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I love stamp collecting!

My stamp collection is growing. 

 In another life I wouldn't mind being a antiques dealer or stamp dealer. I now have around 4 albums and need to purchase Vario pages for the mint stamps. I am starting to specialize now in a series of countries of my choice.

Even when poor one can find cheaper stamps via ebay or even donation. A friend's uncle even has been paring down his collection and sending me envelopes full of worldwide stamps. Thank you! :) I will be sending him a card soon this week.

Here are some more pictures of my stamps.

The Best Stamp Collector's Forum

"Fat City": And This is Why The Fight Against Obesity Will Fail

Fat City

Another diatribe by a doctor about the "bad" fatties who eat too much even if she gives a few nods to the malfeasance of the food manufacturers.

Narrow science.

Narrow minds.

Narrow answers that have failed for 50 years.

Thin people whose bodies operate correctly who will never get it.

Another one brainwashed by the medical establishment in her country.

The usual stop eating lie followed up by the you'll be automatically thin lies.

One can see the hatred right here....notice how she comments with the attitude of an "exceptional" fat person speaking about Emily not smelling and her wearing a big suit. Thin people don't eat pizza? One line sums up her attitudes:
"Emily’s family ate like the bejesus. I went to her house once a month for pizza: heavy, oily discs of cheese half a metre across."

As long as doctors hate fat people, the science and treatment of obesity will remain restricted forever. Does this woman feel this way about the parades of those who come with STDs who are promiscuous to a clinic, or maybe about those who smoke with lung cancer or those who have injured themselves doing extreme sports?
"I knew that – barring underlying lung disease – obesity was one of the greatest risk factors for life-threatening pneumonia in young people. I felt a responsibility to tell her that her excess fat had harmed her in a way she may not have realised. Every day before my ward round I would say to myself that I was going to broach the subject with her. It seemed a good opportunity to intervene. And yet each time I stood by her bed and looked at her bedside table piled high with literary novels, open blocks of chocolate and teddy-bear biscuits, each time I lifted her pyjama top and pushed my stethoscope into her soft white flesh, I couldn’t do it. I was embarrassed to mention her weight; it felt like I was a puritan taking the high moral ground. It felt mean."

Why doesn't she think this out I weird to think that people today have locked their minds in too many boxes where they no longer can think critically?

People do not want to be fat. Fat brings untold suffering!

So why are they failing to "stop" being fat?

" But usually counselling people to lose weight is hopeless. Then there are the questions of morality, personal responsibility, associated diseases, resource allocation, quality of life and aesthetics. I have moments of clarity – I think of the way Emily ate – and obesity seems simple: more in than out. Then I am engulfed once again by the high science of genetics, by the concept that obesity is a disease."
"I love reading articles with titles like ‘How I Lost 25 Kilos’, even though the answer is always the same: I ate less."

Sure that is what you are told, but how many is it working for?

How many fat people feel more hunger?

How many fat people have lower metabolisms?

What is being done to endocrine systems in a society of low nutrient, adulterated food that is full of toxins?

Come on, think these things out.

As for fat being ugly, the quest for beauty and social acceptance does not mean those things are guaranteed.

So the fat get sicker, and still the fat wins? Why?

As for precision, one thing about scientists is the overly linear minds see the trees and miss the forest. Ok, your medical tools are not suitable, and so who decided they should only be useful for the thin in a population growing more fat? Who determined there should be no neck braces for the very large?
"I listened recently to a neurosurgical registrar describing the difficulty of finding a spinal fracture under 10 centimetres of adipose (fatty) tissue. Neurosurgeons love precision; one false move on the inside and you won’t remember your mum. The registrar’s voice was filled with a kind of shocked horror. She had to send the car-crash victim to the scanner mid operation, with a metal screw embedded in his neck so the surgeons could find their bearings beneath the mattress of fat. Post-op, none of the neck braces were big enough to fit. To immobilise the man’s spine the team used sandbags."

