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Thyroid and Weight Gain

I was surprised I hadn't posted anything on hypothyroidism on my blog yet, except for aspects of my personal story with it, so I am posting these two videos. Thyroid disease is becoming very widespread, be mindful of where you stand with it. I have several friends with thyroid problems, both hypo and hyper.

Some of My Recent Thoughts About Life and The World

I tell myself, don't let them get to you! I found myself telling a group of people at a self help group, I want to confound the doctors, and the rest of the world and live far longer then they would ever expect. Even being this sick, I've outlasted their expectations. Maybe I am whistling by the graveyard, but God will determine how long I make it in this world. It was kind of funny, many friends there said, "You go, girl!"

Even after the fall I said to myself you must push through the pain, and that is something I've learned to do. Wonder how many superfat women think "walk it off" after a great fall? I wonder where the vestiges of that inner coach even came from, a long ago gym class lost in my memory banks somewhere? I guess some of that stuff came in handy, maybe not. LOL I am doing better and able to walk though my left leg is dealing with a bit of a setback.


Ah weight loss surgery...

Wow even that picture makes me feel like going to puke. I have a sensitive stomach already.

Some steel eyed doctors,  say to conform or to "live", I must enter their Iron Maiden of weight loss surgery, to a life of puking and pain, outdistancing the digestive problems I already have. I trust in God as my hope. With the weight, well, one does what they can and progresses each day. My sugars seem to be reading lower which is a good development. While I have written that I understand why people choose weight loss surgery and to take a spin of that roulette wheel, my view of weight loss surgery has grown more negative. I do not see it as "fixing" anyone. The weight regains are immense. The people even if they manage to keep weight off become more fragile. Why is so much research money and resources being poured into this basically what is torture for the fat? I have known people personally who have died from this surgery. One was a friend who matched me even in the PCOS though she never had any thyroid and other problems, she lost 80 at the start, only a small percentage of her weight, and then became far more frail and sicker from her other health problems. I still think she'd be alive if she had never gotten this surgery done. Even her odd reaction to being on a ventilator, the day after the surgery, seemed to be an avenue, of false hope, now I'll be thin!" The stories of my fat friends, some of whom I have lost, are very sad ones.People pay a heavy, heavy price for that small percentage of weight that comes off, very few lose it all either. Even if they do not die, right off, more health problems come later. If you are thinking about weight loss surgery, do not talk to those who are just 18 months out, but go to 5 years out and beyond!

With the doctors, while I certainly use modern medicine myself, I also believe the more you stay away from some of them the longer you may live. I have put a new blog up on the index called suethsayings that explores some of the dark side of the weight loss surgery world. This blogger while I do not agree with his politics, he's got the WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY CYCLE THING DOWN PAT!


Ugh I hate this picture, and look she is smiling being so "busy" and "conforming"

One thing that concerns me is the meanness towards the fat seems to be growing and even the average size people are feeling more oppressed by all the rules, demands and more. While we need laws and rules to keep society civil, and for protection of those who are weaker, why isn't anyone questioning some of the demands out there? Isn't it time to sit back and question where things are going? I am talking about a more wide-ranging topic then just being fat in this world. This is about questioning what you value in this world. Our society seems to be coming the most rule laden, societally disconnected, and depressing place to be.  The bean counters have won justifying their too high salaries by writing endless lists of rules, regulations and forms for people to fill out.  Where are the independent thinkers? I know some of course, but many of us who are that way, feel a heavy blanket thrown over our souls lately. I have my faith to sustain me, but one thing to think about doing, is question some of those experts, question those who say you have to have a perfect body, house, and "life" who pile on the paperwork and demands while offering nothing in return. Yes I had a week filled with way too much paperwork. I'm exhausted. Keeping my body going is "work" enough.  Maybe a copy machine should become part of everyone's living room decor, the way this is going. I don't even have a job, but I feel overwhelmed lately.....


