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"Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign Helps Bullies"

"Michell Obama's Let's Move Campaign Helps Bullies"

I agree with this guy, actually pushing the idea that fat kids never move is insulting, I still have my diary from when I was 10 years old, and I was an overweight kid even if not out and out obese at 10 years of age, and in the diary I talk about riding bicycles to the park [back then acouple of miles] and delivering newspapers by that same bike, playing outside in the snow and I was a very active child but I was still fat.

The man who wrote the article is a self avowed liberal {I don't belong to either side of the left or right divide} but brings up many good points. I watch them spending millions of dollars on more nonsense, knowing the kids won't lose weight, that their parents who are often poorer will be relegated in buying the processed MSG and soy filled garbage now passing for food.

I totally agree with his comment here:

Fat kids have enough problems without government-approved pseudo-scientific garbage about how they could be thin if they just ate their vegetables and played outside more often.

That is one thing I thought of when reading about this program, how it is invested in false myths about the fat, that fat kids are lazy, never move, and never exercise. Don't fat kids get enough abuse?

He talks about how they simply do not know if people are eating more or are less active. To be frank, and I've explored it enough on this blog, the food is DIFFERENT, very different but like feel-good often corporate sponsered gov't programs, Michelle Obama will never address that or other problems leading to obesity.

Elsewhere it is scary how Michelle Obama has blamed the fat kids, using them as a scapegoat even for the bad economy, I guess in her out of touch world, she doesn't realize that obesity and poverty go hand in hand.

She said:

But all of you here know something else, and that is this isn’t a new issue at all. You all know better than anyone that childhood obesity is already affecting your communities. It’s already weighing down your budgets. It’s already hampering economic growth.
I was a fat kid, how on earth did I hamper "economic growth"? I delivered newspapers from the age of 9-12.

What I want to know if all the dieting and exercising is failing for the adults, why do they expect it to work for the kids?

Skinny Models Will Keep People From Getting Fat?

"Skinny Models Provide Useful Incentives for Obese People to Lose Weight"

These Italian researchers have lost it, we have had decades worth of emaciated models and people only have grown fatter. Seeing some very thin models does not work for someone to lose weight, it only makes them feel worse about themselves and even the average weight women suffer to "keep up"!

Soy is Bad For You

It kind of freaks me out, how come America ignores thousands of years of Oriental culture where they FERMENTED ALL SOY, and sells soybeans in fresh form for Americans to eat? The Asians fermented soy because of it's toxins, but in America, they ignore that wisdom and sell us boatloads of the stuff:

However, according to the extensively researched book, The Whole Soy Story: the dark side of America's favorite health food, by Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN, (this month's Book of the Month), the Chinese first started eating soybeans about 2,500 years ago, after they figured out how to ferment it. Somehow, the ancient Chinese knew that soybeans still contain many toxins after cooking and thus avoiding eating it until they learned to neutralize those toxins through fermentation. And in traditional Asian diets, soy is only used in small amounts as a condiment, with pork, seafood and other animals providing the bulk of the protein.

I used to eat tofu burgers, textured vegetable protein made out of soy and fake soy sausage hoping to save on calories and fat, and I noticed a very bad development: my thyroid would swell up, I would feel a giant lump at the front of my throat. Of course I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism years ago and take .475 of synthroid daily but no one should be eating that stuff.

This guy too is right about the dangers of soy.

The dangers of soy include soy phytoestrogens. They are potent antithyroid agents that cause hypothyroidism and may cause thyroid cancer. In infants, consumption of soy formula has been linked to autoimmune thyroid disease.[2]

People with hypothyroidism should pay close attention to the dangers of soy because soy can cause hypothyroidism. You may have hypothyroidism and not even know it. If you are obese, there is a good chance you suffer from it to some degree.

Hypothyroidism causes weight gain because there is not enough thyroid hormone being produced. This causes the metabolism to slow down, contributing to obesity.
What is scary is when reading food ingredients, I am noticing they are pouring soy into everything, who determined this was a good idea? Add to the fact that soy is proven to affect the endocrine system and is often a genetically modified food, and think about what I have written on this blog about us being fattened up on purpose here in America.