It gets even worse. What is wrong with these people. Why do they dismiss their patients so much? Can any real help come from someone who from the get-go sees you as a human atrocity and to blame for your condition. I think not!*
"This year I started work as the physician in an obesity clinic with a group of bariatric surgeons. No one else really wanted to do it. The attempt to help people lose weight is generally seen as one of the most futile acts we as doctors of internal medicine can perform: pretty much all we can do is make you feel crappier about yourself than you already do. But the surgeons can do something: they can clamp a band at the top of your stomach, cut half your stomach out or bypass part of your small intestine so food is not absorbed. The waiting list for our clinic is long. One of my patients gained 60 kilos between referral and consultation. Some of our patients have become so fat they can walk only five steps without needing a rest. Many are only in their 30s. My role at the clinic is to tighten up their diabetes control, make sure they don’t have a catastrophic hormonal condition that has made them fat (no one ever does), treat their high blood pressure and discuss eating and exercise habits. "

Look at the line I underlined and bolded

"No one ever does", so I wonder how many remain undiagnosed.

The Doctors are brainwashed to see hormonal disorders as rare. Yes Ask the woman whose heart was damaged by undiagnosed hypothyroidism.

I believe diabetes sets people up to gain weight, turn things on their head. Don't just assume.

By the way the stomach surgery is failed. You can't do better then that?

Why don't any of you ever consider that the approach is failing?

Where are the freethinkers in the medical establishment?

Did they all get drummed and weeded out?

Yes you do make fat people "feel crappier about yourself then you already do"

So why not change it?

Why not rethink what you are doing?

The weird stuff about chewing food slowly is strange, she ate and went and was thin, so why can't fat people?

I've puked enough from illness so really all they really are doing is making fat people SICK to make them THIN.

And none of them ever thinks PERHAPS WE SHOULD CHANGE OUR APPROACH?

"Now, every time I eat I imagine the food going down my throat, being squeezed by the muscles in my oesophagus before landing with a splat in my smaller-than-I’d-thought stomach. I find myself chewing more and waiting between mouthfuls. Sometimes I even put my fork down on the side of my plate between bites. I’d never done that before; I’d been an eat-and-run kind of girl. I was not at all overweight, but by the third clinic I’d lost 5 kilos."

What does she consider a ridiculous amount of food? Three meals a day? Eat a hamburger instead of a carrot for lunch? The mind boggles.

" My brother drank a lot of whisky, smoked, and ate a ridiculous amount of food."

Then she goes on into how much fat people cost. I mean whose going to question those destroying our food like Monsanto when there is a ready scapegoat ready to blame right in the room? Later in the article she seems to call out the food manufacturers but then backpedals on it.

You know the people who supposedly "choose" to be fat?

She seems to have this thing about people sweating.

Hmm it's always interesting to me how these thin types get offended by fat people sweat but in the same breathe will assume you are lazy and never move.

". That only gets them to around 120 kg, which isn’t even close to the weight of many patients I see breaking into a sweat on the walk from the waiting room to my office, their knee joints slowly disintegrating. "

" I feel terrible typing these sentences. I apologise; they are ugly."

Yes they are ugly

So why don't you realize you've been indoctrinated and are being unfair to fat people and that all you have to offer is more answers and judgments that WILL FAIL.

The lectures about food get crazy. The doctors and THIN society of people whose bodies work normally assume every fat person is inhaling the bad food. What do they eat? Does she go three days without eating?

To be frank, if getting rid of chocolate, cheese, pie, cookies, fattening food, ended obesity, there'd be barely any fat people. How many fat people constantly diet or have to pay attention to everything they eat?

But none of them ever think this stuff out.
 What if she couldn’t dump the biscuits? What if all I had done was intensify her guilt and self-hatred?

Why do they assume every fat person is pigging out? In this paragraph she attempts to sound nice and understanding and yes while there are some food addicted fat people out there, but why does she assume this applies to ALL?

I do not ask them to describe the biggest meal they have ever eaten or if they’ve ever eaten two dozen doughnuts in one sitting. I ask what I need to know to minimise the chances of harming the patients with inappropriate treatments. I do not wish to humiliate them or shame them. I do not wish to turn my fat patients into freaks. It takes time for them to trust me enough to tell me the truth about the mind-boggling volumes of food they consume.

Here she refuses to understand a concept that I have explored on this blog.

Fat people often are HUNGRIER

They have satiety issues.

Instead she decides to dismiss all of this, and assumes the fat are all decadent pleasure seekers.

I have told doctors, I wish I could skip meals, I sometimes hate having to eat or cook or even focus on it. The times I am sick, and feel like I could say NO too food forever come as a RELIEF on one end. I often have thought what if this was true without the "sick" part.  But I get full blown hunger pain that never lets up. I have been training myself to bear physical hunger to even keep from gaining weight, but their insane starvation diets would make it unbearable. So what does she say here, fat people are just a bunch of libertines who seek after pleasure. Don't thin people do so?

