Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Body Isn't Everything!

I see my body as a tool, it gets me across the room. It allows me to do things like pick up a paintbrush, or hold a book, or type on this computer. I feel sympathy for my body, in that it never had a chance. It lost the genetic lotto, with a father with multiple autoimmune disorders, get me thinking about my ear that went totally deaf, and my failing other one, well, I think something along the lines of "poor ears". My feelings for my own body are more akin to one's love for an old car, I hope it can keep running, and carrying me around, but it almost has stalled out completely a few times. One can consider all the work I've done for my body including fighting for my life as showing some care for it. But to love a body? To love a body would be like going outside and smooching my car. It is an odd concept.

Maybe on the spiritual level, I see things very differently, because of my particular religious beliefs, there is a difference between "flesh" and "spirit" and guess which one counts for more in my way of thinking? Real beauty comes via what is INSIDE, and this culture has changed that to be all about the SURFACE. You are more then a sassy fat woman in cute boots with nice hair, and great make up. Too many young girls especially are being taught that is everything important about them. Character, soul and spirit being shunted aside for fleeting looks, and women and men only valued for their price in the meat market.

Even here we end up in a dichotomy of those who are easy on the eyes vs. those who are not and fat is "ugly" to the prevailing culture. Why should we put first the scheme to "be physically beautiful" tied to body-love first? This is one message, I definitely get censored over in the size acceptance world. I often used to write how I hated the advanced promiscuity in the size acceptance world, the bowing to the fat admirers, and focus on the body above all else. What else would focus on one's body as their full identity lead to?

This is why as I wrote in another article on this blog, I find the idea of a "fat identity" appalling. The liberal academics can have it, but after all they lied to me during college and told me empowerment came from the would be "power-career", and hyper-feminism, all I know is I still ended up poor and figured out in my 30s, that this was a path to no-wheres-ville, and part of what lead this modern nation to social disconnection. Thankfully I was raised with more old school values, and met and married my husband without being dragged into the sex in the city life fat style and was attached by my mid 20s.

With everyone pursuing narcissistic empowerment, this is why you have things like citizens of this country, going hurrah for letting the uninsured die. And speaking of the "YOUR BODY IS EVERYTHING" message, on size acceptance blogs, I am seeing this odd word "embodiment" repeated over and over. Marilyn Wann used it in a recent comment. Many times it is used in the phrase "fat embodiment". What is this odd stuff? It almost sounds like ENTOMBMENT! Maybe that is what it really is. One's spirit can no longer soar above the body. The body is everything. You ARE your ADIPOSE CELLS in Size ACCEPTANCE!

It is something that they are oppressing the thin with too and now to see it so prevalent in size acceptance culture, it's not a good thing. There is this message of "You better love your body or else!" which has become part of the size acceptance "politics". Why don't more realize they've been taken for a ride, the fat women who are told 'love your body" and show the world what a "diva" you are, are as oppressed as thin women taught to analyze every body part for perfection but in an inverse matter. Even the self esteem politics get taken too far too. One's goodness is not rested on how good of a narcissist they can be, self-love can be taken too far!

I believe this world WANTS people to be obsessed with their bodies, so when I see so many in the size acceptance world insist that BODIES come first, it troubles me. Bodies fail, that is the nature of this world. Make it to old age, and the liver spots and severe health problems will come. People die of hideous illnesses that disfigure them. If someone has invested their life in LOVING their body first what will be left when they see it fail? What happens when old age comes? Even the physically "beautiful" lose that beauty, it is fleeting, see the end results, look at Elizabeth Taylor's end road, she lost all her looks. Develop the things inside and what counts.

Even here you see the fat acceptance folks, who insist on the same values, of "looks", on the "body" focusing on fat people joining the mainstream shallow parade, emptied eyed fashion magazines, of imposed "beauty" standards and conformity. While I enjoy some fashion and art, if it's kept in its rightful place, most of it is not.

And for those who see it fail, as I have spoken about on this blog, such people are hidden from the size acceptance world, the people put in the closet, because they are not pictures of vitality, robustness or fat "love your body" ethos that forces pecking orders of whose healthier and whose not. We are in a culture that is obsessed with the physical, the surface, the shallow. Size acceptance as I have stated goes with this status quo. I refuse it.

Dying to be the Fattest Woman on Dr Oz

I do not support Dr. Oz, disagree with lots of his medical information but he is right about what is happening here. Recently he featured Susanne Eman who wants to be the fattest woman on the world.

Watch all 4 parts of the video here.

I wonder if this person is being advanced, to help push the lies about fat people, that we are all overweight, and WANT to be that way. The whole tyranny of CHOICE thing placed upon fat people as a whole. This woman is doing a disservice to fat people all over the place , she will only guarantee folks like me will endear more shut down ears and disgust because people will think we are all like her!

Trust me, they would never choose someone like me to put on TV, but the extreme example of someone who is this mentally ill and is willfully pushing her own way into the the nursing home is sad. She will die on this trajectory and needs help. As I have written before, why are anorexics helped and not fat people? I begged to be put in the hospital during my weight gain to find out what was going on, but was ignored. I have noticed she has gotten a lot bigger since I last reported on her. Remember Donna Simpson is the other lady vying for this fattest woman in the world title.