Why are they pushing soy so much and why is it being added to so many processed foods?

Dieting Mothers Means Fatter Babies?

"Obesity Now Another Thing You Can Blame on Your Mother"

According to a BBC interview with the lead author of the study, Keith Godfrey, a professor at the University of Southampton, the finding accounts for a quarter of the difference "in the fatness of children six to nine years later." The study says the effect was "considerably greater" than that of birth weight and did not depend on how thin or fat the mother was, reports the BBC.

I know all that low carb stuff makes the people fatter too. It doesn't work. One month trying to be totally gluten free, I barely ate any carbs, I had the WORSE blood sugar ever. I don't believe everything they tell you.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

From Big Fat Delicious: Some Thoughts on Fat Identity

I found this blog entry interesting...

"Some Thoughts on Fat Identity"

In it she talks about girls who are thin, who are critiqued over their weight and memories about being younger and really not that big and told how she is fat over and over.

Now, before y'all start flaming me - understand where I'm coming from as a DEATHFATZ woman who, when I look back at pictures of me as a kid/teenager, wasn't really fat back then but sure as hell thought I was because that's all I heard. Sure, I never wore single digit sizes in my life (well, maybe as a baby and a toddler), and I don't remember ever wearing a size that wasn't classified as "Chubby" in girls' sizes or ever getting to wear any of the clothes like my peers wore when I was teen (I had to shop in the womens' sections of the stores to find anything over size 14/16 to fit me). But I wasn't fat like I'm fat now

I think about the times I was younger, and remember being 12-13 years old wearing size 12, and ironically remember being told how fat I was. At that age, I sunk to the level where some of the teasing stopped, but it was short lived, a summer where my parents had bought a pool membership, probably brought me more exercise, and the 100lb weight gain that would come in high school and from the blossoming of PCOS, would still be acouple years in the future and would begin after the trauma of a move on my 13th birthday. [Remember the 12 plus years I speak of where I was in the mid 200s before my massive fast weight gain that drove my weight to nearly 700lbs?]

There is one moment that stands out in my mind, where the brown size 12/13 pants suit with vest I wore on New Years Eve no longer fits 6 months later and my mother is very angry at me, at the time, I felt devestated and like I was being blamed for something beyond my control. Later I would wonder why didn't anyone take me to a doctor since my weight would skyrocket so fast especially between 1983 [the summer I went out West with my family and 1984?]

My life where my average weight was around 240-250, with a few 30lb up and downs for many years is ironic now, as I remember the job discrimination, losing jobs-over my bad lungs where the doctors gave me prednisone would put back on weight I lost and then later more, the health problems and it seemed the unyielding unending abuse just for being bigger [remember I was 5'11] then the average person.

I think how did all of this affect me in the long haul? It seems they just want to bombard fat people further, rather then come up with any real answers of making lives more happy and healthy? Consider I was later diagnosed with at least one endocrine condition related to stress and high levels of cortisol, what did all this do for me but hurt my health worse?

How many people especially women live under a rain cloud of despair for an extra 20,30, 50 plus pounds? What does this do for their health in the long run? Maybe they are ensuring more fatter and sicker people down the road! I think so.

She goes on to talk about the expected perfection and more things they pressure people to fulfil, mostly to make money.

I think more and more our society has lost its mind. The feelings are very poignant when I look back at the pictures of myself at age 12-13, and see a very pretty girl who may have a little plumpness to her but who otherwise was very good looking.

Real World Research? One Sure Hopes So

NIH Obesity Plan Focuses on Real World Research.

Health officials Thursday announced a new effort to curb America's obesity epidemic by moving science from the lab into clinical trials to find practical ways for prevention and treatment.

"This plan is a bold blueprint that will encourage the research community to examine the epidemic of obesity from diverse perspectives," National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Dr. Francis Collins said in a statement.