The obesity thing is just one component, as we are lied to there, they are lying about far more. Maybe my years of not being believed and almost losing my life to the weight gain coming on like a freight train drove me into questioning quite a bit of what I had been told, after all when one's reality does not match what you are told over and over, it has a person start to question other things. I'll state this til the day I die, something else is wrong with me beyond just not eating healthily enough and exercising enough. The 'experts" can consider me a liar, some of the doctors who are more understanding can speak of the metabolic and endocrine difficulties, but I know this body does not work like others. To the people who view me with a jaundiced eye of "You're a fat failure", you simply do not see. The obesity industrial complex sells itself via endless lies. The same media that lies about the effects of radiation from Fukishima, flouride in the water has no problems lying about weight. I believe weight is far more then calories in and calories out and doing the "proper" behavior. They know it too. 


I feel like it is harder to get decent food. There is the money end to it all but then there is the ACCESS. I am going to be driving 30-40 miles round trip having finally found a decent health food store that sells in bulk. This place was like a food wonderland to me, where I can actually can find food that is nutritious and affordable.

I went to the grocery store and all the pseudo food seems to be in even more shiny very colorful full of primary color boxes. This is just something I noticed the other day. One day looking at one lady's grocery cart, it looked like a clown had vomited. At least when the veggie stands are humming there will be more choice soon.

I could be losing weight, but all the bouncing water weight, makes it hard to know if I am or not. Today I am swollen up.  Why are my legs losing all the weight with loose skin why the middle stays huge?

One thing about being disabled, is you are on the outskirts of society. I have been on the fringes looking in for quite some years. When one is out of the rat race, it gives one a view from the sidelines, and watching the "game" from afar, some things are changing really radically and I don't think all those changes are good. 

 Well, I am old enough to remember what life used to be, and how instead of endless nightmare futures shown in such movies like the Hunger Games, anyone ever notice how the future always stinks now in movies? If someone did a movie where the future was full of flowers and singing instead of dark cavernous cities full of cruel robots or dictators, would it sell? How come no one is asking about this? How come NONE of our movies from the documentaries to the fiction ever offer any hopefulness or kindness? Watch some old movies some time, click on the classic movie channel and sure while they have some dark stuff like Mildred Pierce many movies used to have messages, many of which were uplifting. What ever happened to that?

I remember when TV shows and others gave people hopeful messages and or had morality plays. Even the plots of Laverne and Shirley simplistic as they were, had good things to say about friendship such as when Laverne got Lenny to forgive Squiggy for his broken leg from a practical joke. I watched one at 4 am, waking up too early, and thought WOW, that being the 1970s, sure there was some wild stuff, but I thought to myself, how different that show was, showing WORKING CLASS people and the joys and commitments of close friendship. Why did this show make me really almost want to cry thinking of the dreck that passes for entertainment now in feeling of extreme nostalgia? Even Little House on the Prairie showed people helping one another.


Being outside the mainstream of American society and the craziness of it all, looking within, I guess I am horrified at what I see. I spent years in a very rural town and as a member of a very small country church.  Many of my friends were elderly though I knew younger people too. So I had my foot in the old fashioned world for almost 10 years,  and I really didn't want to leave, but change came there too via the economy which changed the town fast and forced many people to leave including us. How do I explain it but trying to state it, it is like seeing a whole way of life slip through one's finger tips? Was life for people supposed to become nothing but about oppression, not having enough money to live on, and feeling beaten down simply by trying to stay afloat and a life of endless goodbyes? I do not think so. Watching my husband work 12-14 hours days only to be cast aside when he got into the arena of late middle age, told me something was very off.  And while some can say, weight and health problems make for a hard life watching the suffering of others grow, tells me the snowball of societal decline isn't just taking the typical "outcasts" of society out anymore such as the disabled like myself, the very elderly, etc, but many average people too who realize that something is being lost but whom feel unable understandably to put it into words. Everyone is stressed out more and more.

One thing that troubles me, is everyone dealing with these difficulties feels so alone, in a society where everyone has been programmed to put on a front. Outside of a few friends, it is not something that is coming up in open conversation. The news isn't telling the truth either.
Does anyone else want to say "Hey wait a minute"? I guess this is more of my thoughts about "dropping out".