What in the medical establishment is having them refuse to admit satiety disorders or that something is happening to people to make them TOO HUNGRY?

Years worth of doctors calling me a liar, when saying how ill severe diets made me feel. Having to research for myself the realities of insulin resistance and high androgens. I am maybe paying the price for the higher protein-lower carb diet that at least got some of the weight off now with the kidneys checking out and saying, NO more!" but at least put a dent in the terrible physical hunger.

"I once attended a hospital lecture on the genetic determinants of obesity delivered by a specialist physician. The doctor giving the talk was very fat. As he went on, his face got red and stains of sweat spread from his armpits. Obesity is genetic, he argued, wiping his brow: obesity is a disease. He said: If you make a fat person thin, you are sentencing them to a lifetime of hunger.
This depends on your definition of hunger. Eating is not a purely rational, biological act. I can give you a diet that will keep you full all day and make you lose weight, but it won’t be very entertaining: it will be mainly made up of watery vegetables like cabbage and celery, egg whites and very lean meat. The pain of abstinence, of unmet desire, is something quite separate from the pain of an empty stomach. The pleasures of eating are complex and multifaceted. In our society, consumption is a form of entertainment and pleasure. Eating is part of this: from the theatre of a meal at a fine-dining establishment to a bag of chips augmenting the television-viewing experience. Most people do not overeat because of a feeling of hunger emanating from the stomach; they are giving in to a desire to consume – they are seeking pleasure or relief, or hoping to fill a void."

The anorexic friend is correct in that there is far more help for anorexics rather then that fat. Maybe the refusal to help fat people is why some of these doctors and others are so prejudiced. I have said put me in a lab/hospital and watch me eat and live, and see how it goes. They can see what I live with and how much I have suffered and then perhaps then they will shut their mouths about how much of it is chosen or from "bad behavior".

"I had a friend who had been anorexic and spent her teenage years in and out of hospital, being fed through a nasogastric tube. She recovered in her 20s and managed to channel all of her intrusive obsessional thinking about food into athletics. One day she said to me that she didn’t understand why she could be hospitalised against her will for not eating enough, and yet there was no limitation on how fat you could get. It was completely unfair, she said, that you could be refused alcohol if intoxicated but roll into your local fish-and-chip shop 100 kg overweight and be served the equivalent of a week’s worth of calories for lunch."

She is right that there is a problem with the companies researching obesity who are making and selling food that makes us fat. She needs to read this book Salt, Sugar, Fat and maybe she can figure out that the causation of obesity goes far deeper then poor ethics and low personal responsibility. I have sought to remove all corporate and marketed food, but affording this 100% is another matter. She seems outraged though that some people would surmise that something is happening in the environment to make such large numbers of people fat. Why the outrage? Is it because it is easier to blame the fat even though their numbers at least in America are almost 40% of us?

In thousands of labs across the planet, medical researchers are trying to find the cause of, and cure for, obesity. They examine genes, chemical exposures and metabolic pathways. They experiment with amphetamines, anticonvulsants, probiotics. Some of this research is funded by the companies that make and sell the food that makes us fat. In thousands of other labs across the planet, food scientists and marketers are working on ways to make you eat more. They employ highly sophisticated psychological and physiological research to this end; they examine the effects of colour, unit size, price, texture, packaging and advertising on human desire. Look around you: who is winning?
In some ways, scientific research has taken obesity outside the realm where it is a consequence of choices made by a more or less free-willed individual in a more or less free society, which nonetheless disapproves of excess. In current medical research obesity is often conceptualised as an unavoidable disease. It’s your genes, your metabolism, the chemicals in your environment, what your mother ate when she was pregnant, whether she fed you at her breast. It is everything but what you choose to put in your mouth.

She continues with this ditty:

"We are attracted to what is forbidden and will resist only if we have a compelling reason to do so: pain, punishment, family disintegration, death."

Death isn't even working for fat people lady...

I am dying of being fat.

And I still can't get the weight off or lower the calories low enough to take off real weight. [Yes I am 200 under the peak, but I am still very fat]

Fat is so stigmatized, you are telling me with a straight face, that the suffering of the fat isn't compelling enough?


Think that one out too.


