Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fat Stigma Spreads Around the Globe

Fat Stigma Spreads Around the Globe.

Using mostly in-person interviews, supplemented with questions posed over the Internet, they tested attitudes among 700 people in 10 countries, territories and cities, including American Samoa, Tanzania, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Argentina, New Zealand, Iceland, two sites in Arizona and London.

Dr. Brewis said she fully expected high levels of fat stigma to show up in the “Anglosphere” countries, including the United States, England and New Zealand, as well as in body-conscious Argentina. But what she did not expect was how strongly people in the rest of the testing sites expressed negative attitudes about weight. The results, Dr. Brewis said, suggest a surprisingly rapid “globalization of fat stigma.”

“The change has come very, very fast in all these places,” she said.

This is via mass marketing. As we know the wealthy tend to be more thin. Seems the entire globe is allowing itself to be shackled mentally and physically. Of course instead of any real answers they will just push the same garbage. Like the guy who blames everything on "gluttony". Just more stupidity, arrogance and self serving narcissism of America as one guy points out on the comments to be imported overseas. The mostly slim elites want another thing to use to oppress people who don't look like them, never mind the poison and fattening agents being poured into cheaper foods. Don't worry as they raise the food prices, they'll tell you it's for your "own good".

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