One thing I have noticed is society is getting far more conformist, where people are being told to dress, act and believe the same way. Being a teen in the 80s, I remember even a multitude of sub-cultures and different styles of dress. What happened to that? It seems like all the young people dress alike nowadays which troubles me on a level I can't even explain. Sure there are a few smattering of goths and others, but their definitely was far more variety 30 years ago.


Everything is getting far more controlled from the TOP, where corporations and the experts are ruling lives far more then they ever could dream of ruling them. Local communities, families, have all been broken up and scattered. Can a community really solidify if everyone is moving every 5 years or people can't even depend on keeping a regular job? John Taylor Gatto, a man who has questioned the control factors implicit in public schools, is right that networks are not the same as a community, he says "A network cannot be a healthy substitute for family or community!" and he is right. Pondering this stuff, I think about how life has become for so many, feeling afloat, having lost all moorings to place and community. It has been the story of my own life.  I believe it is one thing that led to me having an unhealthy, troubled and otherwise stressed life but it is the story of millions of others in this country. I have been reading Gatto's writings this week, and his books have given me a lot to think about. These matters affect obesity, access to food and more too. This quote struck me quite a bit. It's true and it's affecting our very well-being, health and far more.

"Global economics does not speak to the public need for meaningful work, affordable housing, fulfilling education, adequate medical care, a clean environment, honest and accountable government, social and cultural renewal, or simple justice. All global ambitions are based on a definition of productivity and the good life so alienated from common human reality that I am convinced it is wrong and that most people would agree with me if they could perceive an alternative. We might be able to see that if we regained a hold on philosophy that locates meaning where meaning is genuinely to be found - in families, in friends, in the passage of seasons, in nature, in simple ceremonies and rituals, in curiosity, generosity, compassion, and service to others, in a decent independence and privacy, in all the free and inexpensive things out of which real families, real friends, and real communities are built - then we would be so self-sufficient we would not even need the material "sufficiency" which our global "experts" are so insistent we be concerned about."

Soon it seems they will be charging us for air to breathe soon too. I told my husband the other day food is getting so expensive, we better get out of a modern apartment, [the house rent here is so high] to a place where we can grow some of our own food. I am not sure how to make this happen, we are poor enough we need to stay on the bus line, in case our older car breaks down but then rent in the houses that would have land by them to use for a garden, are far more expensive. For me as well being the weight I am at and COPD, I need air conditioning to breathe through the summer and to avoid stairs, so it's been complicated. If you have a yard do not take it for granted.

Some may question the ability to garden at all, and you are right. I tried growing some things indoors but it failed. I have dreamed of a more self sufficient life, well as much as one can gain being disabled, but seems like it never will happen. It is strange to be absolutely food insecure and so overweight, but the two really do go hand in hand you know. I may write more on that later.

With family networks, I am feeling sad about my own lack of them. While I keep connected with some family members via the phone and Internet it is not the same as actually having people as part of your life or seeing them on a week to week basis. My parents were upper middle class, it was not a big deal to live hundreds of miles from relatives, they could visit, and travel was affordable to them. To me it is not, there are relatives, I have not seen in 5-6 years, and even one side of the family for 20. To me there is a lot of sadness about this. I have not been able to even be the aunt, I wanted to be, being so far away, though I have traveled when I could. As I have stated before, when you are poor and disabled, you can be left out of the active warp and weave of people's lives. Being severely obese, you do get closed out.  Some of course has to do with your health problems affecting things, it's no one's fault, and it does bother me.

I see people losing relatives, and the horrible grief and more accompanying that, and I do feel very badly for them. They are there to say Goodbye in the nursing home, or hospital.  To one friend, I said, "I have already lost great portions of my family, but in this case, they are still living". One can only do what they can. Modern life, has eroded the importance of certain family relationships. My mother grew up, with her aunts, uncles, cousins involved in her life. Many of mine have forgotten I exist and I fear that my own nieces and nephews just see me as some far away figure though I at least attempt as much involvement with them over the great distances. You want to know people, you just do not want them as strangers you see once every couple years or in some cases far less.