Eating ‘bad’ food is a relatively benign transgression; you can do it in public, you can do it in the park, in a primary-school playground

I see tons of thin people eating "bad food" too

So prove to me

thin people never eat bad food.

And one thing if you are over a certain weight, you will not be eating bad food in public.

I am lactose intolerant and have not been able to eat ice cream in 7 years, but I doubt a nearly 500lb woman could go have a big ice cream cone without some eyes boggling out at her.

I sat and watched at the stand where I was getting a grilled chicken sandwich the numbers of thin people buying ice cream.

Am I to believe that is the only thing they ate that entire day?

With the food, we need decent alternatives.

We need non adulterated food that ends hunger when you eat it and is NOT ENGINEERED to PRODUCE higher levels of hunger for profit.

We need GMOS stopped.

We need a society that replaces the social contract, where the poor are able to get decent food and there are more pleasures then brain-dead watching of TV and eating where people can have land and places to explore and make things.

People need a place of worth and being. The society is cracking up.

Fat people are canaries in the coalmine now for a breaking apart sick society.

Yeah I said it.

 But when you pound on the responsibility of the individual?

What more can they do?

Your answers of weight loss surgery and lectures to eat less and the rest are FAILING

The diets are failing. Some work short term. Some get a small amount of the weight off like me but not the entire amount.

But there's no fat people over a certain weight turning into THIN people


This isn't just a problem of a few people anymore. Obesity is increasing, you know it, so why not address the matter that your answers have failed. The man in the below hates himself because he has been told to. Her whole article tells fat people, they deserve all their suffering!

What about the responsibility of the individual? And of society? My patient cries because the highlight of his day is returning from the supermarket with a plastic bag full of junk that he will eat and drink in his empty lounge room. What can I do for him? I can threaten him with his early demise, intensify his shame. I can offer him some evidence-based motivational lifestyle interventions – swap Coke for Diet Coke! Prescribe exercise? Walk for an hour at an average pace and you’ll only burn off the equivalent of one slice of bread. I could take the old-fashioned approach and wire his jaw shut. I have no hope of resolving his loneliness, his hopelessness, his lack of a job. I could, and do, refer him to a psychologist – if he’s lucky he may land one who is talented and sensitive and will try to get to the root of why this young man hates his own guts. More likely he’ll be offered a few sessions of behavioural therapy that will make everyone except him feel better.

This comment is wrong. NO it does not.

"To get that fat takes dedication and persistence. "

Try and think outside the box.

Try and realize something MORE is going on in a society where so many are getting fat.

Doctors can do more, but they need to rethink things they consider "truths" and look at the bigger pictures.

The above article means the science and medical establishment is woefully failing when it comes to obesity why? Throwing more money at it and asking the social workers, dieticians, psychologists who have already failed  to deal with the problem isn't much help either.

How about questioning what you accept as unbreakable truth and thinking OUTSIDE THE BOX for once?

Think about it.

The doctors I work with have an excellent grasp of the bio-psycho-social factors that contribute to our patients’ states, but we are only doctors. All we have are the tools of our trade: our ears, our voices, our hands, our pills and our scalpels. The waiting rooms are full, the waiting lists are long, the demand is swelling. Obesity is in many ways the logical endpoint of the way we live. Prevention beats palliation, but we’d need psychologists, motivational speakers, social workers, dieticians and physiotherapists to work with us in order to have any hope of tackling the problem. We’d need policy makers and activists. All we have are doctors like me.

Her last sentence truly bothered me. As if she never eats herself. At least she doesn't pay for every bite eaten.

Are you going to eat it?

So wonder us fat people are getting it worse and worse, and this is one of the people meant to HELP US? Would she even listen to anything I had to tell her? Or would she tell me I am a bad person for eating anything and shove me back in the fat box that is FAILING all of us?


Watch Out For Fat Hating Doctors!

Letter to Obesity Researchers

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Stand Against Monsanto!


GMO and Monsanto, I've posted a lot about them on this blog and warned against them. The world protested GMOS and it was left out of most USA news except the alternative news sources. Our food is being changed drastically, even the New York Times admitted that nutrition is dropping in food!