Part 2, Dr. OZ brings up what she does for a living which is posting nude or near nude for a fetish website for fat admirers. That alone I could speak volumes about regarding the dysfunction and lack of morality but it's nothing like the real job, she seems to think it is. Dr. Oz speaks of the fat admirers being the second biggest fetish. Even this shows the debauchery in that world. Dr Oz speaks of feeders and "gainers" and educates his audience about the sick world of fat feederism and admiration. I have talked about that world here: "Chubby Chasers Give Me the Willies".

Part 3, they explore this world even more. "Is it right for us to judge"? Dr. Oz responds, "Is being 700lbs healthy?" I think the people who think Susanne Eman is *healthy* are dreaming. One can tell she is even short of breathe sitting there. She states "I do not have diabetes", [well that won't be for long.]

Part 4 shows her doctor not happy with her and her two children, the children think she will die. Too bad she thinks so little of them not to at least fight to stay alive. My friends and family know I have. Sometimes I wonder has this person just not had a scare yet? No time in the hospital almost dead of cellulitis? Maybe soon a wake-up call, will be coming, but she may not survive it. Her saying to him: "I do not have any health problems" is delusional. She also turns out to be diabetic, 156 fasting is diabetic. Her triglycerides are sky-high in the 500s. She even had a possible pulmonary embolism. Her oxygen dropping to 75% when walking is really really bad. They got worried when I walked outside and had it drop to 91%, acouple years ago, I didn't just walk across a room, I walked out of my apt and onto the front sidewalk which includes acouple of hallways and a foyer.

I am glad he is trying to wake her up but she shows the signs of mental illness, her odd smile and detached affect speak for themselves. "I don't feel like I am jeopardizing my health", she says to him. She sounds fully brainwashed by the extreme "fat is healthy" nonsense in the fat promotion world. He told her that it was very dangerous for her to get in an airplane. I can't fly nor would I ever risk it. The only statement I could give her some agreement is "They do not understand us" but her response "I'm fine with the way I am" is just more whistling by the grave yard.

She is 32 years old, right now youth is keeping her alive but barely. If you are throwing clots, you are on the edge of the abyss into death. When I was near 700lbs, walking got very close to ending for good--my youth is only what kept me able to propel myself, but I remember then, the constant infections, the not being able to breathe at all while laying down, the constant shortness of breath, and my breathing still stinks now but then it was bad, to the point there was at least a daily anxiety attack from feeling like I was smothering and I really WAS! Sometimes, to be frank, and this may be an admission that is odd on this blog, I am literally shocked to be still alive myself, but I prayed to God for more years, God keeps me alive, but I didn't choose this in my case. Multiple endocrine and other health problems co mingled to bring me into the super-obese world. I think that is why Susanne Eman upsets me so much. She makes a show of choosing her own death. She should be put in a hospital and treated the same as any other suicidal or other anorexic on a self destructive tear.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fat People are Hungrier II

I have a sense of relief when my appetite is dead, and I can cut the food down without feeling pain. Remember this guy's great website on satiety disorders. Always wondered what happened to that guy. I realize I am dealing with oddly dipping and cresting feelings of hunger and otherwise disgust at food, when I feel disgusted or not that interested in food, have I entered the portals of how a thin person feels everyday? It is an interesting thing, after all they can cut food down to nothing, go on a diet, and feel no pain, while I am not ingesting the 20,000 calories a day everyone thinks I am, it leaves me to ponder things.

"Obesity and Brain Control"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Scary Country

Support for GOP debate for letting the uninsured die.

I'll be frank, I am neither Democrat or Republican, the sooner Americans figure out both these parties are betraying this country, the better off we will all be. But it seems the party of 1984 and war with Oceania {cough the Middle East} is at it again, doing more brainwashing to get Americans to embrace letting the poor and uninsured die.

Of course they use the proverbial healthy 30 year old who had the CHOICE for health insurance, here is the facts, MOST people aren't being given a choice, or the spend downs are so high they are basically uninsured. The weasels were masterful with that one.

“Last night we got a disturbing view into the tea party’s extreme right-wing position on healthcare when members of the audience clapped and cheered the idea of letting someone without health insurance die,” Eddie Vale, communications director for the group Protect Your Care said in an e-mail. “Even worse, none of the Republican candidates on stage expressed a word of disapproval as the tea party audience literally clapped for blood. This was a spectacle one would have expected back in the gladiatorial combat of ancient Rome, not at a presidential debate.”

I went years without medical insurance, it did not do me any favors, in my case it was not a choice, none of my jobs offered it. Even with a full-time job later, the spend down was a $1,000 dollars meaning I had to pay the first $1,000 of ANY medical costs so the insurance was nearly useless. In fact one heart problem I now have is due to having my thyroid tests delayed, I still remember the day, a doctor refused me thyroid testing because I did not have the $500.00 up front this was before I found the pro-bono endocrinologist. If these leaders are so successful at getting people to blame the young, down and out and poor instead of those who have greedily outsourced all the jobs and taken billions in bail-outs, that's scary.

America used to be different in that it took care of it's own. It didn't believe in starving urchins in the street anymore. Well it seems to be different. Both sides are working against the little guy. I'll never forget they put ending disability on the table just a couple months ago, and that time it was OBAMA.

"Doesn't Anyone Care"?

"Obama Doesn't Care If The Disabled [Fat or Not] and Old Die in The Gutter"

If anyone is putting their finger in the air, to sniff which way the wind is going in America, it's looking very scary and especially for those with disabilities and health problems. Think they'll care about some 500lb woman? I know what it is like to be sick with no medicine and treatment, those days stayed with me. For those who love these politicians any of them, ask yourself why?, and stop being brainwashed by them!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Giant Feet Aren't So Bad If You Need Them!