When I try to explain this to some younger people they do not get what I am talking about, for some the distance has become what is natural. I am finding friends and others in my newer community, but I know that feeling of not belonging anywhere haunts me. It really got started when I moved from my last community, something I only have begun to even understand in myself. This feeling of NOT BELONGING anywhere. Of course obesity has played a part in that story, to be honest that may be the worse feeling a severely obese person confronts. My husband has heard me talk about this a lot. I wonder if any others feel this way out there too? I am sure they do.

I went to a poetry reading the other day and heard an older man talk about his family and how they worked together, and about his aunts and uncles were part of his life. One got ill with Alzheimers, and I thought that was very tragic, he was going to visit his family member in the nursing home.  I thought to myself, if someone gets sick in my family, they will sadly most likely be on their own, since 500 miles distance between relatives isn't going to cut it anymore. What is going to happen to our generation when they get old and everyone is far away? Some of us are having health troubles while younger.


I am working on community things, I have to get my one disability advocacy project done, and plan to go to disability meeting discussing politics, that should be interesting as well as focusing on trying to help other people and looking forward to a visit from a friend of mine, we have been friends for 26 years.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fat Nation: Future Gulags for the Fat?

Some time ago I posted this...

"It's the Fat Camp for You Comrade!" [read it for context for the article]

Remember they always blame the individual...

instead of admitting that modern American life stinks!

The corporations and powers that be PROFIT off the fat. They will pretend they want to "help" but look at the issues I cover on this blog, nothing except for a few rare researchers are dealing with anything honestly.

"Obesity will crush the United States into oblivion" guy says.

No obesity [for those who have become ill from it] is a SYMPTON of a sick culture...

a culture where people live under constant unrelenting stress.

a culture where social networks and social contracts have broken down

a culture where most are forced to eat GMO and Frankenfood that is sold to us full of sugar and fat and goodness knows what else.

a culture where at least half the people struggle to make ends meet

a culture where leisure, free time for many has been destroyed

a culture with a broken health care system

Whose going to be healthy in this place?

I wish Americans would admit something is wrong with the culture, rather then striking their breasts and yelling mea culpa!

But then that wouldn't make these folks any money.....

Civil liberties are DISAPPEARING in this country. While people bow at the feet of Obama, and imagine him to be a classic "liberal", his signing of bills that have limited free speech like HR 347 and the would be dystopian horror of NDAA show what he is really about. Google is your friend become an informed citizen. Neither party cares about your freedom either in case someone thinks I am ready to throw my hat in the ring for Romney. I'm not.

So thinking about the disappearance of civil liberties and the fat, one wonders where things could go.....

Fat people are already rendered second class citizen, with defacto class warfare, keeping the fatter lower classes, down just because they are more overweight.

Will people one day be fined for being fat? Have a ration card for eating?

The global elites and others who fund such documentaries know what they are doing. There of course is NOTHING about what is being added to the food and the inherent issues.

Study Questions Link Between Food Deserts and Obesity

Just because the food is there, doesn't mean they all can afford it.

Study Questions Link Between Food Deserts and Obesity

As I have written, the bad stuff is far more accessible. Also does just eating an apple make for a decent dinner for most people? It may be a snack in a pinch, but I found myself in the grocery store with 7 bucks to spend playing "What do I eat?" In my case, I bought some dairy free Amy's health food enchiladas, but it's getting harder and more expensive to assemble tasty healthy meals out there. You can't just tell the poor people go eat a few bites of some iceberg lettuce for lunch and call it a day. I think it is the assembling of meals part people are missing out on. I do things like cut up an entire green pepper and eat it for snacks, but do not consider those things meals. Cooking takes a lot of organization and focus, and we live in a society that doesn't seem to help with either. Sometimes just the energy I have to commit to meal planning seems insane, and I do not have to worry about a job or a passel of kids to take care of after working a long 12 hour day.