Lane Bryant/Fashion Bug Closing Stores

Lane Bryant/Fashion Bug Closing Stores

Charming Shoppes Inc., parent to Lane Bryant, says it plans to close more than 10 percent of its stores nationwide this year.
Bensalem, Pa.-based Charming Shoppes Inc. (Nasdaq:CHRS), whose holdings also include the Cacique, Fashion Bug and Catherines Plus Sizes brands, said the closings will hit 240 of its 2,064 stores. About half of the stores to be shuttered will be its Fashion Bug nameplate, which has nine Phoenix-area locations, according to the company’s website...

I stopped wearing their clothes years ago, even before the years I was too big to fit in their clothing. Some of us don't want to dress like hookers or like someone's grandmother from 1970. I worked at a Fashion Bug Plus when I was in college, when I still fit into the clothes, and even with a discount, saw little I wanted to wear.

Avoiding Bagged Lettuce: Update on Digestive Troubles

I have been pretty sick the last few months, digestively to the point I have become food aversive many days. Yeah ironic, eh? No fat has come off but there were days, I was barely eating. I found out by trial and error on thing making me sick was the use of bagged lettuce and spinach. [even after rinsing it myself]. Someone told me that many people do get sick from what they spray on the lettuce as they process it. I looked up some websites to see what is sprayed...[see page 35 here] I already knew baby carrots made me sick, I eat all mine unprocessed where I have to peel them, so by trial and error, giving up bagged lettuce and spinach, has dropped bowel problems by quite a substantial degree. So it seems I am getting more of a handle on this stuff. Trust me any problem I can solve myself is better then lining up for a litany of expensive medical tests with risk. I am noting that other processed food is tending to be a trigger as well as anything too greasy or spicy or with any derivatives of milk--already dairy-free. With the lettuce this could be a food allergy but it also could be what they are spraying on it to keep the e-coli and other things away. Others have reported aversive smells and reactions.

Why Do They See Fat As a Choice?

It's always made me wonder. They all point to fat people and say, you are choosing to be that way. Well news to the intellectual one in their right mind would choose to be fat especially in this society. I've had days where I have actually wished I was born to a far thinner family, wondering what kind of different life I would have had, without all the accompanying suffering, watching a cousin now shoot up from 250lbs to what looks like near 400lbs, I don't want anyone else suffering this! What is sad, is they probably will inherit the ostracization that comes from thinner members of the family towards fatter ones. The chattering elite classes all say, well they can just diet and exercise and they all think that automatically works? Why? Well folks, its NOT working, and time to go back to the drawing board! Every fat person on the planet has spent time banging their head against the diet wall. Not everyone has the lung, heart, etc to go run a few miles. I have talked about on this blog, HOW MY LUNGS WENT FIRST, and then the fat came. One thing that happens to fat people, and no one talks about this, is they cannot exercise like the thin, you simply cannot get enough air in, and often become very ill, so why is that put forth as the "answer"? Some of these people seem to think fat people wake up thinking 'I want to be fat!" NO it is a nightmare. I had life near normal til I was almost 27 years old, and well life as a fat person is very hard. No one would choose this. No one at all.

Oprah had endless money for gyms, trainers, specialized chefs and still ended up fat, so what about the rest of us who can barely afford a specialized diet? Who wish we could afford a gym, but can't find one to accomodate us? If all these people really cared about the fat, there would be special gyms opened up nation wide, where someone 500lbs could get on a bicycle, they could peddle slowly even without worrying about breaking it, and having a room full of skinny hipsters give them a dirty look. There would be organic community gardens on every street corner where some of us could grow some decent food. But even that may not work. There is a reason the poor tend to be fatter, that stress and obesity are tied, and that chemicals, toxins and other things are ruining our health and uprooting our endocrine and metabolic systems. As plumes of radiation spiral from Japan, and the globe is brainwashed to "hate the fat", fat people suffer under the idiots who think "This is all a choice". Fat people have become voiceless, who have tried to tell their truth, only to be ignored over and over.

Fat Stigma Spreads Around the Globe

Fat Stigma Spreads Around the Globe.

Using mostly in-person interviews, supplemented with questions posed over the Internet, they tested attitudes among 700 people in 10 countries, territories and cities, including American Samoa, Tanzania, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Argentina, New Zealand, Iceland, two sites in Arizona and London.