I wear size 13 shoes.

That is not a women's size, that is in MEN'S. [with a E or triple EEE width]

I have not been able to wear women's shoes for years. When I was midsized, I could get by with some size 12 shoes from Pay-Less but they were tight. The last few years, I have worn men's clogs and sandals, but size 13 shoes even in men's are rare among all the size 9 and 10s.

They simply do not make shoes my size, there are a few speciality catalogues, where you can get very large shoes, but be prepared to pay top dollar.

My Mom is getting me size 13 leather clogs for my birthday which is very nice....I definitely need them.

I sometimes wonder why my feet are so much larger then normal women, why no hats ever fit my head. I guess it's good the feet were bigger, I wouldn't want to be supporting all this weight on size 5 feet! In my case it worked out!

The Size Acceptance Ideologue's List of Rules

I know some here probably think I give size acceptance too hard of a time. I do not regret what I have written. I wish it had truly been a movement and gathering place for obese people for support and help, in my opinion if it had truly been a movement for the fat, instead of just using the fat to advance social programming agendas, all tied to the liberal side of the right/left paradigms [ever wonder why just about every size activist is an extreme liberal?], there would be real research to help obese people, and demands against all the garbage that isn't working. As I have said size acceptance has become the enabler to the abusive fat hating society. The more they tell us fat people are responsible and at fault, for their own conditions and are fat due to failed diets, will power and more, the more size acceptance in their praise and promotion of life altering adipose tissue serves more as the enablers to all the lies. Where does that get anyone? Choose your side....[well I said forget it!] Between the weight loss gurus, who offer nothing that really works, to the sociopath agitators like the Bigger Fatter Blog guy who posts nasty pictures to the extreme hyper fat activists, fat people do not have much to go on anymore. Well I'm sick of all their lies!

Here is a list of the size acceptance rules out there. Yes I know there are some exceptions, and admit speaking in generalities. Having broken many of these, I have found myself banned at many a size acceptance website. Even trying to get traffic up here, is difficult, because with the exception of a few blogs, censorship is heavy in the size acceptance world. This blog gets removed fast!

1.Never admit any pain when it comes to obesity.

Hey we know this is NOT this is not allowed. As I have shared on this blog, I am even having comments ERASED off size acceptance blogs. Sharing nitty gritty "hard" stuff about being fat especially among mid-sized and healthy brethern is not permitted. When it comes to the ultra-fat, nursing homes, loss of mobility and other problems are to be rapidly hidden behind closed doors.

2. You must love your fat no matter what it does to you. You must tell the world celebrate fat.

Obviously I am failing at that one. I won't tell any of you celebrate fat and by the way, I hate the diets and all the nonsense too, but telling people to love their fat is like telling an amputee victim to love their stump or a deaf person to love their non-working ears. To me, its a cop out, running from the diet mongers does not translate to lying to the world and saying being over 500lbs is great! Staying alive to me comes before groveling for anyone's acceptance.

3. You must be an extreme liberal. [hey I have noticed that there doesn't seem to be many Fox news watchers and people against Obama in the size acceptance camp. By the way I can't stand Fox news and am not a Republican either myself. There are also "progressives" who are more independent minded, of course. Why are size acceptance circles overall far more liberal and the kind of liberals who still love Obama even though he has continued all of Bush's wars and policies? I think this probably is because those against size discrimination and want to codify it, still believe the government can end size discrimination via "rule of law". I find that rather dubious, your boss may know if he calls you "fatty" at work, in certain areas you probably can sue him, but if you apply for a job, and aren't hired because you are fat, try proving it! More government power and intervention with fat people means fat camps one day, and having your BMI tracked, so wake up people!

4. You must defend everything fat related, even the woman that wants to be the fattest woman in the world and yes I have seen that done on a variety of size acceptance blogs.

5. Do not question the status quo. No one in size acceptance is questioning the inner reasons why people are growing fatter and why the obesity epidemic is out of control refusing to see the profit that is attached. Things like GMO and adulterated food remain off the radar as well as the pool of toxins we are all swimming in. Very few are questioning the corporate and other interests that are forwarding the obesity epidemic.

6. BODIES come before mind, souls, etc. I have noticed this in size acceptance for years, it is a growing trend in this world, as a whole, a shallowness, a denial of character where the fat activists become just as looks obsessed as their thin sisters. Otherwise why are the academics promoting nonsense such as "fat identity"? My whole life has been trying to get the morally deficient to see beyond the fat.

See: "Thought Crime and Size Acceptance, Ideologues and The Big Brush-Off"

"Fat and Class Prejudice"

"Fat and Class Prejudice"

Think about what I wrote about the Pluggers...poorer equals fatter in American society. Wealthier people can afford better food, gyms, more activity, and better health care. I believe the class markers are growing even more severe now, living in an affluent area, as a fat person on it's fringes, it is obvious, being thin comes far easier to the richer classes.

Squeezed Out of the Job Market For Your Body

"Fat Chance: It's Not Easy For Obese Workers"

Only the luckiest fat person, perferably with a Kennedy Surname attached to his background ever escapes the weight discrimination of the job hunt. While any job search is fraught with rejection, a fat person's experience is radically different. Many end up in jobs well below their educational or intellectual level. While I managed to get a few professional positions in teaching and social work, I had to take the ones few others wanted, and apply for hundreds of positions to get even those. After a teaching lay-off, staring out over the Arby's counter and barely able to stand the hours required, my future grew scarier and scarier.