Then there is the money issue. The fruits and vegetables are FAR more expensive. Towards the end of the month when the money runs low, and the fridge is empty in these households, they aren't buying a 4 dollar pint of strawberries, or buying 12 dollars of produce to assemble a salad, they are going for the 2 dollar box of chicken patties or the 1 dollar value menu at McDonalds.

This person commenting on the article got it right:

I think anyone who is familiar with the peculiarities of life in the lower socio-economic rungs of the U.S. know very well why even the best-stocked grocery stores aren't enough to rectify the obesity and nutritional crisis affecting poorer population groups. Produce and fresh foods require cooking, and cooking requires, among other things: a working gas stove, clean pots and pans, a working knowledge of food preparation, plates, and economic/time incentive (a quick, large and cheap meal being consumed and finished by multiple family members at once is ideal.) These things don't sound like barriers to most readers of the NYT but they are for many, many working Americans. For families with parents on an erratic schedule and kids staying with relatives, even the time commitment it takes to prepare food is prohibitive enough to dissuade most of the working class. The last thing you want to do when you come home at 9 PM is to drive to the grocery store and prep something from scratch, and with the aggressive omnipresence of cheap fast food places and cheap sodium-drenched frozen meals, why would you? I love to cook, know how to do it well, and even as an educated 20something with a white collar job and no kids (although my upbringing was decidedly less comfortable) I am still learning how to plan out my weeks and maintain my discipline so I don't throw out produce or fall to the convenience of eating out.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

One of the scariest things for a super fat person is falling and not being able to get up. Yesterday I was walking out of the bathroom and slipped, we had rugs down and husband had taken shower but I hit the one little spot of water on the floor like my feet were made of ice cubes and went slipping, I would fall on my right side, and end up totally on the floor. You ever hear of people having accidents and they feel like they are happening in slow motion? It's true. I dreaded the crash that would come on the hard tile floor. I screamed and my husband came running [well limping since he has had a relapse of his gout attack, and then my panicked thoughts came..."Oh no, I haven't been on the floor in 11 years! there is no way I am going to be able to get up!" The dread and horror hit at once, as my body was crumbled to the floor.

I then got myself up in a kneeling position using the tub.When it really hits the fan, I have this emotional thing where I close out pain and turmoil, I did not even cry from the pain and fear, only the initial yelling. I said, "I don't think I can get up, having tried once with a hand on the tub to get up, we may need to call the paramedics" My husband told me, try and get up on the tub, fortunately our tub sits lower and I was able to back up to it and hoist myself up on the tub where I was sitting. I knew I was in too low of a seated position to get up, but he was able to stand me up pulling on one arm and me hoisting myself using a chair he had brought in to get me standing so we did not need to call anyone. I've had to help him get off the floor too during severe gout attacks. Both of us are not in the best shape, it's scary, we have no grown children to help us, and stress over many years has gotten to us.

I would get severe bruising and pulled a muscle behind my left knee where walking is hard. I am able to just about walk, but barely. Things are frightening around here as husband is sick too hobbling on a cane. I was told if we need help, I would have to call the local aging office but that seems more like a permanent sort of thing. Getting old is scary, don't let anyone tell you any different. For us super fat people falling down can be a big deal. The wrong sort of fall and it can be the rehab and worse the nursing home. This is an issue, I have never seen dealt with on any of the size acceptance boards, but it's a true one. Superfat people have this as a huge risk. When we break a leg, it's not just some crutches, it's time in a nursing home if it can heal right.

I know without my husband, I could not live alone. I was worried my ears contributed to my fall too, I've had severe ear ringing from my Meinere's all week and my balance has been more off. Thank God nothing was broken or torn. Bathrooms are the most dangerous room in the house, no kidding!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Disability Advocacy

I have developed a new interest in this and probably will be doing some volunteer work in relation to it. While I do not agree with all the PC stuff, I do not care if someone calls me "disabled" instead of a person "with disabilities", I do think that more disabled people need to pay attention to our place in the community and trying to advocate for ourselves and others. Recently I met a dedicated disability advocate who is friendly and understanding to those who face weight problems as well as other health issues.