 Breeding the Nutrition Out of Our Food!
This health directive needs to be revised. If we want to get maximum health benefits from fruits and vegetables, we must choose the right varieties. Studies published within the past 15 years show that much of our produce is relatively low in phytonutrients, which are the compounds with the potential to reduce the risk of four of our modern scourges: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and dementia. The loss of these beneficial nutrients did not begin 50 or 100 years ago, as many assume. Unwittingly, we have been stripping phytonutrients from our diet since we stopped foraging for wild plants some 10,000 years ago and became farmers. 
These insights have been made possible by new technology that has allowed researchers to compare the phytonutrient content of wild plants with the produce in our supermarkets. The results are startling. 
Wild dandelions, once a springtime treat for Native Americans, have seven times more phytonutrients than spinach, which we consider a “superfood.” A purple potato native to Peru has 28 times more cancer-fighting anthocyanins than common russet potatoes. One species of apple has a staggering 100 times more phytonutrients than the Golden Delicious displayed in our supermarkets.
There is a total war against our food, control via the global elites, at least some are awake and know this is happening. I would have gone to a local protest but do protest Monsanto via other avenues including on a
social website. I try to inform who I can.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Thin People Eat Too

Oh my goodness she is eating a cup of ramen, but only fat and lazy people eat those!!!!


What about the myth that thin people eat nothing but broccoli spears and eat everything in "moderation"?

I sure don't see it. My husband goes to a hamburger and ice cream stand where I sometimes get a grilled chicken sandwich and I see these stick-thin people eating giant ice cream cones. I haven't had one in ten years, I'm lactose intolerant.

I've been to church and other buffets where lithe like folks  have eaten seconds and thirds. At the grocery store I decided to watch grocery carts, wish I could have taken pictures but that is a bit in your face, and thin people often times had just as much crappy food as the fat ones, a few thin girls looked ready to go on sugar-freak out fests. Why do single women eat so much sugary yogurt and cookies?

This includes soda, processed foods, ice cream, candy, and many other "bad" foods. Some may say oh those thin people that ice cream cone was their food for the entire day or if they go to a buffet they don't eat for three more days.

Sorry don't buy it.

I have lived with thin people and sure I encountered a few bulimic girls who barfed every time they ate and this one weird male roommate who would go two days without eating while he slept and then who would binge on family sized boxes of macaroni and cheese but as far as I know never purged.

I lived with other thin people who seemed to get hungry at about the same intervals as I did, and who ate about the same amount of food. If I eat one turkey sandwich with a slice of vegan soy cheese on it does that make me a huge fat lazy pig? Well thin people can eat a sandwich and they are not called pigs.

Lets look at Anthony Bourdain, skinny guy though he has put a few pounds in last few years, but you ever watch this guy eat for one of his shows? Why isn't he fat? Is he barfing up all that pork he says he loves? You can follow the time where he is eating a LOT of FOOD for every meal, and snacks included. That pork chop bun has to be 800-900 calories EASY.


Are they all purging? Doubtful.

So prove to me that thin people eat "so much better" then me. PROVE IT. I don't buy it. Yeah some of them can burn it off better, go for a run with working lungs and heart. But the idea that all thin people are paragons of food virtue is total nonsense.  

Why Are Kids Obese?

 I had this thought the other day, when a friend said, "you need to do some couponing to save money!" I told them there is nothing they make coupons for that I would buy, except maybe a few NewMan Own products like lite balsamic vinegar salad dressing. Anyhow I sat and thought, "why can't one get a coupon for broccoli?"? Anyhow the above defines why you will see more poor fat kids and thin rich ones. I love salad, and well it runs out first and is the least affordable during the food insecure weeks.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Image of Childhood Obesity

Willa Wonka comparisons, I had the thought when I saw part of the old Willy Wonka film recently, that Augustus Gloop was barely fat! This first kid would barely register on anyone's mind as "fat" maybe just a little large today but I remembering the 1970s watching this movie with a class, he was seen as horribly fat!

See: Memo To Augustus Gloop: This Time, It's Personal

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Something to Ponder

I know I make a lot of people "angry".

That will happen if you refuse to "conform".

It's not easy, I will tell you this following your own drummer in this life, doesn't always make you friends.

I know when it comes to obesity, I am outside the accepted fat acceptance circles, the diet industry, AND the weight loss surgery crowd.

So where does that leave me?

Their answers didn't work, and maybe in a few cases they worked for them [such as in weight loss surgery]

but then when people are so intent on silencing you, or telling you that you are wrong, or that what you feel doesn't matter,

It makes you wonder.