Looking back, my inability to economically survive did impact my health very badly. Raised to be upper middle class but becoming a member of the welfare class with none of the skills to survive, I was sunk. Life became a series of milk crates, broken down cars, illnesses where the ER had to suffice, embarrassing rags for clothing that were always outgrown. The year I was unemployed and on the cusp of homelessness, with nothing to eat in the fridge ironically was when the weight gain began.

My later job where I moved to a behemoth metro city all alone knowing no one there, of being a low paid residential counselor to violent youth from the ghetto while I lived in a bad neigborhood in a roach infested apartment is the job that capped the acceleration of the destruction of my health. Daily abuse and scary confrontations just to get a paycheck. I wrote an essay back in the 90s about that job, and will share it here soon.

It does something very bad to someone's mind, when they worked hard to get through college, working in the dorm cafeteria 20 hours a week, with 21 hour credit loads, who doubled up on jobs to keep the bills paid, to see it all crash, and come crumbling to the ground. Your dreams of finding a niche in the world, where your mind and talents are honored smashed into multiple shards. While one art teaching job gave me a taste of being able to use creativity and do some good, even with a student of mine winning a national award, the time was too short, as it was grant based and the money ran out after three and half years.

To state that obesity equals poverty belabors the obvious, how many fat people have spoken to an enthusiastic potential employer over to the phone only to be crushed the minute they walk in the room? There was one time when inquiring about a regular teaching job, I asked "Why did you not hire me?" and they told me, "You never could be volleyball coach!". At that job I had failed the state medical exam too.

No place is more hard on fat then the work-world and now with the employers shaking thier heads over out of bounds health care costs with fat hating greedy insurance companies included, it's only going to make things harder. Even thin women feel the pressure to take in their lunch of rice cakes, or a yogurt cup, while saving more heavy food for the return home. Diet programs like Weight Watchers infiltrate the workplace pressuring even people ten pounds overweight to lose. Those who get fat are derided for "not taking care of themselves". During my weight gain at the residential counselor job, no one told me to "go to a doctor', I was yelled at for not hiding the bald spots on my head good enough and for gaining weight and demoted to night shift.

More subtle forms of discrimination can take the form of under-handed comments, lack of promotion, placement away from fellow workers and customers or having responsiblities peeled away by top managers. It all underlines a reverse pecking order of who's fired, hired, noticed and promoted. After all runs the prevailing logic, aren't the corpulent good-for nothing masses lazier, slower and stupider then their normal sized counter-parts. Aren't they unacceptable health insurance risks?

There have been many studies out there detailing how fat literally costs people money, and if they are now discriminating against older workers and other's in the work world how much harder should it be now? With the new depression economy, it's got to be worse. Even in the 90s, scores of lean as racing dogs people with new cars in the parking lot and "more professional appearances" then my own with nails and hair-dos I could never afford stared down at me, like a worm, while slamming the door shut that led to middle class stability.

I grew up upper middle class, clueless that my mid-sized fat father's extreme mathematical skills and computer genius is what kept him employed at higher levels and that my more humanities and artistic mind was not as valued. For me the work world, turned out to be hell on earth, and 60-70 hour work weeks of piecing endless too low paying jobs together--2 and 3 jobs even overlapping at a time to keep the bills paid, got tougher and tougher. When I listed everything I did for a living pre-disability life, one of my friends was in shock, it ranged from Arby's counter person, salad bar prep and cook, factory worker, home health aide, substitute teacher for 5 years--this one combined with other jobs, day care worker, art teacher in an alternative school, part time legal secretary to the last three year's stint as residential counselor with violent teens. Just reading over the list, I got exhausted.

My favorite jobs? Being the salad girl, and the art teacher, both jobs, I got to make something up that was new, the salad girl job I made up recipes in the halcyon 80s and was bright eyed and busy-tailed about my future, the art teacher job, lesson plans and art lessons.

Looking back, I realized, I lacked self care skills, just being told to be the most hard working bee was not enough. Work hard, but not working smart. The pressures never let up, and well like any other human being, especially given none of these jobs offered real health insurance, my health started to crack. When I think back on my days, of throwing up on the way to work due to anxiety, fear and breathing problems, and hiding asthma nebulizers in my car under my teaching desks hoping no one would discover how really sick I felt all the time, looking back at this, sometimes I am incredulous. Who can blame the employers for desiring a healthy employee but what other options did I have at the time?

I found out fast, good grades and intelligence didn't matter, social skills and looks did. Perhaps life would have been easier if I had chosen work, that was less socially demanding, where focusing on something more paper oriented and less people oriented would have been useful for my life. Before I was disabled, I went to paralegal school [this was post-bachelor's] but was unable to finish due to illness, I wanted to be put in front of a desk and given mountains of paper work where mind would matter over personality and looks. Getting a job teaching with too many health problems just wasn't going to happen.

Even when I worked in temp agencies, with college degree in hand and the ability to type, they shunted me off without fail to the factories, never the office. This was not my imagination.

Fat really is a class marker today, and often times, the fat alone is enough for them to shut you out. If you are a fat person reading this, go to vocational school and find something where you can work for yourself. Pave a path where you are not dependent on the system. Also realize there are places more friendly to the fat, working class and rural areas, are more open to you then conform or else corporation land. The challenges out there are real.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do You Have PCOS?