One of my new projects is to talk to a discount food store about acquiring a scooter, as there are many poorer people in the community who would save money being able to use that store. We are in a climate now, that is kind of scary for disabled people as budgets are cut and the economy grows worse. I did attend a local disability round table and while disabled issues are far ranging, and individuals facing the challenges of disability very diverse, I found it very much of interest. I even asked the advocate worker for new information regarding hearing impairment. More on these matters later.

Diets Seem Like "Magic" to Me.

My body has long exited the normal 'Diet and lose weight" mode. From my own experience, people who "eat less" to lose weight are performing "magic" that has no bearing on my actual reality. Try explaining this one to doctors, no one believes you. Friends who have spent enough time with me do.

My digestive problems which are a constant bane of my life, has limited the eating. I seem to go from doing good to bad rather quickly and had two days of nausea and pain. Realizing the food allergies are getting worse and worse has limited the eating.

Now having a hate relationship with food because it causes me pain more often then not has limited my eating. If a doctor told me to go on a diet, I'd laugh in their face and tell them to try having to eat like I do. That includes avoiding even the seeds in strawberries and sesame seeds on buns or health food store sesame chips, to keep from painful bowel attacks as well as all dairy, potatoes, fish, anything fried, anything with too much oil, and a vast variety of other foods that seem to have become my enemy.

I even due to warmer weather and this focus on community involvement and trying to do at least a few things with my life, from art to a new interest in disability advocacy have been more active [well for me], in between times spent in bed, but that hasn't seemed to help though some of the stamina has improved at least on a good day.

I know a normal person would be losing tons of weight, I'm not from what I can tell. I wondered if I have finally exited the 500s, somehow I doubt it. Sometimes this sort of thing is scary. I think about my life and experiences and how everything I am told does not match my own reality.

GMOS making Americans Fat?

I don't agree with everything on RT, just a caveat, but I have been pondering the influence of GMOS, I have wondered even if some of my digestive problems of late, is an allergic response to GMO food, which is getting harder and harder to avoid. The GMOs are changing us, change the genes in the food, you think it won't directly affect ours? I speak out against GMOs as much as possible but sadly cannot afford to remove them from my own diet, though I try. One even thinks about the connection of gut flora, to our digestion and metabolisms and how this stuff has to be destroying them. 70% of our food is genetically engineered?

Carnie Wilson Has Weight Loss Surgery AGAIN

Carnie Wilson Has Weight Loss Surgery Again

Isn't she proof that Weight Loss Surgery especially in the long term arena just does not work? Isn't her stomach already cut down from the first surgery? I guess it stretched out. Even reading about this stuff causes me pain. Does being fat now have as its price, endless torturous surgeries?

Twelve years after Carnie Wilson underwent gastric bypass surgery and famously lost 150 lbs., the singer has done it again: On January 18, Wilson went under the knife for lap-band surgery, PEOPLE confirms exclusively.

Since having the procedure – during which a silicone band is placed around the stomach to create a pouch the size of a golf ball – Wilson, 43, has lost 30 lbs. and counting.

"It was the right decision for me and I'm doing really well so far," Wilson tells PEOPLE. "It's all about taking good care of myself

Here is what she looked like in 2011

Just really strange and she was fired from a diet company in 2010 for failing to lose weight and selling cheesecake.

Why aren't any of these celebrities independent thinkers? I cringe at the idea of multiple weight loss surgeries becoming the "new normal".

Losing 4 inches in height

It's now affirmed at two different doctor offices and me standing next to the height measurer by the door at the local DMV when I and my husband renewed the car registration. I am only 5'7. Why is that scary? Because I was 5'11 and a half for years! I am sure of that measurement having had it taken at school and other doctors. Some years ago, I kept thinking I am getting shorter, I noticed my sister who I was taller then for a long time, looking taller then me.

How on earth did I lose 4 inches? One snarky doctor said, the fat had compressed my spine. Can anyone tell me, does this happen to seriously fat people? This article says height loss with age is normal, but 4 inches seems pretty excessive for someone my age. An osteopath did tell me that I likely have osteoporosis in my neck especially due to the years of steroid use for asthma and the thyroid and endocrine problems.