Maybe you are saying something that is getting to a few people?

Cupcake Clothes

Love the Clothes, colors and designs, but the very short skirts, to me give too much of the baby-doll vibe. I have this thing about never wearing anything that is "baby dollish", and you'll never see me with a skirt that is above mid-calf, and tights if you weigh over 350lbs enter the realm of impossible, but her outfits would be wonderful with long skirts attached. The designs are cute.

Cupcake Clothes

Lois Lane Gets Fat?

Source Dial B For Blog

First thing on her mind, "Ill die if Superman sees me!" Not worries about health or anything like that.
"Lois Lane, never at a loss for strange transformations, gets fat in this issue. Or not just "fat," but "the Fattest Girl in Metropolis!" Obviously a city where REALLY fat people are not allowed to enter. So what does Lois worry about? Her health? A heart attack? No! She has but one thought, which she must say out loud: "If Superman ever saw me now, I'd die!"

Discrimination Against Fat People Cartoon

Source: Ampersand []

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Tyranny of Stairs

I know ADA is supposedly in force but outside of libraries, hospitals and post offices, it really is not having an affect in many places. I saw this picture, this reminded me when I was on public transportation in the big city and had no car and had my weight gain and stairs were very hard. One time I came home from out of town, taking the subway on a weekend to discover I was trapped! They turned the disability elevator off to save money! The escalator at another stop had been turned off too. Back then I didn't have as many balance issues but I was so heavy near, then the heart pounded far more and I went up those stairs, fearing I would tumble down the long 4 story flight. It was one of the scariest experiences I've ever had.

I can't walk up stairs now because of balance issues, going down is even scarier though oddly I can breathe going up them better. Sometimes life is a scary series of stairs. Some of the thin people don't get it, they say "Don't make excuses!" just go up them. They don't realize one fall and it's the nursing home and it's not the exertion anymore, its the balance, the too small steps, the top step which is always as high as the highest curb and higher then the others, and you can be going merrily along cane and all, hit the top, and wonder if you are going to fall because you can't do that top step and you are there, yelling HELP, because you realize that you can't get up it, and need someone to at least help you balance so you can give that step your all. Stairs stink. There's too many of them.

At least one's friends house has a short 4 step stairway I can use to visit her, but it gets scary, there are places I can't go all over town, because of stairs. There are others who live upstairs I can't visit--one or two flights. Second stories, I'll never see. Stairs block the way. I have such a problem with stairs and managing in life, that I have developed some serious empathy for those in wheelchairs. At least in the area where I live, there are probably only a few places they can go. The hospital, library, post office, and the social security office. Most apartments are not set up for wheelchairs. My apartment though it is mostly stair free except for 1 step,  is not wheelchair accessible, one would never fit in the bathroom or around the curves in here, and what is scary is this is one of the larger apartments I could find. Most houses here have 8-9 stairs to get up in them though I suppose there are more ranchers out in the suburbs.

How do those in wheelchairs manage? I can barely manage and I can still go up a few steps if there is a railing.

It's scary to think about from this perspective.

So What if You Lose At The Weight Game?

When You Gain Control of Your Weight and Others Don’t 

This article bothered me deeply. I thought about posting a comment on her blog but we have parted ways here because I do not agree with weight loss surgery. However I want to address what is said in her article.

You wonder about those who do manage to lose the weight by whatever means, weight loss surgery, a bout of severe hyperthyroidism, do they retain compassion for where they once were?

With weight loss surgery, I always have understood why people take that gamble but there should be better treatment for the overweight.

So you get well and then a friend doesn't? Why should a friendship end at that point? If the friend was hurt, wasn't there a reason for her to be hurt, as she was dying and another was bragging about weight loss to her? Sorry but the last thing I want if I am laying on my obesity death bed, is someone coming along and saying "Guess What, I lost 100lbs!", I'll retort, "Guess What I lost 200lbs and it wasn't enough, I am still horribly fat!"

She says her friend was DRIVEN which should tell us that even the best, the brightest, the most responsible and the most driven can fail to solve inscrutable health problems which Diabetes I can be a pretty horrible illness and the horrors of severe obesity.

Even if her friend said "That wouldn't work for me" or failed, in her pursuits to stay alive, why get angry? One thing sick people and those who know they are going to die, or have faced life-debilitating illnesses, the worse thing in the world is to tell them they are "at fault", and isn't that is what is being done when you announce to the world what works for you, and then the sick person in return says, it's not an option for me! Why get angry that they are not on the same team with what worked for you? How does that make any sense?

