Monday, December 24, 2018

Cards I Made

Most of my cards have reached my friends so I don't think they would mind me sharing some here. I have been working on watercolor and pen and inks with watercolor.  I have a lot of art projects still to work on. By the way Happy Holidays to my readers too!

Shadow Daughter

Shadow Daughter

I found this book at the library and I am reading it now. It has mentions of the ACON world and "raised by narcissists" and even those horrible estranged parents websites where the parents talk about how their material investments in their wayward children did not pay off.  It focuses on the estrangements, I will add more when I am done with it.  It is recommended so far.

Things Lost into Another Dimension?


Things always seem to disappear on me.
How did I lose a giant pair of pink underwear? I even wondered if they got scooped up with a trash bag but my husband said he looked inside the trash bag and he would have seen them. I often ask questions like why couldn't some dish cloth or rag disappear, instead of an item of clothing I really need? Sometimes I have weird magical thoughts about things disappearing into another dimension. Oh I had him check the trash, but our trashman was on the spot yesterday and the trash receptacle was empty. I get weird about underwear at this size, because they are hard to come by, so I was definitely frustrated. Do other people have things like this happen?

The Journey

Monday, December 17, 2018

Lipedema Warrior Promotes Body-Positivity

"A BOLD lymphedema sufferer is embracing her jiggle after years of being ashamed of her condition. Cara Cruz, 36, from New Brighton, Pennsylvania, developed lipoedema and lymphedema as a teenager and the growing problem had a devastating impact on her confidence. But after starting an Instagram on a dare from her boyfriend, Cara burst out of her shell and into the body positive community and now she is determined to flaunt her curves. Through her 25,000 Instagram following and meet ups with Yinz’s Bopo group, the curvaceous beauty hopes to inspire more people to start their own journey to self love."

I have had new thoughts about self love and the body positive movement since my deconversion. I have kind of mellowed out about a few things including the burden fundamentalist Christianity put on my back about "modesty" and one's body. I have noticed myself opening up more towards body-positivity activists. It is hard to explain, but I am glad Cara Cruz has a group for support of like-minded women and is coming out to refuse the shame that is put on the back of too many fat women. It also makes me feel better that the news about Lipedema [spelled Lipoedema in the UK] is getting out there. She seems to be a stage three, and looks like she tries to live as active of a life as possible. 


John Cleese gets it too.

Calling People SnowFlakes

Grief and Trauma

The day does come when the grief ebbs away. I promise you that. I had times I never thought I'd get to that point but I did.