Tuesday, November 29, 2011

200lb Eight Year Old Taken Away From Parents

"200lb Eight Year Old Placed in Foster Care" 
(AP) CLEVELAND - An 8-year-old elementary school student who weighs more than 200 pounds has been taken from his family and placed into foster care after county social workers said his mother wasn't doing enough to control his weight.
The Plain Dealer newspaper reports that the Cleveland 8-year-old is considered severely obese and at risk for such diseases as diabetes and hypertension.
The case is the first state officials can recall of a child being put in foster care strictly for a weight-related issue.
Lawyers for the mother say the county overreached when authorities took the boy last week. They say the medical problems he is at risk for do not yet pose an imminent danger.
A spokeswoman says the county removed the child because caseworkers saw his mother's inability to reduce his weight as medical neglect.

This bugs me, imagine the fat kid, thinking "I am fat, and it's my fault, I've been taken away from my parents!" Why do these people always act like the weight is under anyone's CONTROL. Maybe this kid needs tested for medical or endocrine problems. Normal eight year olds do not become 200lbs. Even here the social services is based on the false pseudo-science of calories in, fat out, nonsense we are all oppressed by.  There is money changing hands with a lot of these social services agencies. The corruption is rife. How many will now use weight as an excuse to take children away from parents? Why don't they help the family with grocery money, a nutritionist or a gym membership? The children are paying the most for the bad adulterated food with endless sugars and chemicals to ensure that full signals from the brain do not work, and to lead them to full blown insulin resistance.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Different Quality of Organic Food

It is something I've been pondering. I have been spending a lot of money on food, and well, the digestion issues FORCED this change. When you can't eat MSG that wipes about 85% of the processed food off the shelf. I thought I was dying of cancer my digestion got so bad, but that dropped kicked down 80% of the bowel attacks, I was having. How many people are still suffering not knowing how toxins can come through food? I had sat down and thought it out, that things were just like when I ate dairy or eggs or other things I am allergic to and thought "THERE IS A NEW ALLERGEN" what is it?

What added to this is eating more ORGANIC food and I have noticed something, the quality is DIFFERENT to the food, it tastes better. I know I am not imaging it. I have been eating these organic apples lately, apples are very healing and I noticed when I ate one of these a day, my digestion behaved itself. Even the TEXTURE of the apple was different, I do not even know how to explain it. It tasted far better. I do not miss the shellac or whatever it is, they coat the regular apples with too. Even the skin was different.

What A Weird Picture!

Found this online today, what a weird picture! Well we all know the "thin person" fighting to get out of the fat 'cage" senario. I am of the opinion that the fat bodies do not operate properly as a whole. Even the higher levels of hunger are not normal. Exercise also HELPS the thin buff guy get better. Even when I was young, exercise often made me sick, and throw up and never seemed to be a fun exercise, the intense stuff just made me ill. I always wondered if I had some type of hormonal-adrenal problem that messed up the whole process. Panic attacks would ensue most of the time and this during times when I was far from very obese.

Of course they show the fat guy guzzling pop which I didn't like. The trainer physical ed types probably will use this for motivation in "us" fat people as their greatest fear, but I wish they would realize their bodies work properly and ours do not. I still think of the days where I could walk 4 miles and enjoy it but I still ended up fat. How does that make sense? My fat brother constantly works out, and maybe he keeps from turning into me, from doing so, but he seems to hover pernamently in the high 300s no matter what he does. It's like fighting a monster that is your own body. I have more stamina, I had to go up a flight of stairs yesterday, it was a bit scary, but I noticed I didn't feel like I was going to die at the top, that is the first time that has happened in years where I didn't feel death knocking on the door, from going up a flight of stairs, of course I had to walk up them slowly using a 4 point cane and the balance thing was scary. I took a risk there you know, wanting to see a friend. I did make it down. I often had worried I could not make it out of a building in a fire down any stairs. Now it looks like I could though there is some fear involved.  I have always dreamed of being thin for the freedom but the skinny guy with the buff muscles and thin limbs, could never even dream of what it is like to be the fat guy. Things just do not work the same.

I Drove Yesterday

I  have a legal license, but haven't driven very much in the last few years. I am trying to be more independent and no it is not easy. Most people my size can't even leave the house, but I drove two miles down the street to a friend's apartment. Most do not realize how hard I work to hold on to what I can, in terms of operating like a normal person. I do drive safe and to places I can handle close by. I probably do drive like an old lady, but at least I can still do it. I can't have husband take me every single solitary place I want to go.  There was weight loss, could tell sitting in the car.