Why is a weight loss surgery patient threatened with me saying there should be better, less invasive, less dangerous treatments? We had conversations here on different articles. While we agreed with many things, she seemed upset that I considered weight loss surgery in a negative fashion.

They did what they had to, but why not allow for something that is not so dangerous or put research into that?

She wrote:
"I’ve known a few people who dealt with life-debilitating medical issues. Eventually, they become bitter and angry. It’s easy to understand. But it isn’t so much that if they can’t control their lives, they’ll try to control someone else’s. Mostly, they are desperate for attention. They want to feel empowered in some way and that means being heard. They want their opinions to be considered important. The situation affects them in another unusual, more inscrutable way. They can become seemingly…a bit nutty. As they struggle to understand why they’ve been robbed of their lives, they may concoct all manner of theories. They will also invent theories that attempt to undermine people who are getting what they can’t have. They’ll be full of criticism for anything that is likely to work out well for you but would be ineffectual, futile, or just plain impossible for them."

Hey do what works for YOU. All of us have to survive the best way we can.

But the fact of the matter is, not everyone has control of everything that happens in this world. They assure Americans especially that every problem is fixable, every health problem is solvable and to be frank this is the worse burden to live under as the world for your ill health sees you as "failed", even "nutty" for describing what happened to you.

Let me ask a question, how many people do you know reached nearly 700lbs after gaining 400lbs in 2 and half years? Wouldn't it be expected that I would have some different ideas from such an unusual experience? Did I cross some "acceptable theories" of obesity line? I suppose I did. Why am I expected to have mainstream opinions when I have had anything but a mainstream life or body? Can some of you establishment pundits answer THAT?

I know in academia and a wide variety of areas, innovation is dying, the cries of "Don't go there!" when one shares their extreme reality is not something new to me. Read this article. I don't restrain my mind to what the world calls "acceptable".

 Ridicule of Conspiracy Theories Focuses On Diffusing Criticism of the Powerful [or of the diet weight loss industry that makes billions of dollars of profit]

Let me give this to you straight too. They don't want people asking serious questions about obesity, and they will do what they can to discredit anyone who does. The weight loss industry isn't threatened by the happy to be fat crowd, they may be in a bit of trouble when people start yelling "The Emperor Has No Clothes!". Ok you told us all we are at fault, and we are still fat!

Ah I tire of this, your ideas do not conform so you are not worthy of being listened to.  Do you all realize in America to what degree ideas are controlled? How anyone who thinks outside the box is maligned. Ad hominem rule, you are not a happy, positive serf, you angry bitter ingrate, GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE! I'm sorry but if someone can't even get a bit of mercy as they are DYING, that is seriously a bad deal!

So this is one response they will always come up with  if you have failed to get better or are in a fight to stay alive, is that you are "bitter and angry", we can't have anyone that deviates from the positivity patrol. Usually that is followed up with you aren't giving positive vibes to the universe so this is your Karma, and other such announcements, these can come in the New Age flavor to even a Tony Robbins quasi-secular human potential flavor. "You Lost Control!" How dare you!

On your death bed, you will be told, as you throw up into the trashcan next to your bed and gasp for air, "You are not positive enough!" with the subtext being whispered in your ear...'and that's why you are dying'.

God help us all!

The subtext here is that You are at fault. Only the winners matter, only the weight loss winners matter--the few percent that they are, so forth and so on.  Why wouldn't her friend be upset? She was dying, she was losing her life. You think dying is easy? You think being sick is a fun and games.
You think being 700lbs or dying of autoimmune diseases is a walk in the park. So you disdain the friend for WANTING TO BE HEARD and for wanting some validation and empowerment?

Give me a break!

Already I live a life where I don't want to "impose", "burden", be disliked for looking and feeling sick, and I have hidden everything from sprained ankles, dizzy spells,  to acute kidney stone attacks to going out into living rooms with a smile on my face after barfing my guts out. Her friend didn't need any speeches about what a bad person she was, or how she failed at doing something that someone else managed.  I put pictures on a social website when I am happy and don't talk about the "bad" stuff or severely limit it. Why? Because there are so many people like this.