I'm putting this up for my readers, every now and then, I see a woman, that definitely looks like she has PCOS, and most do not know about this. I am diagnosed with PCOS, had the dark skin patches by adolescence and disappeared periods even way before I got very fat, and was told my case is one of the worse in the country, of course with me there is overlap with other endocrine problems.

If PCOS is caught early enough though life can be FAR BETTER. If you are young and see these symptons to get tested, ask your parents to help you if you still live at home. I had all the worse outcomes of this condition for literally years, before I got help, symptons by age 12, and not diagnosed until my early to mid 30s!

What is Fat Studies?

I took the women studies class in college an eon ago, and realize it was more a brainwashing indoctrination session, to love hyper-feminism, and to "worship" the "goddess". My professor there was hard core. Shout that you were against the patriarchy, and ready to go back in time, to burn a few bras and your "A" was almost guaranteed.

Now we have "fat studies".

Should I write a paper? I doubt academia would give me much of an ear. That is it's own world, if you divert from the "rules" in the size acceptance world, refusing to celebrate fat, and desiring a real cure--not the nonsense they are shoveling--any free thinkers need not reply. Even here, how could I write a paper of "fat ACCEPTANCE", I do not accept my fat, my fat is equal to my almost deaf ears, annoying but to be celebrated? Forget it. Some of the language here gets kind of odd.

Fat Studies reminds us that all bodies are inscribed with the fears and hopes of the particular culture they reside in, and these emotions often are mislabeled as objective “facts” of health and biology. More importantly, perhaps, Fat Studies insists on the recognition that fat identity can be as fundamental and world-shaping as other identity constructs analyzed within the academy and represented in media

What about the hope to stay alive? This seems a lot to ask Mr. Adipose cell...I suppose Mr. Adipose does not realize the trouble he has caused.

What's wrong with using the words overweight or obesity? They want those only used in "ironic" fashion.

Weight Watchers Works?

"Weight Watcher Works"...

If it worked, wouldn't there be fewer fat people?

I did Weight Watchers circa 2008, all those points, that annoying little brown booklet, all those weird counting of points, [I had to eat the same as the people who weighed 230lbs], all that nauseating cabbage soup that ended up chewing out my bowels, where you had to stingily measure out the tomato paste, I was happy when it was over. I lost 8lbs for my months of trouble but then trying to figure out what fat had been lost among all the 20-30lb up and downs due to water, was difficult.

The director yelled at me, telling me, "don't you care about your life"? You should be losing more!" Hey yeah tell me about it.

I saw this story done on national news, forget if it was ABC, CBS or NBC.

By the way the study was funded by Weight Watchers!

In the weight loss study, which was funded by Weight Watchers International but run as an investigator-led trial with all data collection and analysis conducted by the independent research team, researchers assessed 772 overweight and obese adults in Australia, Germany and Britain

I wouldn't touch Weight Watchers with a ten foot pole now.

Pot Smokers May Have Lower Rates of Obesity

It's news of the weird time, suppose Cheech and Chong would have been overjoyed to hear this:
"Pot Smokers May Have Lower Rates of Obesity"

Researchers analyzed data from two large national surveys of the American population, which together included some 52,000 participants. In the first survey, they found that 22% of those who did not smoke marijuana were obese, compared with just 14% of the regular marijuana smokers. The second survey found that 25% of nonsmokers were obese, compared with 17% of regular cannabis users.

Wonder if they lack motivation to get off the couch, to even boil a box of Kraft dinner?

A commenter at the article theorized that marijuana lowers cortisol levels, this study says different but speaks of the blunting of the hormones..

Anyhow stay away from the stuff, lots of other bad side affects, pot use over long run seems to turn people into shell's of their former selves. Maybe I just know too many burn-outs who act like potted plants themselves.

Monday, September 5, 2011

SuperSized Cycles!

Remember when I was wondering if there was a place that sold bicycles for fat people?

Well there is...

Supersized Cycles

We're the only builders of bikes that carry up to 550 pounds.
Our 100% guarantee on our own Zize Bikes--You love it, or we buy it back!
Extensive selection including bicycles, tricycles, and electric bikes.
Zize Bikes are unmatched in quality of parts, materials, and construction.
Superior design and construction.
We carry a wide array of Zize-appropriate accessories, each one tested to be the best for your use.
Toll-free support in choosing the best bike and for technical questions. Best prices on the best products.

If you find one of our products for less, let us know and we'll match it!*

I would need a tricycle in my case.

Well I would need to be in a better shape and they are pricey--but it would be worthwhile to save up for one.

Hope this link helps someone else.

EU spends £2.5m encouraging people to eat insects

EU spends £2.5m encouraging people to eat insects

Hey maybe this will be part of the "global fight against obesity"...

The mind boggles, just total insanity...

The research institute that offers the best proposal for investigating 'insects as novel sources of proteins' will be awarded the money by the commission.

They will have to research quality and safety, potential allergies and what sort of proteins the insects offer.

Professor Marcel Dicke, leading a team at Wageningen University, in Holland, is applying for the grant.

He told the Sunday Times: 'By 2020 you will be buying insects in supermarkets.

'We have already seen the introduction of eggplants, sushi, things people never ate here. I think it will start with ground-up insects in sauces and burgers.'

