Mt. Sinai used tPA in a study, but found it had to be supplemented by Heparin or similar compounds. Previous ARDS studies pre-Covid 19/SARS2 found that Aspirin >320 mg effective in healing. I thought to myself the old fashioned advice of taking 2 Aspirin and calling the doctor in the morning may be apt in Covid 19/SARS2 treatment.

Effective therapeutics should be as available as flu medicines and cold remedies in our drug and grocery stores in battling Covid 19/SARS2.

There are horror stories concerning vaccines for sure, yet good ones have saved millions of lives – as have therapeutics. Time will tell about the increasing dangers from vaccines currently available. The paranoid anti-vaxxers should not always be ignored because they are trying to fulfill important public watchdog duties. With age, we have witnessed several alarming scares concerning Alar and other foods or substances that were later proven unfounded. HCQ has been used widely for 65 years and the alarmists may have cost hundreds of thousands of deaths due to Covid 19/SARS2 because of the political hubbub mounted against its use."

I've seen dozens of posts like this, and worse symptoms too:

Shortness of breath after 2nd Pfizer shot : CovidVaccinated (

Penny for your thoughts: We'll Have Herd (Social) Immunity from Covid-19 By April of This Year (77% Drop In Six Weeks) John Hopkins Professor (

What Is the Role of RNA in the Body? (with pictures) (

Pfizer withdraws vaccine application in India (

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee December 17, 2020 Meeting Briefing Document - FDA

Florida prohibits vaccine passports, citing 'freedom' (

Vaccine Passports to Hell by Jeff Crouere (

COVID Vaccine Passports Threaten Fundamental Rights of Citizens Who Opt-Out (

Some women report heavier and more painful PERIODS since getting the COVID-19 vaccine | Daily Mail Online

An early coronavirus vaccine rollout? Be careful what you wish for… | The Spectator Australia

The vaccine will kill you - Pfizer ex-VP — The Most Beautiful World

Breaking Study Sheds More Light on Whether an RNA Vaccine Can Permanently Alter DNA – Science with Dr. Doug

Could mRNA Vaccines Permanently Alter DNA? Recent Science Suggests They Might. • Children's Health Defense

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine (

I know people personally who got the J and J vaccine, it's being withdrawn for side effects.

Reports on OpenVaers get's scarier and scarier [they estimate only 10 percent or less of cases get reported to VAERS]

I found some of these studies when looking into the vaccines. Everyday I wake up with sad emotions that I didn't get time to warn enough people. Everyone has to make their own health choices, but I still believe things could go very badly.

They just withdrew the J and J vaccine from the market. I read VAERs and people who have gotten other vaccines on hearing loss boards, and ones on shingles, talking about hearing loss, shingles attacks, and more from the vaccines. Our media has failed us. There's a few investigative journalists like Naomi Wolf speaking out but they have been marginalized.

The horror stories are piling up. We are hearing about bad reactions to the vaccines from more people we know.

All the censorship of the side effects is a giant red flag!:

Vaccine side effect !SUPER THREAD! - Ruqqus

Frontline Workers Testimonies & VAERs Reports_26MAR2021.pdf - Google Drive

Covid-19 Vaccine side effects - Page 2 – Patient: Dizziness – VeDA Forum (

Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 spike glycosylation reveals shedding of a vaccine candidate | bioRxiv (

Frontline Workers Testimonies & VAERs Reports 26 MAR 2021 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Canadian Doctor Defies Gag Order and Tells the Public How the Moderna COVID Injections Killed and Permanently Disabled Indigenous People in His Community - Vaccine Impact

No Jab For Me

If you have any links to add, please post them below. I will be adding to the links as news about adverse reactions to the vaccine and others pile up.

Reflections On Pfizer And The Pandemic - Reporting For Beauty (

View of Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19 (

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