Sunday, April 3, 2011

Avoiding Bagged Lettuce: Update on Digestive Troubles

I have been pretty sick the last few months, digestively to the point I have become food aversive many days. Yeah ironic, eh? No fat has come off but there were days, I was barely eating. I found out by trial and error on thing making me sick was the use of bagged lettuce and spinach. [even after rinsing it myself]. Someone told me that many people do get sick from what they spray on the lettuce as they process it. I looked up some websites to see what is sprayed...[see page 35 here] I already knew baby carrots made me sick, I eat all mine unprocessed where I have to peel them, so by trial and error, giving up bagged lettuce and spinach, has dropped bowel problems by quite a substantial degree. So it seems I am getting more of a handle on this stuff. Trust me any problem I can solve myself is better then lining up for a litany of expensive medical tests with risk. I am noting that other processed food is tending to be a trigger as well as anything too greasy or spicy or with any derivatives of milk--already dairy-free. With the lettuce this could be a food allergy but it also could be what they are spraying on it to keep the e-coli and other things away. Others have reported aversive smells and reactions.

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