Snacking on silkworm moth larvae or adding blitzed bees to sauces could offer a much-needed solution to soaring costs of red meat.

A Letter To Jamie Oliver

"Jamie Oliver calls for global action to tackle obesity"

A coalition of nutrition and health experts – ranging from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to former government chief scientist Sir David King – are urging western nations to play a key role in halting the dramatic rise in numbers of obese people across the planet.

"There seems to be a trend with developing countries wanting to follow in the footsteps of the western world, and copy their patterns of fast food and consumerism," Oliver told the One Young World conference in Switzerland on Friday. The phenomenon was a particular problem in India, South America and the Middle East, he said. Oliver added: "Pre-packed convenience food is seen as a symbol of being 'modern' in developing countries, but the problems it causes are long-term, and costly." "Diet-related diseases are two of the top five causes of premature death for people under 60 years old. They look set to create an absolute catastrophe over the next 30 to 40 years if nothing changes."

Oliver's aim is to encourage heads of state and the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, to "sit up and take notice" at a summit on non-communicable disease in New York on 20 September. He called for a "global movement to make obesity a human rights issue" and urged a million people to sign a petition. Oliver also urged countries to hold on to their national dishes, and for recipes to pass from generation to generation, saying: "I believe that together we can make some real noise ahead of this meeting of experts."

Dear Jamie,

The United Nations is not going to solve obesity. The politicians do not care, and the multi-national corporations including the pharmaceutical companies will profit from the hordes of the newly fat. The food multi-nationals are profiting now off selling people pseudo-food and their versions of chemical Solyent Green. Also, if one looks at the global economic predictors, the world is leaning on the edge of economic collapse what will happen when people no longer can afford the packages of ramen noodles and greasy potato chips? Turning to the United Nations to solve obesity is like turning to Godzilla to rebuild your city's infrastructure, after a double earthquake-hurricane has devestated it. Why aren't you telling the UNITED NATIONS to rescind Codex Alimentarius which is out to destroy even more access to healthy supplements and health food?

Wake up Jamie and quit being a sucker! They want to solve "obesity" like they want to solve world wide exploitation. They don't! All you want to do is help them get even more power to tell people what to eat and of course then they can raise food prices even more, and sell the world "starvation" and "rationing" for the "common good".

Restaurants Making More Tasteless Food

I got a chicken sandwich from Culver's [they are a more local upgraded restaurant, up a few notches from fast food], on the way to go grocery shopping, I was hungry and desperate at 1:00 o clock and there was nothing to eat at home. This chicken sandwich was so absolutely tasteless, I am considering writing a letter to the company, saying "Look, it was like eating a piece of cardboard between two pieces of softer cardboard." I ate about half of it for blood sugar reasons and threw the rest away. Maybe it's my taste buds, but has anyone else noticed food just does not taste the same? Could someone also inform some food executives, that if food loses any taste just from sitting for a few minutes and getting colder, that something is very wrong with that food? If you are noticing that food tastes far worse, leave a comment.

It's like they have bred all the taste out of it. Don't even get me started on main stream fast food or lower cost restaurant food, gross to the max, and in my case, eating it means immediate illness. Trying to find food that tastes good, is tough, when you have bad food allergies and they have glopped everything with a pound of cheese and everything is fried and breaded. For some reason I live in a restaurant wasteland, outside of one good Chinese restaurant, and one higher price deli and two bistro places, unless you got 30 bucks per person to pony up for a meal, food around here is pretty low in quality and sinking lower. It must be the economy as they buy cheaper ingredients to make the stuff with.

Now just wait til they enforce some of those salt and other rules they've been talking about. Is it just me, or is food losing taste? I know McDonald's definitely cut down the quality and taste over the years, the McDonald's of 25 years ago, definitely there was some taste left in the food. When they do things like make all the chicken McNuggets "white bleached" out meat, instead of when there used to be some made from darker chicken meat, then you know they care more about uniformity then taste. I am eating out less and less, it's a spin of the roulette wheel avoiding illness, maybe I am spoiled having learned how food is supposed to taste eating more of the real and organic stuff. They keep telling fat people to lose weight, but good food is becoming less and less accessible and harder to get a hold of. I have a cousin who just became a truck driver, I can see him gaining 100lbs just from bad road food alone.

Fat Family To Be Split Up Via Gov't Order

Things are getting scary out there. Just remember this could be coming here, as the extreme idealogues of the baby boomer generation seems to have turned into the new fascists thinking more and more regulations will bring them the world they desired. Odd how they forgot that word "FREEDOM". This is just more tyranny. Lest you think this is just England, it's happened here but not to a whole family. That said social engineers of all sorts give me a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyhow govt social workers are telling this family that all their kids may be taken away.

Four obese children are on the brink of being permanently removed from their family by social workers after their parents failed to bring their weight under control.

In the first case of its kind, their mother and father now face what they call the ‘unbearable’ likelihood of never seeing them again.

Their three daughters, aged 11, seven and one, and five-year-old son, will either be ‘fostered without contact’ or adopted.

Hey it's like America there, where the cheap crap food is far cheaper then the healthier stuff. But the government won't deal with that in the UK [or here for that] matter, they'll just tell these people, we are going to take your kids away. By the way, there are SOME social workers out there, who are petty, brainwashed, extreme liberals who love their roles as nanny-state tin-pot dictators and their lust for power over individuals, be forewarned!