One thing I know how I am seen in this society. I know there are many who tell the sick, you do not matter. I know if I am honest about suffering by many I will be told I am bitter. I know if I question the poor medical care or years of poverty or misdiagnosis that led me to be sick, I will be told I am angry.

Super fat people being the lowest on the totem pole are told in so many ways they do not matter and should not be heard, [well until the day they are thin] and maybe not even then if someone discovers their past. At this point she should get out a poster, that says "I WON!" and wave it all around. Ok you did. Jolly for you, so now if we cry a little bit because our bodies are imploding and we know we are going to die soon, have a little bit of mercy.

One line in the paragraph above, I want people to note is..."if they can't control their lives", we go right back to the theme that everything is under people's control and isn't that the hammer that is used to beat up fat people from smaller sizes to my size? You control your weight and thus if you fail, you are a loser. Ah this blogger, is intelligent and fair about many aspects of weight, but this idea of taking control permeates her words as if every medical problem was solvable.

And what about this line " that means being heard. They want their opinions to be considered important." Can someone tell me what is BAD about that? So your answer for those who fail to lose weight is their opinions don't matter and they are not supposed to be heard. I suppose yes that is what the status quo wants as the endless failures at the weight gain just means more BLAME and nothing new this many years in!

I know someone 30 years old dying of cancer, never smoked, or any other vices, and now entering the hospice. I knew a 26 year old who died of a brain infection who was thin and healthy. I knew a 39 year old who died of a brain disorder that created clots. Bad things happen to the human body many things beyond a person's control. Reality is not everyone is going to live til they are 90 years old.

I may have theory that younger people are getting cancer due to toxins in the environment. And be told that is "nutty" so if I apply the same sort of thinking to weight, many do not want to hear it. The traditional "system" worked for them. They were otherwise healthy with a cosmetic problem so they were able to solve it with the hugely invasive weight loss surgery method.

Even if it worked for them, and they ran the gauntlet from hell and survived, why get upset at someone for saying..."Maybe there should be something else available!" or stating "not all of us are going to survive it, and many suffer incredibly and there should be SOMETHING BETTER! I feel for her friend.

Now when you are sick and dying, in this society you are blamed, and it's not just fatness but a myriad of other illness. You didn't do this right, you didn't run enough marathons, your pain is your doing.

Your outcome is your fault.

These things impact even other areas in society, Poor and out of a job? You're a loser that failed, and didn't get to be king of the mountain.

Too much Oprah and not enough Bible? 

I'd say so.

But it's getting scary out there for sick people it really is.

When someone tells us that natural emotions regarding pain, severe illness, death and dying are to be suppressed and judged that is to step back and ask why?  Lack of compassion, tea with no empathy and people blamed for what comes to us all. You think a few coffins or graves don't get clucked over? "Why didn't they lose weight?" An object of pathos to the very end?

I feel for her friend.

Sigh where is this world going?

Some place really scary.

and it goes way beyond fat issues.

And if I am considered "nutty" for not buying into what they are selling...

so be it.

Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

I'm reading Salt, Sugar, Fat now by Michael Moss, I'll tell you all what I think when I am done.

How Do you Get People To Eat Healthfully?

With obesity epidemic, what’s the best way to get people to eat healthfully?

The cynic in me asks: Are the politicians really going to do anything about the processed food in a country that has basically become a kleptocracy?
The idea behind HIP is simple: Make healthful foods more affordable. Over 14 months, from November 2011 to December of last year, 7,500 residents of Hampden, Mass., who get government assistance when buying groceries received 30 cents of food-buying credit for every dollar of their allowance that they spent on fruit and vegetables. Carlson and his colleagues are still evaluating the scheme, but he says: “We have some pretty strong indications that this investment did increase the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed by these low-income families.”

The other Big-Brother stuff bugs me. Those fat taxes just look like another money-making scheme for the elites rather then any true source of help.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Something To Remember

This is something I am reminding myself of.

Doctors: "It's Literally Impossible to Have Cushings!"

Hey add in it's impossible to have hypothyroidism, PCOS, pseudo-Cushings. and a vast array of endocrine disorders, with the attitude "you're just fat now go diet!". One thing I am contending with is knowing the kidney stones are part of something systematic, and having to "convince" them of this again! Why does this always happen?  I had my hair falling out and many more symptoms beyond gaining weight. 

It's Literally Impossible To Have Cushings
by: ZymurgyHall