I think people's bones are suffering from lower nutrition too.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Time Magazine and the Path Foundation Agree: "Everyone is Fatter then you Think!

Americans May Be Fatter Then We Think

What kind of study is this and financed by who?
In a study published in the journal PLoS One, lead author Dr. Eric Braverman, president of the nonprofit Path Foundation in New York City, which supports brain research, says that our current measure of obesity — body mass index, or BMI — significantly underestimates the number of people, especially women, who are obese.

Braverman and his co-author, Dr. Nirav Shah, New York State’s Commissioner of Health, studied 1,400 men and women, comparing their BMI measurement to their percentage of body fat, as measured by a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan. While BMI is a simple ratio of a person’s height and weight, the DEXA scan — which is normally used to measure bone density — can distinguish between bone, fat and muscle mass.

What is the Path Foundation?

It seems if they were interested in real brain research, they would study the influence of hormones, chemicals and satiety rather then a study like this which could be picked up and used by the Industrial Diet Complex to tell the fat people, there are far more of you then we thought!

I went to the Path Foundations page of things they are involved with and interested in studying...

I think you will find this list very interesting.....

Our findings will make a major contribution to the restructuring of American health care to brain-based medicine by:

• Affirming that brain’s cognitive energy is directly related to the number of brain cells firing, and exponentially related to the brain’s processing speed.

• Confirming that adequate hydration and preservation of brain cells sustains cognitive energy with age by keeping the mind fast and powerful.

• Linking dementia and obesity to hormonal imbalances in the brain.

• Establishing a biomarker for obesity management

• Proving the impact of the hormone PTH on osteoporosis and dementia prevention while emphasizing the critical importance of maintaining low levels of PTH for longevity.

• Improving parity of men and women in the work force with awareness and early correctionof the rising levels of hormones FSH and LH from age twenty-two onwards.

• Highlighting menopause as a main cause of dementia in women.
I bolded and increased the font of some of these I find worrying....

Is it just me or is there a "brave new world" kind of edge to this "science"?

Don't get me wrong, I agree with them about the BMI being inaccurate, but notice even that was in the cause of saying too many are too fat.

How come no research on the effects of all the chemicals and toxins on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis?

Biomarkers for the obese? Would the be given at birth to see who will be fat?

Well I find it all disturbing, even the part about menopause causing dementia. Old age and dementia do go together. Just strange.

They have studied 'hypometabolism in the brain".  Hey remember that article where it connected dementia and obesity from acouple years ago? This was some different researchers, but this story reminded me of it.

Is it just me but does some of this the research seem pointed in a certain biased way? Not all reseach, some are doing decent work, but I am thinking some "brave new world" thoughts about how such research will disenfranchise the obese more and more ["future dementia" victims, their brains are "deficient"] without really offering HELP OR ANSWERS.

I do not mind scientists studying neurology to figure out how people's bodies work, even I believe that fat people's bodies work differently. However why the focus on this sort of study?

Just some things I am thinking about

PS. Later I was on another blog Living~400lbs and saw some discussion of this. There one of the commenters wrote about Dr. Eric Braverman's book.

I find myself sighing yet again, I do think some changes to eating can help, but here we have the false message of "hyper-control" that such types think everyone has. Would this guy even believe a 500lb woman buys Veganaise and uses tumeric in her food on purpose?

Even scarier is Dr. Braverman's page, where testimonies of some of women who are only 150-160lbs consider themselves desperately obese.

Hospital Makes Weight Discrimination Official

To be honest, I would kind of scared to be a patient in a place that refused to hire anyone over a certain weight. If they treat would be employees with a bit of plumpness so horribly, how will they treat someone like me?

Hospital Won't Hire Obese Workers

Is it OK to discriminate against obese people?

(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY Victoria Hospital in Texas has stated they will no longer hire anyone with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 or higher. To put that in perspective, that's 210 pounds for someone 5', 5".

We already are in a society where the young and good-looking are hired first while others lose out. Even those who end up jobless over a certain age, know how financially dangerous that can be.