What is scary is by American standards, this family is "LARGE" but far from extremely obese, anyone with two brain-cells left to run together, could look at the mother and father and think of genetics. So not only would these children lose their parents, most likely they will lose their siblings. Here too you see the false myths about weight being forced on people for oppression.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Marilyn Wann's Yay Scale

What world does this fat activist live in?

I discovered her YAY! scale...[see here too]

LOL it's too small for me....oops guess Marilyn Wann forgot about the over 280-300lb crowd who would crush a small drugstore scale like that under their feet. I tried two, one for each foot, to weight myself, and succeeded in breaking both of them.

YAY! I just broke the scale. LOL!

I found out about this here....

I also showed him how passersby of all sizes on Haight Street react with relieved delight to my invention, the Yay! Scale. It's merely a bathroom scale with compliments instead of numbers on the dial. Step on it to find out you're "sexy" or "gorgeous" or "perfect" or "fine." He urged me to find fat people to Yay! themselves. The next fat woman who happened by not only failed to feel downtrodden, she had read my book.

Anyone here remember "Up With People!"? I know I'm dating myself here, ah they were a good group in some ways....kept everyone happy and singing during the oil embargoes. I guess Marilyn Wann seems to be a one woman "up with fat people" [well smaller fat people] show. Reminds me of back in 1989, when I watched Michael Moore running around on "Roger and Me", filming all the "be positive" parades and Auto World as Flint crashed into the economic void. Michael Moore instead of being another sell-out, still seemed to care at least back then. I know Marilyn Wann doesn't do serious except on rare occasion, that may be a bummer on the self obsessive, self esteem fat praise-a-thon...but a YAY scale, LOL, I think the over-fat promotion "jumped the shark" long ago.

"Out of Touch Marilyn Wann: Let's Have a Parade!"

"Thought Crime and Size Acceptance, Ideologues and The Big Brush-Off"

Seriously folks, I liked Marilyn Wann when I first came across her book which was a zine years ago. It's too bad she has gone this route, I wish there could be honesty, instead of the usual show-boat stuff. There is a place for frivolity and fun, but it's like she is committed to emphasizing the fluff. They have proven the "self-esteem" movement has failed on the kids, on adults especially fat adults it just gets insulting, wearisome and speaks of over-compensation. To me this stuff is empty. How else can I put it?

Poor People And Fat

Watch these two videos and put your thinking cap on, to what is happening out there...

See: "Poverty and Fat: Food Is So Expensive Today"

High Fructose Corn Syrup And The Damage It's Done

I've written about High Fructose Corn Syrup here before...I try to avoid HFCS myself, it's difficult when the budget is tight...she is right about how obesity and diabetes skyrocketed from HFCS being used far more.

Size Zero Could Be Down To Genes

"Size Zero Could Be Down To Genes"

Show this one to any fat hating skinny people who think they are thin from their "good virtue".

Plenty of genes have been discovered to help explain obesity, but scientists have found that skinny people possess extra copies of extra genes, which could explain their naturally thin frames.

The identified gene is part of a group of 28 genes. In one in 2,000 people, these genes are abnormally duplicated resulting in carriers failing to put on weight as normal.

‘If we can work out why gene duplication in this region causes thinness it might throw up new potential treatments for obesity and appetite disorders,’ says Chief scientist Professor Philippe Froguel from the School of Health at Imperial College London.

‘We now plan to sequence these genes and find out what they do so we can get an idea of which ones are involved in regulating appetite.'

The study found that people with too many copies of these 28 genes tended to be underweight with a body mass index lower than 18.5, instead of a health BMI between 18.5 and 25.

The research throws light on weight issues in children, too. Half of children with the genetic duplication had been diagnosed with a non-specific condition called ‘failure to thrive.’

‘This shows that failure to thrive in childhood can be genetically driven,’ says Professor Froguel. ‘If a child is not eating, it’s not necessarily the parents fault.’

Last year, the same researchers discovered that people with a missing copy of these genes were 43 times more likely to be morbidly obese.

"Why We Need Size Acceptance" [Violence on The Fat]

"Why We Need Size Acceptance"

Hey, I do not disagree with EVERYTHING having to do with size acceptance. While I have some giant beefs about the movement, standing up against abuse of fat people is a GOOD thing.

I think if fat people weren't so hated, and we weren't being used as a vehicle to be profited from or to be exploited, there would be SOME REAL HELP and change out there, but she is on to something with this one:

We are all participants, willing or no, in a culture that promotes and glorifies this kind of violence against ourselves, and which revels in that violence’s effects. Even the language we use in discussing our body fat is steeped in violence; our fat parts are to be burned, blasted, destroyed, dissolved, eliminated, eradicated, or otherwise abolished. Let’s think for a moment about the broader effects of regarding our bodies—even an aspect of our bodies—with such language and imagery. This thinking divorces us from ourselves, and from the wonderful mechanism which enables us to experience the world. It creates a divide where none should exist. It turns our bodies into enemies, or antagonists, or discrete objects to be controlled and restrained. It denies us healthful connections between the thoughts in our heads, our interactions with the world around us, and the physical form that enables us to connect and communicate. It does us harm.

Sometimes I think about all the 'answers' they give to the fat, and it always incorporates pain and suffering. Nothing about wellness, joy and happiness. I don't have to go smack myself around for having thyroid disease or have some crazed trainer scream at me like the TV show "Heavy" but supposedly for being fat, I should be groveling on the ground, and prepared to suffer.....