Dr. Brewis said she fully expected high levels of fat stigma to show up in the “Anglosphere” countries, including the United States, England and New Zealand, as well as in body-conscious Argentina. But what she did not expect was how strongly people in the rest of the testing sites expressed negative attitudes about weight. The results, Dr. Brewis said, suggest a surprisingly rapid “globalization of fat stigma.”

“The change has come very, very fast in all these places,” she said.

This is via mass marketing. As we know the wealthy tend to be more thin. Seems the entire globe is allowing itself to be shackled mentally and physically. Of course instead of any real answers they will just push the same garbage. Like the guy who blames everything on "gluttony". Just more stupidity, arrogance and self serving narcissism of America as one guy points out on the comments to be imported overseas. The mostly slim elites want another thing to use to oppress people who don't look like them, never mind the poison and fattening agents being poured into cheaper foods. Don't worry as they raise the food prices, they'll tell you it's for your "own good".

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fat Man Dies After Being Stuck in Chair

Obese Man Fused To Recliner for Two Years I saw this article recently, noticing the horror on different websites as they reported about this man that actually got fused to the chair needing to be cut out of it.
"The morbidly obese man died in the hospital after he was cut out of his home as he has been fused to his recliner he sat in for two years Wheeling Hospital in West Virginia confirms the death of 43-year-old Richard Hughes of Bellaire, Ohio. The man’s girlfriend called the paramedics on Sunday after she found him unconscious. The man was wedged in his recliner where his skin was fused into the chair from prolonged sitting."
What is scary is I remember there is another time this happened! One from couple years ago: "800-Pound South Carolina Man Dies After Getting Stuck in Recliner for 8 Months"
"Webb's body was physically stuck to the power recliner and firefighters had to cut him from the chair to take him to the hospital. He died a few hours later, his body covered with sores and a "very bad odor," according to a police report."
The wife in this case claims she tried to get him help at least in the beginning..
"For his first few weeks home, Daniel Webb was open to the idea of seeing someone. Getting to them was the problem. "Everybody kept telling us, if you get here, we'll help you. We didn't have no way of getting him up, and nobody was willing to come help us," Ada Webb said. "He just kind of said, 'it's in God's hands' at that point."
I've almost been stuck in a chair before, there is one chair too low here for me to sit on, I can still get up from but barely. I stopped sitting in it, and plan to get rid of it soon. I have fallen down on the floor before, not for a few years, and once had to be helped up [was able to get up partially on my own] and other time, used the bed alone to haul myself up. I have a online friend who was my weight before, she is now deceased, who was stuck on a floor for two days til someone found her. [she was too weak from other health problems to crawl to the phone] These cases frighten me because I can see a fat person of super size getting stuck and being left somewhere. I trust those around me to help me {I'd be calling paramedics to come help me}, but it is the super fat's person nightmare when it comes to losing mobility, I've done crazy things like walk on a broken foot even, this body has trained me to take pain, but sometimes pain is too high to tolerate. The people around these folks should have gotten some home health aides, paramedics in or something even if they had to scream and rant and rave on the nightly news for someone to do something! However I bet you dollars to donuts they were poor people who feared the medical bills or being left in a nursing home to die alone. Something in these two men also just gave up. The other day, a medical professional told me there are many fat people my size they treat who are totally bed bound. I think it is a blessing I can still walk, I do not take it for granted. But people do not realize the amount of pain I push through to get through a day or how I have to force myself to do so much. As the years pass by, people wear out, and old age itself is hard enough on the thin. I'm housebound from breathing during cold and hot weather, then things get pushed too far, I can only deal with so much at a time. For a person my size, one broken leg, a badly sprained ankle, a weakened condition can mean losing all mobility and that is where the really bad stuff begins. Knowing this impacts many of my medical decisions. The cusp of immobility is close to me. It is horrific that two people suffered this way, no one should have had to die that way. The people around them FAILED them to an incredible degree. Our country is still running at a level where there was help for them even though one could question the degree of access and ruined assets via medical bills. I saw the comments on the boards where the people blamed the men. NO ONE chooses that type of life whether they had medical conditions behind their weight or a food addiction problem. To me there is abuse and neglect in watching someone die that way and live that way. That is unconscionable.