One thing when you get to the great weights, you can lose driving ability. I didn't own a car during my worse weights but would not been able to drive. After the initial 150lb loss from 700lbs,  I did drive around my last small town pretty freely to church and friend's houses for years though I stayed within a 12 or so mile radius but when we moved here, scared of the far higher volume of traffic, I started driving less. We did have a car for a time, I could not fit in to drive, but switching to vans, I fit OK. Sometimes I worry about how much smaller they are making the inside of cars. That concerns me. Haven't they figured out the population is bigger and fatter?

700lb Lady on Dr. Phil

It kind of freaked me out finding out this lady is the world record holder for heaviest living lady. I was very near her weight and sometimes wonder if I was the Guinesss record holder back in the late-90s even for the world's fattest bride. I do think they need to look around a bit more, I think there are many hidden fat people in America especially, even in my last small town, I was not the fattest, and knew of a wheelchair man that outweighed me by 100lbs who I met a few times at the store, and also was told about a man that weighed nearly 900lbs that was trapped inside his house.

Pauline weighs nearly 700 pounds and is the Guinness World Record holder for heaviest living woman. She says she dreams of a better life for herself and her son, but is she ready to take back control? Plus, Style Network's Ruby, who has lost 400 pounds, shares her journey and offers support. For more visit http://drphil.com

I don't know about Ruby being an example for this lady. Ruby is free of lymphedema and is one of the most healthiest people of her size I have ever seen, no congestive heart failure or swelling and a very strong ability to exercise. Ruby also had a TV show, a team of trainers and a gym. I think this lady's biggest problem is the lymphedema. Most people do not understand that lymphedema makes you swell, with FLUIDS but often people think it is fat.  It is water that is trapped in your tissues. My doctor's estimate even in me the water is at least at the 100-150lb mark. I can see it in her stomach and in her legs which are severe. Those legs are not puffy with fat but with fluids and that is where a lot of the weight comes from. I can lose and gain 30lbs within the day, due to lymphedema, and can see my stomach bloat and deflate.

I hated seeing the words "Take Back Control" on the Dr. Phil website as if people have full blown control over their weight and health issues. I noticed some issues about her possibly gaining weight on purpose to get fame, that would really bother me, and would denote a streak of self-destruction as I have remarked on the other "I want to be the fattest lady" in the world women. They are neglecting people with lower metabolisms. That is my life long problem.  This lady may have eating issues, those people do exist too though she mentioned having a "low thyroid", hypothyroid.

I wonder if Dr. Phil is going to help provide her with the same resources that Ruby has, with the gym, trainers, counseling. He did offer her pre-packaged diet food. Course I have seen this type diet food, [not the brand he offered her] with it's freezed dried patties and weird "canned" plastic meal containers and it is the grossest stuff on the face of this earth. I'd rather not eat at all, and can't eat processed things. I think she should get treatment for her lymphedema to remove water weight, they denied me that treatment telling me my heart was not in good enough shape, on my swollen leg, which is true, there are a few times about 7  years ago, when I would wrap the leg, too much fluid would get pushed up and I would get heart troubles if I wasn't careful. I know weight loss can knock down some of the swelling but may not solve the entire problem. How does one lose weight if they cannot exercise? She needs intense medical intervention. I also think the son should not be the primary caregiver and needs to start his own adult life, if at all possible.

I was near her weight and feared the wheelchair and what she is facing. The starve yourself and go exercise stuff isn't going to work, she needs more advanced care then some packaged meals. There are so many people now in America reaching these huge weights, they need more help rather then shame or blame.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Organic Chicken Stock Vs. Colored Salt Water

The other day, I had a revelation, the stuff I have been buying to make soup with, is basically just colored salt water compared to the real thing. Yeah I already had been buying the chicken stock WITHOUT MSG. Yeah I may still buy the stuff with the salt in it, if I want something to taste more salty, but for soup, I always had a problem bloating up and dealing with the outcome of the mega-salt doses, though I crave salt like gangbusters. So here is a good option, yes it costs more but it goes a longer way....

Fat Hate Ads #2

Well this is a card they are selling to people so not necessarily an "ad" but it's used for advertisements.

That is just flat out nasty. Yeah they want to shut you up and turn fat people into the new serf class. Seems more societal brainwashing to make young people into a bunch of little narcissists who judge everyone by appearance! Someone should tell the lady in the picture, the 80's are calling, they want their tanner back.

A Short Poem:

A Short Poem: I wrote this acouple years ago. When you read the end, I really feel that way, because this body works so differently.