Would some of you be offended if I told you that sometimes I wonder in my mind if weight loss surgery is more about torture?

Let me talk this one out, the other day, I was reading a book about "footbinding" in young Chinese girls, as I sat there getting grossed out as the fictional author Lisa See, described the breaking of foot bones and the rest to give Chinese women of some hundreds of years ago [footbinding lasted 1000 years], teeny feet, I thought what else is weight loss surgery, but more pain and "suffering" to get a "good" look, and most of the time it doesn't even work, even in this book, they admit 1 out of 10 girls died from footbinding and infections, gangrene and the rest plagued the rest. So human beings have done really screwed up things with their bodies for centuries.

So when they tell you to go under the knife and tell you, hey we will shrink your stomach down and make you "thin", they couldn't have thought of a worse way of torture. Trust me as a person with severe digestive problems where I projectile vomit for literally 18 hours with severe bowel pain [dry-heaves are no fun] if I accidentally eat some MSG or some high fat item [it took me 6 months to figure things out], one does not want to go to the land of digestive organs that do not work.

I think about the VIOLENCE of that....

and how fat people are so hated....

and how no one wants us to get any REAL HELP, because we are considered NOTHING to them.

I still am NOT going to LOVE fat [because of what it has done to me], but I know when things are seriously screwed up, and looking at a society that is so messed up in so many ways. All the "wars" on obesity, are about violence, instead of actual HELP and HEALING.

Book Teaches Fat Kids, Diets Work...yeah right!

"Book Weighs Heavily On Childhood Obesity"

CONTROVERSIAL new children’s storybook about a girl who transforms her life by going on a diet has been condemned by parents and health experts around the world – before it has even hit the shelves.

The book, Maggie Goes on a Diet, written by US self-publishing children’s author and dad Paul M Kramer, will not be published until October, but Amazon and Barnes and Noble are taking advance orders for the book on their websites.

The hardcover book, which is aimed at six to 12 year olds, tells the story of a 14-year-old girl who goes on a diet and “is transformed from being extremely overweight and insecure to a normal-sized girl who becomes the school soccer star”.

The book’s overview explains: “Through time, exercise and hard work, Maggie becomes more and more confident and develops a positive self-image.”

The front cover shows an overweight girl looking into a mirror and seeing a much slimmer version of herself.

If anything this is setting up this girl for getting fatter. Why not put her in soccer if she likes it, if she can still run and see what happens? Like have FUN? How many of us fat kids, looked in the mirror, like the fat girl with her horned pig tails on the front cover, wishing we would see a skinny body?

I have never seen a super-fat kid turn into a skinny look like other kids. Now there are children who from illness, and other factors just like adults can gain temporary weight. But here we see the carrot of "you can be super-thin too, if you just WORK hard enough" held out to the kiddies and it's a lie. Here's a secret, the skinny kids don't have to WORK at it, they just ARE.

What is scary to me about my childhood, and I was fat as a kid, though supersized obesity came much later, is how ACTIVE I was. I rode my bike EVERYWHERE even 5 miles down the road, this in the era before helicopter parents, this included hours and hours of walking and hanging out, and delivering an hour and half newspaper route, from age 9 on, even on weekends. This included hours spent at pools, doing yard work and more. What about the fat kids who are active? I know there are some kids they definitely need more exercise, don't leave them in the house, only playing video games night and day, but this book bugs me, they hold out a false "dream" that failed for so many of us.

Cleaning and Hiring A Housekeeper

I'm poor but I have decided to hire someone to help me clean up my apt, and found someone via personal references who has extremely decent rates. I do not need someone weekly and cannot afford that, just someone to do heavy cleaning, I think upgrading my surroundings will help my mood. After all, I am housebound a lot [the next three days, hot and humid weather is keeping me indoors] and want to enjoy life while inside. For me my surroundings ARE important. The water heater leaked all over the place, one day when we were out, and thankfully I live in a place where they do repairs well, and they sent a clean up company to dry up all the water. I've lived in some doozy places before where they would not have cleaned the mess up, so was very relived

One friend said to me, you do not have to beat yourself up, just hire someone to do the deep heavy cleaning and then do some maintenance, and you will feel a lot better, so I am going to do this. Some of us cannot afford nor are eligible for a weekly home health aide. I want to do what I can get done, really I wouldn't have enough for them to do at this present point but we need a deep clean around here. My husband is good at laundry and taking out trash on regular basis, but scrubbing floors, not so much.

I can still vacuum, cook the meals, do the dishes and things like that but I need someone to who can get down on the floor and scrub them, and do baseboards which now are covered in dust, and get this place really actually clean. At least now I can reach my apt trashcan, and went off to hurl a trash bag into it, from cleaning out the fridge. Cleaning is not easy for the very fat, though I try my best. I've gotten help before when it's grown beyond me, trying to clean with when you are allergic to every cleaning product out there outside of watered down bleach, dish soap and Murphy's oil soap isn't easy. At least if I get someone in here, to do a full clean, I won't be doing the asthma attack thing, coughing and wheezing at every strong cleaner smell.

Thankfully my friends understand they know I try my best. The time to work on decluttering my apt is also here, so I do not have it turn into a hoarder's paradise, so will be working on that as well before the big clean out. Always I give stuff away and shopping is not much of a hobby for me, so sometimes I wonder how "stuff" just literally piles up in here. LOL Well I will look forward to getting this place in better shape over all.