Everyone thinks two hams is what I eat
Add in five cakes after dinner
The Weight Watchers lady yelled at me
for being the worse weight loss sinner
Only two lbs lost in four weeks
Cabbage soup coming out of my ears
Trying get my name off the list of freaks
for eating a second bowl of soup
for daring to eat something sweet
Geometrics a laughing joke
giant swelling turning brown
the price of fat leaving you broke
Body as enemy sinking down
Diagnosed with three glandular disease
thyroid dead, balding head
This isn't from eating too much cheese
I look at the thin people with their skinny physiques
and ask myself
are we even the same species?

Collecting Stamps

Collecting stamps is a good hobby for a disabled person. I enjoy collecting them, it is a low stress hobby unlike many that require even more expensive equipment, time and money, I always was interested in art and history so brought those two interests together in one hobby. I have collected stamps for two years. This is a fun hobby and even if you are lower income, you can find cheaper deals to buy stamps and trade and sort them. Unsorted stamps are cheaper and easier to come by.

New Weight Loss Drug Tested On Monkeys

New diet drug, I don't like the 'attacks blood vessels part"

"Obese Monkey's Lose 11% of their Body Weight"

11% doesn't seem like much, well for someone like me that is 50lbs.
HOUSTON — Obese rhesus monkeys lost on average 11 percent of their body weight after four weeks of treatment with an experimental drug that selectively destroys the blood supply of fat tissue, a research team led by scientists at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center reports in Science Translational Medicine.

Body mass index (BMI) and abdominal circumference (waistline) also were reduced, while all three measures were unchanged in untreated control monkeys. Imaging studies also showed a substantial decrease in body fat among treated animals.

“Development of this compound for human use would provide a non-surgical way to actually reduce accumulated white fat, in contrast to current weight-loss drugs that attempt to control appetite or prevent absorption of dietary fat,” said co-senior author Renata Pasqualini, Ph.D., professor in MD Anderson’s David H. Koch Center for Applied Research of Genitourinary Cancers.

Looks like it attacks the fat itself like an inner lipsuction or something. The blood vessel thing maybe worrisome in long run, but guess we will see.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mobility Issues: The Other Day I Could Barely Walk

When this size, one considers mobility a precious commodity, it can make or break your life. When walking ends, normal life ceases to end. Not being able to walk to get to the toilet, or to function, means the nursing home is coming for you, and to be honest, it really scares me at times. It's not like even my stronger burly husband can pick someone up of my size or even roll me around if I needed care.

The other day, I hurt my leg, a really bad pulled muscle in the back of it, or something, it has hurt for two weeks. I think it is finally healing up, but there were times in the middle of the night, getting up after sleeping was always the worse, I could barely walk, I actually had to use two canes to get up, one my normal standard cane, and also my other newer cane with 4 small feet at the end that can stand freely. It got ludicrous hobbling my way to the bathroom with  a cane in each hand, praying for the pain to stop. Fortunately this injury was less severe though it seems to be an acute one, caused by too much motion. Another ongoing problem is a heel spur, and the doctor has told me to wear shoes with support. I did have a relative buy me some new very hard Birkenstocks that are supposed to offer support for this type of thing but it's taking me time to get used to them.

Today I can walk almost normal though there is still some pain if I do too much. I made myself walk around thrift shopping on purpose once it was possible to build back up this last weekend. My walking is such, I can only handle walking around small stores, big grocery stores forget it, that means a scooter. I do keep walking even in winter when housebound I will go up and down the apt halls to make sure not to lose stamina. That is one thing to fear too gaining weight and losing stamina when the ability to move is impeded.

This is one issue that is neglected in size acceptance as they praise how great it is to be fat. It's not, your mobility goes in the toilet and thusly your freedom.

One thing, I used to love to walk, I was the type that considered a 2 mile sojourn down town to wander around, FUN. I used to say to everyone which is ironic now, "Let's go on a walk!". Driving by somewhere just doesn't bring in the same details. If there is anything I miss most regarding being fat, is the ability to walk around. Right now, I can handle walking into small stores. I am able to go thrift shopping if the stores are small enough but remember a sense of horror, at one favorite thrift store telling me, "We are moving to a bigger place" when I can just now barely make it to the back of their store.

Fat does become a prison when you cannot walk. Sometimes I wish I could just stop eating anything, the way my metabolism is, sometimes I think there would need to be a full bore famine for me to lose anything, even months of digestive issues have only stripped off very little weight. Being able to walk for me would be a dream. I can walk [well when not injured] better then I did two years ago when I could barely make it to the apt front door, but now I'm in the race with time called aging!